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2002-03-11 e-MDT, Quadrant to establish joint venture in China
South Korea's e-MDT Co. Ltd and Quadrant Components Inc. will establish a joint venture in Shenzhen, China, named q-MDT Co. Ltd.
2002-06-11 E Ink demos 0.3mm-thick active-matrix displays
E Ink Corp. has demonstrated a pair of 0.3mm-thick active-matrix displays targeted for portable and rugged IAs.
2005-10-13 DisplaySearch expects LCD capacity surplus to grow
Market research firm DisplaySearch Inc. said that raw liquid crystal display (LCD) panel array capacity supply was sufficient in the third quarter, with the panel capacity surplus to widen into 2006.
2000-09-06 Direct drive of LCD displays
This application note describes how the designer can interface directly to a simple LCD using the Z86X3X and Z86X4X family of microcontrollers.
2002-06-18 Densitron VGA LCD offers 118-by-89.3mm viewing area
The CL6088 VGA LCD panel from Densitron Corp. measures 154.6-by-114.4-by-8.5mm and offers a viewing area of 118-by-89.3mm with a resolution of 320xRGBx240 pixels.
2002-05-02 Densitron LCD is sunlight readable
The DV3002 chip-on-glass LCD from Densitron Corp. contains an STN fluid in positive mode that enables the display to have a wide viewing angle and be readable even under direct sunlight
2002-04-24 Densitron LCD has luminosity of 1,800cd/m?
The Phoenix LCD from Densitron Corp. offers a luminosity of 1,800cd/m?six times that of conventional
2002-02-26 Densitron announces auto-contrast adjusting LCD
Utilizing flat-response-fluid technology, the LM4040 LCD requires no contrast adjustment and eliminates the need for temperature compensation circuitry or user adjustment of the contrast voltage.
2005-02-08 Corning expects LCD glass market to grow 40 percent through 2007
Corning Inc. is telling investors at its annual investor conference in New York Friday (Feb. 4) it expects the liquid crystal display (LCD) glass market to grow between 40 to 60 percent this year and continue growing at a compound annual rate of 40 percent through 2007.
2002-07-30 Clare Micronix ships driver for cholesteric LCD panels
Clare Micronix has introduced the MXED401 driver targeted for use in non-volatile reflective LCDs, specifically bi-stable and multi-stable cholesteric LCD panels.
2004-11-12 China, Taiwan to catch up Japan, South Korea panel industry
The LCD panel industry has been dominated by manufacturers from both Japan and South Korea since 2002.
2004-09-23 China to experience surge in TFT-LCD lines by 2008
According to the China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID), a minimum of three 5G and three to four 3.5G TFT-LCD plants will be constructed in China by 2008.
2005-04-14 Chi Mei to license Honeywell's LCD patents
Honeywell and Chi Mei Optoelectronics Inc. have signed a license agreement enabling Chi Mei to use several Honeywell technologies relating to liquid crystal display products.
2002-07-31 CCT LCD module measures 180-by-65-by-15mm
The CMG4249X02 graphics LCD module measures 180-by-65-by-15mm and provides a viewing area of 132-by-6-by-39mm.
2005-04-20 CCFL inverter sheds light on the larger displays
Suited to the larger (19 to 24-inch) LCDs, Endicott Research's DmF6 series of (dc-ac) inverters offers system integrators a high-power module in a compact package for powering the cold-cathode fluorescent lamps used for backlighting.
2005-03-23 Booming FPD technologies on view at upcoming conferences
The growing significance of flat panel display technologies will be apparent in the business and technology presentations highlighted at two upcoming conferences, one focusing on research and the other one on applications
2005-01-20 BOE Hydis to begin producing mobile phone displays
Thin-film liquid crystal display supplier BOE Hydis announced Tuesday (Jan. 18) it would begin producing displays for mobile phones starting in February.
2002-02-19 Au Optronics to buy equipment for 5G TFT-LCD panel production
Taiwan TFT-LCD maker Au Optronics Corp. has signed an agreement with Japan-based Canon Inc. and U.S.-based AKT to purchase equipment for used in 5G TFT-LCD panel production.
2002-08-20 Atouch touchscreen panel eliminates air gap
Atouch Co. Ltd has introduced its TA/TE series of touchscreen panels which eliminates the air gap usually present when integrating a touchscreen panel and an LCD panel.
2007-01-02 AOU Xiamen plant to start LCD volume production
LCD panel maker AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) expects its Xiamen plant to begin volume production of LCDs in the second quarter.
2016-03-08 All systems go for TFT mfg in China
JNC Group regards R&D, manufacturing and selling of liquid crystal materials as the core business of the company and supplies liquid crystal materials to liquid crystal display makers globally.
2014-09-24 Unwanted plus: Bigger iPhone 6 pricier to buy than to build
With an 0.8-inch display size advantage over the smaller model, iPhone 6 Plus costs $100 extra for consumers. For Apple, however, the difference only amounts to a matter of $16, with a BOM that totals $215.6a pricing strategy that drives maximum profits
2004-10-18 Turnkey HDTV promises perfect picture
Liquid crystal-on-silicon microdisplay technology offers OEMs an HDTV display with high-quality audio and compact industrial design in a complete and customizable system.
2002-10-31 Three-Five Systems Microdisplay to be used on U.S Army system
Brashear LP has selected Three-Five Systems Inc.'s Brillian Z86D-3 Microdisplays to be the primary display in the XM29, an advanced, next-generation weapon for U.S. ground troops
2003-02-21 Sony LCD achieves 3,000:1 contrast ratio
Sony Corp. has announced the development of the SXRD LCD that achieves a panel contrast of 3,000:1 with Full HDTV resolution.
2006-07-18 Sino-Brillian begins production of LCoS-based light engine
Syntax-Brillian announced that Sino-Brillian Display Technology, a joint venture with China South Industries Group Corp., has began operations at its facility in Nanyang, China
2015-12-16 Secret Apple lab in Taiwan develops new displays
The new Apple facility in Longtan employs at least 50 engineers and other workers developing new screens for iPhone, iPads and other Apple devices, according to Bloomberg's unnamed sources.
2003-02-10 Samsung, KSU partner on LCD technology R&D
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Kent State University have agreed to jointly pursue R&D efforts in the field of basic LCD technology over a 10-year period.
2005-01-13 Samsung yields 5-inch transmissive plastic LCD panel
TFT-LCD provider Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed what it claims as the largest 5-inch transmissive plastic TFT-LCD display for portable applications such as mobile phones and notebook computers
2005-03-16 Samsung with two new displays
Samsung rolled out two new powerful display solutions designed to meet the needs of today's most demanding pro and commercial apps
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