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2013-06-27 Li-ion microbatteries produced via 3D printing
3D printing could lead to tiny medical implants, electronics, robots and more, says Harvard research group.
2011-09-16 Intel shows off its progress in its ultrabook line
The company rallied for the future of notebooks and tablets.
2012-11-12 Integrated power IC ready for Quad-core apps processors
Dialog's DA9063 can deliver up to 12A from its six DC/DC converters, 24% more than its nearest rivals.
2015-06-01 Google pulls the curtain aside for Android M
The latest software from Google is geared to bridge multiple devices, especially IoT-enabled ones, promising a smooth, intuitive mobile experience, and also supports NFC-based Android Pay.
2013-07-12 Getting into the meat of Li-ion batteries
A nano-tool for designing the next generation of batteries has been developed by a mechanical engineer from MTU.
2013-01-04 Fuel gauge cuts quiescent current by 4x
Maxim's MAX17048 is a low-power fuel gauge for Li-ion batteries that operates at only 23?A and claims to reduce solution size by 3x.
2006-09-13 Frontier Silicon, SigmaTel DAB partnership eyes Chinese arena
Frontier Silicon and SigmaTel are partnering up to offer a combined digital audio broadcasting, FM and MP3 player platform for portable devices, targeted at Chinese OEMs.
2011-06-08 Engineers develop stamping tech for nanodevices
Vanderbilt University engineers have developed a rapid and low-cost imprinting process that can stamp out a variety of devices from unique optical, electrical, chemical and mechanical properties.
2013-12-12 Energy-harvesting IC enables Internet of Things ecosystem
ST's SPV1050 targets applications with power requirements from a few microwatts to several milliwatts, and is aimed at indoor and outdoor consumer and industrial apps using solar or thermal energy.
2006-05-05 DC/DC regulator adds power-management smarts
Texas Instruments' step-down regulator is the first DC/DC chip compatible with SmartReflex technology.
2005-04-20 Dc-dc converters mix low operating current, low noise
The HT77xx series of devices are a new range of high-efficiency step up dc-dc converter CMOS device from Holtek that use PFM techniques for their output control, and offer low operating current and low noise characteristics.
2015-11-19 Clay shows promise in developing high-temp batteries
A unique combination of materials created at Rice University, including a clay-based electrolyte, may solve a problem for rechargeable Li-ion batteries geared for harsh environments.
2011-03-11 China invests in green development
On Jan. 26, the U.S. Embassy in the Chinese capital reported the average daily air quality index was in the red zone. That's face-mask conditions for the average motorist and bicyclist.
2013-08-20 Chemical industry makes headway in printed electronics
An IDTechEx report addresses the need for chemical firms entering the electronic product space to identify the most profitable functional compounds and elements needed including allotropes of carbon.
2015-11-17 Better batteries by adding quantum dots from fool's gold
Vanderbilt University researchers made significant headway by adding quantum dots out of iron pyrite to create batteries that charge quickly and work for dozens of cycles.
2004-12-01 Audio/power ICs answer call for multi-tiered wireless
The three new ICs from Freescale provide highly integrated one-chip solutions customized for the wide range of today's consumer wireless products.
2013-03-01 ARM-powered MCU touted as world's smallest
Freescale's Kinetis KL02 MCU incudes the latest 32bit ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, cutting-edge low-power functionality and a range of analogue and communication peripherals geared for IoT.
2012-11-06 Analysis: Japanese CE powerhouses losing steam
Japan-based Sony, Panasonic and Sharp have had to deal with a series of losses as market volatility ensues and are desperate to keep themselves above water.
2009-05-21 AnalogicTech stays 'fabless without foundries'
To explain the current issues in analog, EE Times caught up with Richard Williams, president, CEO and chief technology officer of Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc., a fabless analog chip vendor.
2011-06-14 16-channel EL driver offers high voltage output
Supertex has released a dimmable 16-channel EL lamp driver designed to deliver high-voltage output to EL lamps for backlighting cellular phone keypads and other mobile devices.
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