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2008-04-28 Programmable LCD devices offer 64 backlight colors
NKK Switches has introduced its high-resolution SmartSwitch and SmartDisplay series of programmable LCD switches and displays.
2004-10-26 Omron delivers reversible light module for clamshell-type phones
Omron announced the development of what it claims as the world's first reversible light module for clamshell-type mobile phones.
2005-07-11 O2Micro receives U.S. patent for inverter circuits
O2Micro Int. Ltd was granted 4 claims under U.S. patent number 6,897,698 for its phase shifting and pulse width modulation (PWM) driving circuits and methods
2005-07-14 O2Micro granted patent for inverter controller architecture
O2Micro has received seven claims under U.S. patent number 6,900,993 for its inverter controller architecture
2003-11-12 NEC, SVA put up TFT-LCD joint venture in China
NEC Corp. and China-based SVA (Group) Co. Ltd have announced the establishment of a TFT-LCD joint venture company in Shanghai, China.
2003-11-20 NEC, SVA integrate TFT-LCD production in China
NEC Corp. and SVA Co. Ltd have established a TFT-LCD joint venture company in Shanghai, China with an integrated production line for TFT-LCD panels.
2013-10-24 Mitsubishi Electric announces plan for new LCD facility
The new engineering facility is expected to strengthen the company's TFT-LCD module technologies and accelerate development of related products.
2006-02-23 Mitsubishi claims first laser-based rear projection TV
Mitsubishi Electric has developed what it says is the world's first rear projection television that uses a laser as its light source instead of a mercury lamp as with current rear projection TVs.
2005-04-14 MCU family touts signal-chain-on-chip functionality
In the latest MCU product launch from Texas Instruments, the company focuses on the "signal-chain-on-chip functionality" of its new MSP430F42x0 family of 16bit MCUs.
2005-08-12 MCU family touts enhanced flash memory, on-chip LCD driver
The 78K0/Lx2 family of 8-bit microcontrollers from NEC Electronics features 36 product configurations with many memory, peripheral and packaging options.
2005-07-19 Mainland China reinforces LCD manufacturing
Competition in the graphics LCD modules industry in the Greater China region is heating up, threatening the leading spots held mostly by makers from South Korea.
2013-07-03 Lighting tops cell phones as largest LED driver sector in 2013
The market for LED driver ICs in LED lighting is set to grow to $323 million this year, up from $214 million in 2012, while cell phones will only have a revenue of $316 million, noted IHS.
2011-09-23 Learn about APIdeology: Best practices in API devt
Understand why it is important to design concise, extensible interfaces that can be adapted to survive in an evolving hardware/software ecosystem.
2015-09-15 Large-area TFT LCDs profit margin to drop to zero
IHS said the high factory utilisation rates at leading panel makers, and swelling inventories at set makers, are now pressuring prices and margins of large-area TFT LCDs downward.
2005-08-15 Hynix to reportedly spin off car electronics company
Continuing to streamline its business, Korean chipmaker Hynix Semiconductor Inc. has sold 2.34 percent of its total 15.21 percent stake in Korean car electronics equipment maker Hyundai Autonet, according to a report in the Korean publication Korea Herald.
2004-10-19 Hitachi unveils China growth strategy
Japan's Hitachi Ltd has announced a new business strategy for China aimed at achieving a high double-digit annual growth rates heading into 2006.
2007-01-11 HDMI chips deliver signal conditioning features
Pericom Semiconductor Corp. has expanded its HDMI switch line with four active high-bandwidth differential switches for multi-source or multi-sink video applications.
2005-10-26 Generic inverters for backlighting serve in a pinch
Endicott Research Group's D series of (DC/AC) inverters used to power the cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) that backlight a LCD are generic off-the-shelf units that serve as a stand-in for virtually any general application.
2005-07-07 Freescale audio processor adds software for audio/video apps
Freescale Semiconductor is rolling out software libraries for its SCF5250 audio processor that will help enable new portable and automotive compressed audio and video solutions.
2012-08-14 Flat-Panel TV shipments experience growth upswing in Q2
Worldwide shipments of flat-panel televisions rose to 48.9 million units in the second quarter with Samsung remaining on top of the LCD TV market.
2013-09-27 Enable depth discernment in embedded vision apps
Explore the depth sensor technology alternatives available for building vision applications with the ability to sense objects in three dimensions.
2011-01-24 Driver/controller lowers cost of FSLCD displays
RAiO Technology says its LCD driver and controller makes FSLCD applications cheaper
2004-11-22 Digital TV shipments to quadruple through 2008, says iSuppli
The combination of government deadlines and the continued emergence of advanced TV technologies will cause digital television shipments to rise at a 44.5 percent compound annual growth rate, from 19.9 million in 2004 to 86.6 million by 2008, according to market research firm iSuppli Corp.
2004-10-13 Corning to take third-quarter charges as telecom lags
Continuing to reel from a weak telecom market, Corning Inc. announced Thursday (Oct. 7) it would take non-cash charges ranging from $2.8 billion to $2.9 billion against its third-quarter results.
2004-11-04 Corning reiterates Q4 guidance, expansion plans
Corning Inc. reiterated its guidance for the fourth quarter ending December on Tuesday (Nov. 2), calling for revenue of $950 million to $1 billion and earnings per share of 10 to 12 cents before charges.
2011-04-12 Cisco posts 45% rise in 2010 PoE port sales
A recent In-Stat report has revealed that in PoE port sales for 2010, Cisco Power leads with a 45 percent growth in sales, followed by NETGEAR with 36 percent and HP Networking with a 33 percent sales growth.
2005-01-19 Chip supports conventional 1-phase 2-wire, 1-phase anti-tamper energy metering
austriamicrosystems introduced the latest addition to its expanding energy meter IC product range.
2006-09-14 China's TFT LCD capacity to see huge growth
China's manufacturing capacity for TFT LCDs is expected to grow by 35 percent and 50 percent in 2007 and 2008, respectively, according to SEMI.
2006-04-25 China forms new TFT-LCD consortium
Four China TV makers announced that they would partner with Shenzhen Shenchao Investment to establish a TFT-LCD consortium called Shenzhen Julong Optical-Electronic.
2005-08-23 Carbon nanotubes key to future flat TVs, says scientist
Carbon nanotubes are expected to become an important enabling technology in future large area flat-screen TVs, according to Zvi Yaniv, chief executive of nanotechnology IP company Applied Nanotech Inc.
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