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2006-03-01 Comms chip prepped for digital home apps
Network chipmakers see growing opportunities as consumer companies continue to build out pieces of the digital living room. The latest example is Ubicom Inc., which has upgraded its network processor and optimized it for a wide variety of high-speed, low-cost consumer systems.
2008-03-06 Cisco ups ante in networking ASIC design
Cisco Systems has debuted a router that packs on a custom 40-core processor a wide variety of networking services, leapfrogging competition in the $5-billion edge router market and taking to a new level Cisco's work on ASICs for networking systems.
2012-08-10 Cirrus Logic to overtake Dialog in audio chips race?
Adding power management functions to its ICs could land Cirrus a bigger slice in Apple's design sockets pie.
2009-04-02 Chips jumpstart commercial FCoE
The move to merged data center networks takes a step forward as QLogic Corp. formally announces new chips and cards designed for the Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) standard.
2008-02-15 Chipmakers ready 10G Ethernet for PCIe, virtualization
Server chipmakers such as NetXen and ServerEngines are preparing 10GbE silicon for supporting the latest PCIe links and virtualization standards.
2014-03-25 Chip design tool delivers tenfold performance boost
Synopsys' IC Compiler II can boost tenfold the throughput of a design exploration flow while using only a fifth of its predecessor's memory.
2014-09-26 China mobile chipmakers eye major deal
Chinese fabless companies and Intel share common competitors in the market for smartphone and tablet processors. China is shifting its focus towards developing fabless chip designers, a more cost-effective route to growth.
2002-11-28 Change of guards at IDT bolsters comms focus
In January 2003, when Greg Lang ascends to the CEO job at Integrated Device Technology Inc., a 1980 high-speed SRAM startup, the move will reflect the company's ongoing shift to an exclusive focus on comms space.
2013-02-20 Ceva, Tensilica battle it out in imaging IP core space
A year after Ceva's introduction of its programmable, low-power imaging and vision platform, Tensillica has rolled out the IVP, an imaging and video data plane processor unit.
2012-05-18 Ceva grabs 90% of DSP IP market
"CEVA continues to be the most successful supplier of DSP IPits licensees shipped more than one billion chips in 2011," said analyst J. Scott Gardner.
2011-05-04 Cavium unveils 48GHz Octeon II processor
Cavium Networks has released the 32-core Octeon II CN6880 processor for customers building a wide range of wireless and wired infrastructure networking applications.
2004-08-20 Cavium buys Brecis secure processor line
Cavium Networks will look to push its security expertise into the lower-end broadband and wireless gateway space after picking up a secure communication processor line from Brecis Communications in a deal announced on August 16, 2004.
2013-12-23 Calxeda to discontinue ARM server prod'n
As one of the companies to deliver ARM-based servers, Calxeda said it could not hold on until the emerging market becomes large enough to sustain it.
2014-03-06 Broadcom, Freescale make their SDN entrance
SDN interfaces developed using the OpenFlow standards have been rolled out at the Open Networking Summit.
2013-10-21 Broadcom ventures into 64bit ARM core race
Broadcom is designing a custom quad-issue, quad-threaded, out-of-order ARMv8 processor that will "raise the bar" in single and multi-core performance.
2015-05-01 Broadcom offers Wi-Fi Wave 2 chips for enterprise market
The BCM43465 chip, a 4x4 11ac MU-MIMO and 3x3 .11ac MU-MIMO BCM43525 are geared to provide increased capacity required for evolving data rates and compatible mobile devices.
2011-09-15 Broadcom acquisition shakes embedded comms market
Broadcom's acquisition of NetLogic has turned it into an embedded communications player to compete with Freescale, Intel and Cavium Networks.
2013-12-18 Avago, LSI merger underscores evolving IC industry
Avago Technologies revealed it will purchase LSI for $6.6 billion in cash and loans in a deal that may see their revenue growth slower, but with significantly higher profit.
2014-06-26 Avago buys PLX Technology for $309M
An executive from Avago said the company's long-term strategy, which focuses on mixed-signal and high-speed opto-electronics, will be complimented by PCI switches and bridges used by PLX.
2013-03-13 ASIC loses steam, FPGAs add comms cores
IDC reported total ASIC starts declined to 2,313 in 2011, down six percent from 2002 levels. In wired comms, the decline was nearly twice as steep to 442 ASICs in 2011, down 11 percent from 2002.
2014-10-23 ARM-based SoCs, IoT core take centre stage
The rollout of LTE gave a boost last year to slowly growing embedded markets where Intel's x86 is the leading architecture, but multiple vendors are migrating to ARM-based SoCs.
2012-10-12 ARM, Intel open networking, comms front in their battle
ARM and Intel are poised to take a chunk out of the networking and communication systems share from Freescale and Power-based chips.
2009-07-28 ARM core reaches GHz rate
Samsung Electronics Co. and Intrinsity Inc. have developed what they claim to be the first silicon for an ARM Cortex A8 that runs at a GHz and delivers more than 2,000 Dhrystone Mips while consuming 640mW power.
2014-09-30 Applied Micro, TI SoCs power first enterprise-class ARM server
The launch of 64bit ARM server models, which uses SoCs from Applied Micro and Texas Instruments, marks a significant milestone in the commercial deployments of many ARM-based servers in the market today.
2002-05-06 Another network processor vendor calls it quits
Clearwater Networks Inc. has closed its doors, marking another fatality in the high-end network processor market.
2013-03-18 Andes Technology extends processor core support to the U.S.
During a time of consolidation in the processor core market, Andes Technology is substantially accelerating its business plans by expanding to the American market.
2013-04-22 Andes core clocks 30% less power than Cortex M0
Taiwan-based Andes has launched a new processor core that uses 30 per cent less power than an ARM Cortex M0 but with the same level of performance.
2009-03-24 Analyst sees slow multicore uptake in comms
The transition to multicore processors in communications and networking applications is expected to be a slow one due to complex and fragmented nature of the underlying technology.
2008-03-07 Analysis: The real scoop on Atom-ARM rivalry
If you believe the buzz, Atom is so good that it will displace ARM cores as king of the mobile world. Unfortunately, the buzz was extremely confused.
2001-01-01 Analysis: NPUs entice but fail to deliver
This news article describes the high demand performance users are looking for in network processors (NPUs).
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