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2015-03-13 Call to ban lithium batteries in passenger planes gets louder
Lithium-ion batteries are believed to have contributed to the fires that destroyed two Boeing 747 cargo planes, an accident that supports the push for the prohibition of lithium batteries as plane cargo
2011-07-29 Cache protection uses solid-state NAND flash memory
LSI's flash-based MegaRAID CacheVault delivers greener, lower total cost cache protection from power failures by removing the need for lithium-ion batteries
2014-03-19 BMS design for pedelec integrates smart cell monitoring IC
The smart cell monitoring IC includes built-in logic functions for controlling cell safety, protection and balancing, reducing the total bill of materials in the battery management systems
2012-05-29 Bluetooth module makes speakers portable
HiWave Technologies' DyadBA3 Bluetooth module extends battery life in small-format, portable wireless speakers
2013-06-19 VPG unveils high-precision Z-Foil resistors
The devices feature low TCR of 0.2ppm/C from -55C to 125C, 25C ref., PCR (R due to self-heating) of 4ppm/W typical and tolerances to 0.01 per cent.
2011-12-22 USBs, peripherals take center stage
USB has become ubiquitous on almost every consumer electronic device, from smartphones to PCs, TVs to game consoles, disk drives to tablets, cameras and much more besides.
2010-09-30 TI honors innovative microcontroller designs
Texas Instruments hands out DesignStellaris awards to innovative designs
2011-08-25 Temperature sensor operates from 2.7C5.5V
The XC3101 Series boasts an ultra-small size and provides low quiescent current and alarm temperature detection function.
2006-07-11 Sticklike Pen Phone breaks new ground
The P5, whose 66g, 18mm-wide, sticklike construction breaks new ground, supports the notion that component commoditization in the hands of eager producers drives rapid product experimentation and novel designs.
2008-12-30 Spotlight on energy harvesting
While it would be convenient to say energy harvesting's rise is tied directly to the "green" movement, it really results from a confluence of factors: Device output voltage is increasing, power-management circuits have lower losses and higher efficiency, and ICs that actually do the intelligent work and data transmission are operating at ever-decreasing voltage and power levels.
2007-12-13 South Korea woos U.S. investors, seeks to break free of Japan
Seeking to cut its dependence on rival and chief supplier Japan, South Korea plans to diversify its electronics industry by developing fresh intellectual property and offering new product categories.
2011-03-25 Sony suspends production at several undamaged sites
Power outages and raw material and component shortages have forced Sony to suspend part of manufacturing operations at some undamaged sites. However, recovery plans for these idle plants are now in motion.
2006-09-06 SanDisk's new 2Gbyte MP3 player priced below $100
SanDisk recently unveiled two new models in its Sansa c200 series The c200 series is offered in two capacities1Gbyte and 2Gbytewhich sell for $79.99 and $99.99, respectively.
2012-03-08 Samsung secures AMOLED arena
Touting near monopoly of AMOLED market at 99 percent, the Korean company is also set to dominate more than half of the mobile DRAM market this year.
2014-06-27 ROHM rolls out innovative wearable key device
The key-shaped device uses sensor synergy and sensor fusion technology, combining sensors from ROHM and Kionix with LAPIS Semiconductor's Bluetooth LE communication IC and sensor hub MCU.
2014-03-25 Power trends take spotlight at APEC 2014
During this year's APEC, global players such as Fairchild, Intersil and Texas Instruments revealed their business plans and product offerings in anticipation of the power efficiencies demanded by next-generation electronic devices.
2012-11-05 Peeling back the layers of the iPad Mini
UBM TechInsights' Allan Yogasingam goes inside the first device Apple released to enter the 7-inch tablet realm.
2011-05-03 Panasonic shaves 17,000 jobs, plans reorganization
The Japanese electronics giant will cut 17,000 jobs over the next two years, review overlapping businesses within the group and consolidate or transfer them to outside companies.
2014-04-25 Nexeon scales up annual cell production capacity to 20t
The company's recently built process development and manufacturing facility in Oxfordshire deploys a modular process design to produce new materials for Li-ion cells, and to optimise it for commercial adoption.
2011-03-17 Most Japan fabs survive 8.9 quake
Although there are few reports of damages on production facilities due to the quake, power shortages may render some of the fabs off line as the country recovers from last week's tragedy.
2008-08-12 Mitsubishi electric vehicles cruise to SCE for testing
Mitsubishi Motors Corp. has signed a letter of intent with Southern California Edison (SCE) to forge a unique collaboration for testing and evaluation of the new i MiEV electric vehicle.
2011-07-04 Maxwell receives funding for energy storage R&D
Maxwell's collaborative research and development in energy storage technology is going to receive $500,000 funding from the U.S. government.
2008-06-04 MagnaChip vows a comeback
MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd is putting the finishing touches on its turnaround strategy intended to boost its bottom line and regain lost share.
2012-03-13 LSI extends dual-core MegaRAID controller family
LSI's a new line of MegaRAID SATA+SAS controller cards designed to deliver the high I/O transaction performance required to accelerate the most demanding database applications and datacenter workloads.
2007-11-20 Leadis exec discusses class G technology
Leadis Technology's Jim Hauer, senior director for new business development, recently spoke with Vivek Nanda, EE Times-India editor, about the company's new class-G amplifier technology and product road map.
2015-09-15 LDO regulator enables fingerprint recognition modules
The AP7346 from Diodes has a low quiescent current and high efficiency under light loads that cuts power consumption in smartphones, tablets and similar consumer electronic products.
2011-09-06 Johnson Controls, Saft end Li-ion EV joint venture
Johnson Controls and Saft have dissolved their joint venture to address fundamental disagreement about the venture's scope and future direction.
2014-11-25 Japan seeks to gain tech supremacy with IoT
At the Embedded Technology 2014 last week, Japanese exhibitors, whole-heartedly embracing IoT and its technology building blocks, were busy showing solutions bridging the old and new.
2014-03-07 Japan holds tech, sales lead in electromobility
The Electromobility Index explores the different aspects of competition in electromobility, including technology, industrialisation, market size and acceptancerevealing Japan's advantage.
2016-01-13 Is Apple set to shake analogue market?
With the recent acquisition of a 70,000-square foot analogue production from Maxim, Apple could influence the analogue market for years to come.
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