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2015-03-18 TE device offers heat protection for lithium batteries
TE Connectivity is introducing the MHP-TAM device which offers thermal protection for lithium batteries in portable consumer devices. The series features open temperatures ranging from 72C to 90C
2010-08-05 Single input charger protects Li-ion, Li-polymer batteries
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. announced the availability of the AAT3698, a single input 1.6A linear charger to manage the charging, sequencing and protection of Lithium (Li)-Ion and Lithium Polymer-powered portable devices.
2002-02-05 Saehan to mass-produce polymer batteries in July
Saehan Enertech Inc. has completed the construction of its $6 million lithium polymer battery production line.
2004-12-15 Power management in portable applications: Charging Li-ion/Lithium-polymer batteries
This app note presents power management in portable applications.
2003-02-07 Newhope lithium polymer batteries fit portable apps
The SLPB series of Lithium polymer batteries from Newhope Electric Vehicle Co. Ltd is designed for use in portable devices such as mobile phones.
2002-10-11 Lithium Tech, GAIA merge operations
Lithium Technology Corp. has closed the Share Exchange Agreement, giving the company a 60 percent interest in GAIA Akkumulatorenwerke GmbH
2003-02-26 Huanyu lithium polymer batteries rated at 3.7V
The SLPB series of lithium polymer battery from Henan Huanyu Power Source is rated at 3.7V and provides an energy density up to 170Wh/kg.
2002-06-18 EM Micro ships lithium battery protection module
EM Microelectronics has introduced the Panther lithium battery protection module that improves the operating life of single-cell rechargeable battery packs without additional external components
2012-02-08 Cylindrical lithium battery prices remain stable
Manufacturers have adjusted their production and have stocked up components in January and this has stabilized the prices of cylindrical lithium battery cells
2003-05-26 Circuit Protection for Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery Applications
This application note discusses the procedures and parameters in protecting circuits in applications using Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries.
2014-12-12 Battery maker targets 400Wh/kg Li-polymer energy density
Seeo enables the production of safer batteries by replacing the flammable liquid electrolytes of typical Li-ion cells with its non-flammable and non-volatile DryLyte solid polymer electrolyte
2002-01-07 Taiwan's NSC wins three U.S. patents for lithium batteries
Taiwan's National Science Council (NSC) has received three U.S. patents for its polyurethane-based polymeric electrolyte, polymeric composite electrolyte and triple-polymer based composite electrolyte lithium batteries.
2010-08-30 Programmable PMIC designed for 1-cell Li-ion polymer systems
Linear's LTC3675 features seven rails with I2C control and fault monitoring
2012-02-13 Polymer separators for li-ion batteries unveiled
Teijin's Lielsort separators that use a fluorine-based compound achieve superior heat resistance and adhesion.
2011-09-14 Polymer gel to enable cheaper Lithium batt
The gel contains 70 percent liquid electrolyte and promises to deliver smaller and lighter Lithium batteries
2004-01-30 Lithium Tech ships second Li-ion battery in Europe
Lithium Technology Corp. has delivered its second prototype Li-ion polymer battery to the European Astor consortium.
2014-12-19 Graphene wrapper improves lithium-sulphur battery
Aiming to address battery performance issues, researchers have designed a multi-functional sulphur cathode that combines an energy storage unit and ion/electron transfer networks.
2006-07-18 Docomo, Aquafairy to develop polymer electrolyte fuel cell
NTT Docomo Inc. and Aquafairy Co. announced that they agreed to jointly develop a micro fuel cell for 3G FOMA handsets.
2008-10-09 Battery management ICs protect lithium battery packs
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched three new smart battery management ICs that improve measurement and protection of multicell, lithium-based battery packs
2005-07-13 ABAT files patent for nano-lithium-ion battery
Advanced Battery Technologies Inc. (ABAT), a developer and manufacturer of rechargeable polymer-lithium-ion (PLI) batteries, has filed a patent application for its nano-lithium-ion (NLI) battery.
2003-01-13 SYNergy Li-ion polymer battery fits digital cameras
The SYN382030X rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery measures 4-by-0.5-by-32mm and offers a typical capacity of 160mAh
2003-01-23 TI battery charger allows USB, ac adapter charging
Texas Instruments' single-cell Li-ion and lithium polymer battery charger enables portable devices to charge from a USB port or an ac wall adapter.
2005-06-03 TDK acquires Hong Kong battery maker
Japan-based TDK Corp. has acquired Amperex Technology Ltd, a Hong Kong-based supplier of lithium polymer batteries, for $100 million
2015-06-15 Taking apart the iPhone 6 Plus battery
TechInsights looked into the iPhone 6 Plus battery, weighing in at 43g, which initially is not standing out from the trend line and does not seem to be special, but being Apple it is nonetheless interesting.
2012-01-02 Recent advances in battery chargers
Learn about recent advances in battery technology, and in the associated circuitry for battery charging and protection.
2012-04-13 New iPads push demand for Li-poly batteries
Apple's newest tablet uses the same batteries as its predecessor, but to accommodate the increased power needs of the high-res display and 4G, battery capacity was raised from 2300mAh to 3800mAh.
2013-01-15 MHP-TA TCO device ready for ultra-thin electronics
The new MHP-TA series offers over temperature protection for high-capacity Lithium Polymer (LiP) and prismatic cells in media tablets, notebook PCs and electronic readers.
2012-03-07 Li-poly batteries to power more smartphones this year
A recent forecast pegs the penetration rate of lithium-polymer batteries to increase from three percent to more than 15 percent this year.
2004-03-26 Intellect Brothers batteries rated at 0.8Ah
Intellect Brothers has expanded its product portfolio with the release of its NB-1L series of lithium polymer batteries.
2015-04-22 How to manage power in single-cell battery system
In this article, we examine a reference design that provides charging, protection and monitoring for a single coin-cell battery to supply mobile devices.
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