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2013-04-09 X-Band LNA boasts higher gain, linearity performance
M/A-COM Technology Solutions' MAAL-010528 offers higher gain and linearity performance in the 8.0 to 12.0GHz band than many competing parts, as well as low noise figure and excellent gain flatness.
2013-11-27 Using BGU8019, BGU8019W GNSS LNA evaluation board
Here's a look at the BGU8019 and BGU8019WGNSS LNA evaluation board.
2011-12-07 Using BFU725F/N1 2.4GHz LNA evaluation board
Here's a document that explains the BFU725F/N1 2.4GHz LNA evaluation board.
2011-12-05 Using 50? FM LNA for antenna in portable apps
Here's a document that provides circuit, layout, BOM and performance information on FM band using BGU7003W.
2008-03-31 Toshiba adds VHF-to-UHF dual-mode LNA
TAEC has rolled out a VHF-to-UHF dual-mode RF amplifier IC for use with portable systems with a built-in TV tuner.
2010-02-12 Tiny GPS module integrates LNA, SAW filters
The BGM781N11 GPS receive front-end module integrates one GPS LNA and two SAW filters with high ESD ruggedness in a tiny leadless TSNP11-2 package.
2010-05-14 Smart energy module packs Zigbee, PA, LNA
SyChip Inc. has launched the SN3020 smart energy embedded module claimed to be the smallest, lowest-power, fully-compliant Zigbee module supporting Smart Energy profiles.
2011-02-07 Single stage 5-6 GHz WLAN LNA with BFU730F
The BFU730F is a discrete HBT that is produced using NXP Semiconductors' advanced 110 GHz fT SiGe:C BiCmos process.
2007-10-30 SiGe:C LNA steps up GPS systems sensitivity
The ?PC8233TK is NEC Electronics' latest in line of SiGe:C LNAs targeted at GPS and mobile communications applications.
2011-07-15 SDARS active antenna 2nd stage LNA with BFU690, 2.33GHz
Read about the circuit, layout, BOM and performance information for 2.33GHz LNA equipped with NXP Semiconductors BFU690 wideband transistor.
2007-09-12 Satellite TV tuner needs no external LNA
To reduce total solution size and cost, Maxim's new satellite TV tuner provides an 8.0dB noise figure and a -75dBm to 0dBm dynamic range, thus eliminating the need for an external LNA.
2002-01-23 RFMD LNA enables multiband mobile phones
Specifically designed for EGSM/DCS/PCS mobile devices, the tri-band RF2417 low-noise amplifier (LNA) features on-chip matching for all three I/O ports to minimize external component count.
2010-03-11 RF range extender combines PA, LNA, switches
Texas Instruments Inc. is rolling out a highly-integrated, cost-effective RF range extender for low-power wireless applications at 850MHz to 950MHz.
2005-12-30 NJR LNA IC targets W-CDMA cellphones
New Japan Radio's NJG1122 device is a dual band LNA IC designed for W-CDMA cellphones of 2.1GHz and 800MHz band.
2006-08-30 New LNA MMIC from UBEC gets BSMI certification
Uniband Electronic has announced a new 3.3V wideband LNA MMIC with internal input/output matching and high/low gain controlthe UA2725.
2006-02-06 Multi-band CMOS cellular transceiver integrates LNA
Quorum's new multi-band CMOS chips cover seven bands, including all 3GPP frequency bands as well as 800MHz and 1,700MHz.
2006-02-16 MMIC LNA targets industrial sensor apps
Hittite introduced a new GaAs pHEMT MMIC low noise amplifier designed for microwave radio, military and industrial sensor applications.
2009-05-12 Miniature LNA simplifies mobile app design
Avago Technologies has released the miniature MGA-21108 LNA monolithic microwave IC suitable for use in a wide range of wireless mobile communications applications.
2002-09-09 Maxim 5GHz LNA has low-power shutdown function
The MAX2649 5GHz LNA features low-power shutdown function that allows the device to draw <15A to preserve battery life in portable 802.11a WLAN and 5GHz cordless phones.
2004-11-24 MAX2653 LNA with gain-step, retuned for GPS applications
This app note presents alternate RF matching networks for the MAX2563 SiGe LNA, tuned for the GPS band (1575MHz center frequency).
2004-11-23 Low-noise amplifier (LNA) matching techniques for optimizing noise figures
This app note features techniques for optimizing noise figures in LNA.
2004-06-21 Low-noise amplifier (LNA) matching techniques for optimizing noise figure
This app note analyzes the effect of circuit noise.
2000-06-12 LNA/Mixer ICs Ease Wireless Receiver Design
This technical note examines how LNA/mixer ICs simplify wireless receiver front ends, particularly in handheld systems, by optimizing the combination of sensitivity, interference rejection, overload protection, current consumption, size, cost, and use of 3V (max.) supply.
2010-05-13 LNA, power amp target wireless net femtocells
Freescale is making its way to the GaAs monolithic microwave IC (MMIC) sector with the launch of four devices aimed at macro base stations, repeaters and femtocells employed in wireless networks.
2006-03-09 LNA targets high volume, power-sensitive apps
Sirenza announced the production release of two new SiGe low noise amplifiers that are designed for GPS, ISM and WiMAX applications.
2011-06-10 LNA series promise improved receiver sensitivity
Avago Technologies introduces two series of LNAs, the MGA-63xP8 LNAs and ALM-11x36 fail-safe bypass LNA modules, offering improved receiver sensitivity for base transceiver stations (BTS) and tower mounted amplifiers (TMA) applications.
2007-10-29 LNA provides high gain for GPS, Galileo apps
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX2659 high-gain, low-noise amplifier for GPS, Galileo and GLONASS applications, which achieves 20.5dB gain and a noise figure of 0.8dB.
2011-09-26 LNA operates from 2.7-36V
TI's 36V operational amplifier has 475uA quiescent current and touts half the size of competing products.
2009-07-28 LNA improves receiver sensitivity for RKE, TPM apps
Maxim Integrated Products has launched the MAX2634 LNA optimized for remote keyless entry (RKE) and tire pressure monitoring (TPM) applications operating in the 315MHz and 433MHz bands.
2008-07-10 LNA GaAs MMIC fit for One-Segment broadcasting
From New Japan Radio Co Ltd comes the NJG1134HA8, a wideband low-noise amplifier (LNA) GaAs MMIC for tuner modules of One-Segment broadcasting.
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