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2003-03-20 Three-Five to spin-off microdisplay business
Three-Five Systems Inc. has decided to separate its liquid crystal on silicon microdisplay division into a new and separate company
2009-04-22 Samsung sees smart phone, OLED boost
Samsung Mobile Display expects a significant increase in the number of smart phones that will be shipped over the next few years, rising to 500 million units in 2012 from a projected 170 million in 2009
2011-06-17 Newsight exec targets glasses-free 3D tech
Newsight is set to release a $25 add-on to create a glasses-free stereo 3D iPad and has also signed an agreement with Chimei Innolux to make a 65-in TV display
2007-08-14 Material bottlenecks hamper China's FPD industry
CCID Consulting in a recent report concluded that bottlenecks in material technologies hamper the competitiveness of China's flat-panel display (FPD) industry
2015-02-27 LG: Open for partnership
LG Electronics revealed its plan to partner with Chinese and Japanese companies to increase consumer adoption of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display TVs
2005-09-05 LG develops printing process for color LCD filters
South Korea-based chemical supplier LG Chem Ltd has developed a method to produce color filters used in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) that utilizes ink printing rather than photolithography, which the company claims reduces manufacturing cost and time
2005-02-07 LCDs: Is it deja vu all over again?
Big money is being spent in the flat-panel display industry, with capital investment having grown annually at a mammoth 70 percent per year over the past seven years, seven times the rate of the semiconductor industry
2009-10-29 Laser driver fits pico projectors in tiny CE apps
Embedded pico projectors will transform how consumer electronics present multimedia by enabling the display of video onto walls
2008-09-11 HTPS panels enable HD viewing in 3LCD projection systems
Seiko Epson Corp. has begun volume production of two new models of 0.7-inch (1.9 cm diagonal) high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) TFT liquid crystal panels for 3LCD-type projectors compatible with full high-definition
2004-10-22 High-legibility graphic and character LCDs provide choices
A new family of high-legibility monochrome graphic and character LCDs from Optrex offers designers display solutions in six industry-standard configurations
2003-01-31 Fujitsu, AU Optronics forge strategic LCD partnership
Fujitsu Ltd and its subsidiary Fujitsu Display Technologies Corp. have entered a memorandum of agreement with AU Optronics Corp
2005-09-20 DuPont establishes LCD glass plant in China
DuPont has expanded its investment in China and established a second plant in Shenzhen that will serve the company's Displays and Liquid Packaging Systems businesses
2002-03-01 Displaytech partners with Taiwan maker for multimedia camera controller
Displaytech Inc. has collaborated with Taiwan-based Macronix Int. Co. Ltd to produce a 4-megapixel multimedia camera controller, which comes with an interface that complements Displaytech's LightView QVGA display module
2011-11-18 Dealing with internal noise in touchscreens
Learn about the impact of charger and display noise on touchscreens, and what can be done about it
2004-09-17 Canon, Toshiba form join venture for flat-screen SED panels
Canon and Toshiba will begin operating a long-rumored joint venture company next month to develop and produce next-generation flat-screen SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display) panels for large-screen, flat-panel TVs
2008-04-22 Apple patent applications: iGlasses anyone?
Apple last week filed two patent applications that describe improvements in head-mounted displays, which typically combine one or two small display screens with magnifying lenses inside a helmet or glasses
2004-11-03 Waves Audio, Tripath develop LCD TV audio reference design
Waves Audio and Tripatch Technology developed an audio reference design that promises to help OEMs improve the audio quality of their LCD TVs.
2015-02-13 Utilising LEDs for LCD backlighting (Part 2)
In Part 2, we will begin with a look at the market trends that have driven the evolution of LED LCDs. This will be followed by an exploration of the optical design techniques used in today's displays.
2015-06-24 Transitioning to advanced displays
The embedded electronics world is being swept along by the consumer trend of adding a screen to many systems. This creates a new challenge for design engineers taking their first step into this world.
2005-10-21 Tight foundry capacity seen in 2006
Silicon foundry capacity is projected to be tight in 2006 - with possible shortages and allocations seen for select process technologies, warned an analyst.
2004-08-03 Tianma Micro invests $800M in TFT-LCD line
Shenzhen Tianma Microelectronics Co. Ltd has invested over $800 million in a 4.5G TFT-LCD line.
2004-06-01 TI power amps tailor-made for small LCD TVs
Providing LCD TV manufacturers with the feature set required to meet high efficiency audio demands, TI announced two stereo Class-D audio power amplifiers.
2006-04-05 Syntax-Brillian fortifies global presence via JVs, supply deals
HDTV manufacturer Syntax-Brillian is keen on strengthening its global presence through joint ventures, supply agreements and technological breakthroughs.
2006-05-18 Sony to establish fab line for organic EL panels
Sony disclosed its plan to establish a pilot fabrication line that will develop and produce large-sized organic electroluminescent panels early next year.
2014-11-19 Sheet of electronics: Printing memory on paper
What once used as a medium for disseminating information is now being explored as a material for printed electronics. Researchers say paper has a lot of potential as a low-cost surface for printing electronic circuits.
2005-10-06 Sharp LCD has 'highest contrast'
Sharp Corp. has developed an LCD panel that exhibits a contrast ratio of 1,000,000 to 1, which the company will aim at the professional monitor market.
2005-11-04 Samsung outlines lofty IC, consumer goals
In what could be an effort to improve its tarnished image at home, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd outlined its future and ambitious goals to invest in South Korea and elsewhere. As part of those efforts, the company hopes to generate $61 billion in semiconductor sales and own 24 domestic fabs by 2012.
2004-07-08 Samsung Electronics granted LCD license
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has been granted a license by U.S.-based Honeywell Int. Inc., authorizing the South Korean company the use of Honeywell's LCD technology.
2005-08-22 Samsung becomes top TV supplier, says DisplaySearch
Korea-based Samsung Electronics overtook Japan-based Sony Corp. as the leading global supplier of TVs on a revenue basis in the second quarter, according to market research firm DisplaySearch Inc.
2005-01-18 SAIC, SVA work out ownership deal
Shanghai Automotive Ind. (Group) Corp. (SAIC), the mainland China subsidiary of General Motors Corp., and SVA (Group) Co. Ltd reached an agreement that the former will increase its ownership of the latter from 48 percent to 68 percent.
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