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2002-10-29 Seiko Epson ships LCD controllers for next-gen portable apps
Seiko Epson Ltd.'s S1D13710 and S1D13712 LCD controllers contain a built-in JPEG circuit and a camera interface for easy signal processing.
2002-06-26 Seiko Epson ships high-aperture TFT-LCD panels
The Dream III series of high-temperature polysilicon TFT-LCD panels from Seiko Epson Corp. are claimed to have higher aperture ratios and faster processing speeds than previous generation of products.
2002-07-24 SDEC alphanumeric LCD measures 48-by-42mm
The LMC-SS(T)C2A08 alphanumeric LCD module from SDEC Technology Corp. measures 48-by-42mm and provides a viewing area of 38-by-16mm.
2005-07-07 Sanyo plans to cut 15% of workforce, say reports
Sanyo Electric, one of Japan's major electronics manufacturers, said it plans to cut 14,000 jobs, or about 15 percent of its 96,000-person global workforce, over the next three years, according to online reports.
2005-10-13 Samsung unveils world's largest LCD panel without color filter
Samsung revealed the development of the largest thin-film transistor, liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panel that does not require the use of color filter. The 32-inch LCD panel uses a sequential color processing method that rapidly determines accurate color tones based on how long red, green and blue (RGB) lights are from the LED backlight.
2002-07-08 Samsung TFT-LCD displays more colors
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has introduced a 2-inch TFT-LCD for use in mobile phones that the company claims is able to reproduce 260,000 color tonesfour times that of current STN-LCDs.
2004-07-23 Samsung summoned to Paris for alleged LCD infringement
The French Commission Energie Atomique (CEA) on Tuesday (July 20, 2004) said it has summoned South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd for allegedly violating its liquid-crystal display (LCD) patents in France.
2005-03-22 Samsung plans to lead MP3 market in 2007, says report
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd plans to overtake Apple Computer Inc. as the world's largest supplier of portable jukebox-style music players by 2007, according to a Korea Times report, citing a senior company executive of the company as its source.
2005-05-25 Samsung LCD chief predicts 100-inch TV screens
Taking his cue from Alvin Toffler, Samsung Electronics' LCD President and CEO Sang-Wan Lee boldly predicted a "third wave" of liquid-crystal display development that would propel annual flat-panel LCD TV sales to 100 million by 2010 and yield screen sizes exceeding 100 inches.
2005-03-10 Samsung develops 82-in. TFT-LCD panel
Samsung Electronics has developed an 82-inch thin-film-transistor LCD TV panel, which the company claims is the largest produced to date.
2004-11-05 Samsung develops 4-in. LCD for PMPs
Samsung has developed a 4-inch screen LCD with a 16:9 screen ratio exclusively for portable media players.
2005-09-30 Radiant, SVA-NEC agree on LCD monitor shipments
Backlight manufacturer Radiant Opto-Electronics revealed that it will begin supplying panels to mainland China-based Shanghai SVA-NEC Liquid Crystal Display Co. Ltd in the last quarter.
2002-07-23 Pushita LCD displays 96 ASCII, 92 special characters
The UG4884-1 graphics LCD module from Pushita Technology Co. Ltd has a resolution of 84x84 and displays 96 ASCII characters, as well as 92 special characters.
2002-04-04 Pontex constructs LCD backlight factory in Taichung
Pontex Polyblend Co. Ltd has constructed a 6,612-square-foot factory in Taichung, Taiwan, for manufacturing LCD backlights.
2002-05-10 Philips unveils 3.5mm-thick QVGA TFT-LCD
2005-06-03 Philips to invest $50 million in LCD backlighting plant
Royal Philips Electronics has announced plans to invest 40 million euro (about $50 million) in backlighting to improve the picture quality of widescreen LCD TVs and consume less energy
2002-10-24 Philips TFT-LCD simplifies video system design
Royal Philips' 7-inch active-matrix TFT-LCD employs a unique digital-signal interface scheme that eliminates the need for encoders and decoders.
2002-07-09 Palm Tech LCD has 153-by-115.7mm viewing area
Designed for use in Internet-enabled cellphones and e-book modules, the PMG6648B-FBF graphics LCD module from Palm Technology Co. Ltd measures 197-by-145-by-11mm and offers a viewing area of 153-by-115.7mm.
2013-09-04 OLED sales projected to hit $100 million in 2014
According to IHS, OLEDs represent a major segment of the larger flexible display market, which will also include liquid-crystal display and electronic paper technology in the future.
2002-08-19 NKK LCD provides 13.9-by-10.6mm viewing area
The company's STN LCD module provides a 13.9-by-10.6mm viewing area with a 36x24 pixel resolution and is aimed at replacing 7-segment displays or LED matrices.
2005-08-10 New TFT LCD module from NEC
NEC LCD Technologies Ltd disclosed that it will begin shipping samples of its new 12.1-inch (31cm-diagonal) SVGA, amorphous silicon, thin film transistor liquid crystal display module, with part number NL8060BC31-32.
2005-04-19 NEC TFT LCDs eye medical apps
NEC LCD Technologies announced sample shipments of two kinds of its new 21.3-inch (54cm diagonal), UXGA, amorphous silicon TFT LCDs that are particularly suited for use in the medical field.
2002-04-22 NEC TFT LCD module has 170 viewing angle
NEC Corp. has announced the availability of the 7-inch NL4823HC37-03 amorphous silicon TFT color LCD module that features a viewing angle of 170 at a contrast ratio of over 10:1. The module is suited for use in mid-sized monitors of DVD players, car navigation systems, and industrial equipment.
2005-04-20 NEC selects Jaco as distributor of AM-LCD modules
NEC Electronics America Inc. has selected Jaco Electronics Inc. to offer value-add display distribution (VADD) services for NEC active-matrix liquid crystal display (AM-LCD) modules in North America.
2002-04-04 NEC 3.5-inch TFT LCD displays up to 260,000 colors
Designed for mobile terminals, the 3.5-inch NL2432HC22-20 transflective TFT color LCD module from NEC corp. displays up to 260,000 colors at a resolution of 240x320 pixels, and comes complete with a driver and backlight system with six LEDs.
2002-05-28 National column driver cuts power consumption by half
National Semiconductor Corp. has announced the availability of the FPD33684 RSDS column driver that uses the company's proprietary charge share technology, reducing power consumption in FPD systems.
2004-08-18 Mainland China expects more TFT-LCD lines set up
Mainland China is expected to see the establishment of at least five 5G and four 3.5G TFT-LCD lines by 2008, according to the China Center of Information Industry Development (CCID).
2002-11-15 Lumex four-digit LCD has 4.2mm character height
The company's LCD-S401M14TF four-digit LCD incorporates three decimal points, allowing character height display of up to 4.42mm
2002-07-10 Local vendors find insufficient market for small LCDs
An analysis from iSuppli Corp./Stanford Resources reveals that, nearly two years after making a strategic shift to small-sized LCDs, Japan flat-panel suppliers are finding limited opportunity for such displays.
2004-04-13 Linear Tech converter IC suits TFT-LCD panels
The LTC3450 from Linear Technology is a complete power converter solution for small TFT liquid crystal display panels.
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