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2002-12-04 HYB Li-ion battery suit automobile, UPS apps
Shenzhen HYB Battery Co. Ltd's SMART automotive Li-ion battery features a maximum capacity of 18Ah and is suitable for UPS apps
2004-03-31 Hitachi, Shin-Kobe consider HEV rechargeable Li-ion battery venture
Hitachi Ltd and Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co. Ltd have started discussing toward establishing a joint venture company to market, develop and manufacture rechargeable Li-ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).
2003-03-14 HEB Li-ion battery fits Bluetooth headsets
Designed for use in 3G mobile phone peripherals, the company's H552030 Li-ion rechargeable battery measures 20-by-30-by-5.5mm
2002-09-11 Haoxin li-ion battery features 120h standby time
Designed for use in Nokia's 3310 model mobile phone, the HX-3310 li-ion battery from Shanghai Haoxin Science and Dev. Co. Ltd features a standby time between 60h and 120h
2002-08-30 Haoxin li-ion battery allows solar charging
Suitable for Nokia's 5110, 6110, 6150, and 7110 mobile phone models, the TN-3.6-1000 li-ion battery features a solar charger that refills the battery when no independent charger is available
2006-12-12 Glitch in Sanyo's battery prompts recall
Faulty Li-ion battery packs made by a Sanyo subsidiary have prompted NTT Docomo Inc. to recall and exchange about 1.3 million battery packs used in its 3G handsets
2015-07-16 Ex-CEO of GlobalFoundries joins battery startup
Doug Grose joined BessTech as its CTO, where he hopes to leverage his experience in the semiconductor industry to make strategic connections and partnerships.
2007-11-19 Enhance system safety with battery management electronics
Ensure total battery monitoring and prevent catastrophic battery events with battery management electronics
2012-06-19 Emerging battery techs slowly gain ground in mainstream market
Experts at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association stressed that storage technology has emerged as the "Holy Grail" of the renewable energy movement.
2013-04-22 Electrovaya ups battery safety with SuperPolymer 2.0
The SuperPolymer 2.0 will be produced using a green manufacturing process, which avoids using a toxic chemical called N-Methyl Pyrrolidone (NMP), unlike most lithium ion battery manufacturers.
2003-02-18 E-One Li-ion battery fits portable apps
The company's ICP053048A Li-ion rechargeable battery measures 48-by-48-by-5.3mm, making it suitable for use in portable apps
2014-09-17 Converting lithium-ion to primary battery
Converting a lithium-ion design to primary cells is sometimes an intermediate step in the design process. To help you accomplish this, we provide some strategies and example solutions in this article
2003-06-13 Control for lithium-ion battery charging (one cell): Monolithic IC MM1333
This application note discusses the MM1333 device, which is used to charge Li-ion batteries.
2003-05-26 Circuit Protection for Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery Applications
This application note discusses the procedures and parameters in protecting circuits in applications using Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries
2012-03-20 Challenges in USB battery charging
Learn about the subtleties and traps in this seemingly simple charging situation.
2013-05-31 Bluetooth audio module bolsters speaker battery life
HiWave Audio's DyadBA3 modules come equipped with the HiAS2002 boost amplifier, delivering two channels of 15W burst power output into 8ohm speaker drive units.
2010-09-09 Battery-powered FPGA development board integrates PSoC 3
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announced that its PSoC 3 Programmable Embedded System-on-chip has been adopted by AVnet in its low-power Xilinx Spartan-6 LX16 FPGA Evaluation Kit.
2014-05-09 Battery manufacturing tech doubles voltage up to 8V
Ilika has just patented its cell manufacturing technology that uses the vapour deposition process for producing stacked solid-state batteries featuring several performance and safety benefits.
2011-05-24 Battery management IC touts highest accuracy
TI introduces the bq76PL536, a battery management IC that claims to increase the life of rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs.
2011-04-01 Battery cost reductions to propel EV adoption
Electric vehicle proponents are devoting their energies to battery and power electronics development, particularly to increasing energy density to reduce the price of Li-ion and other battery types
2006-07-25 BAK Battery launches automated Li-ion battery cell production line
China BAK Battery Inc. announced that it has successfully launched the first automated cylindrical, lithium-ion battery cell production line.
2015-01-09 Apple Watch battery life hits a snag
Apple did not reveal how its Apple Watch will be powered, but most likely it will use lithium-ion batteries with cobalt-oxide electrodes, which would still require users to charge the device everyday
2015-01-12 Aluminium-air battery uses salt water to recharge
The battery from Fuji Pigment boasts a modified structure that controls anode corrosion and by-product accumulation, which results in longer battery lifetime
2005-08-05 Advanced Battery, ECr to develop innovative electric bus
Advanced Battery Technologies Inc., a developer and manufacturer of rechargeable polymer-lithium-ion (PLI) batteries, has signed a letter-of-intent with ECr Technologies Inc. to jointly develop an all-electric bus.
2005-07-13 ABAT files patent for nano-lithium-ion battery
Advanced Battery Technologies Inc. (ABAT), a developer and manufacturer of rechargeable polymer-lithium-ion (PLI) batteries, has filed a patent application for its nano-lithium-ion (NLI) battery.
2013-04-04 4.5A Li-ion battery chargers tout I2C, USB OTG output
The bq2419x family from TI claims to deliver faster and cooler charging to applications ranging from power banks and packs to 4G LTE routers, WiFi speakers, portable medical and industrial designs.
2003-01-23 TI battery charger allows USB, ac adapter charging
Texas Instruments' single-cell Li-ion and lithium polymer battery charger enables portable devices to charge from a USB port or an ac wall adapter
2013-11-18 Stationary battery market for telcos to hit to $3B in 2017
The world market for stationary batteries used in telecommunication applications is forecast to grow by $550 million from 2013 to 2017, according to IHS.
2015-12-23 Sony develops lithium-sulphur battery to replace Li-ion
Compared with an existing battery having the same volume, the new sulphur-based batteries being developed by Sony Corp. are claimed to increase battery life by as much as 40 per cent
2009-03-05 Simplified Lithium-ion (Li+) battery-charger testing
This application note presents a simple circuit for simulating the behavior of a Li+ battery, thus providing a more convenient method for testing Li+ battery chargers than using real batteries
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