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2015-06-08 Moving closer to full cognitive radio
This article explores the concept of cognitive radio, which promises to offer much higher utilisation of the available spectrum.
2014-06-09 Molex touts plastic substrate interconnect for CoB arrays
With a low overall package height of about 2mm, Molex PSI boasts a slim design for space-limited applications while minimising substrate costs.
2004-02-10 Mitsumi connector measures 19(?)-by-22.8-by-2.2mm
The CIM-F07N card connector from Mitsumi Electric Co. Ltd measures 19(?)-by-22.8-by-2.2mm, and offers a 5mm card ejection distance.
2008-11-13 Miniature cable connector suits high-reliability apps
ERNI Electronics has released a single-row 1.27mm pitch MiniBridge cable to board connector system designed for high-current, high-reliability and space-saving products.
2006-08-08 Micromanipulator unveils 300mm manual probe station
Micromanipulator's Model 9020 probe station features motorized drives with interactive manual control via joystick or MicroTouch controls.
2009-06-12 Micro DC/DC converters come with integrated coil
Torex Semiconductor Ltd is offering a new step-down micro DC/DC converters with integrated coil, measuring 2.5mm x 2mm and a height of only 1mm.
2002-11-05 Micrel thermal diode sensor fit CPUs, FPGAs
Micrel's MIC281 IttyBitty thermal sensor IC senses and reports the temperature of an embedded thermal diode via a two-wire serial bus.
2005-09-05 Micrel power switches with Kickstart current limiting feature
Micrel expanded its family of high-current protected power switches with the release of the MIC2014/15/16 chips.
2002-01-04 Micrel chipsets support 28Mbps to 2.7Gbps operation
The AnyRate chipset family, which consists of the SY87721L CDR, SY87724L mux/demux, and the SY87729L AnyClock fractional-N synthesizer, operates at any rate and any protocol from 28Mbps to 2.7Gbps.
2005-08-09 Memory card connectors have hinge cover for simplified handling
The new SCHB series of connectors for the TransFlash memory cards from Alps Electric feature a hinge cover with an opening angle of 90.
2012-04-13 Maximizing 10GBase-T connectivity in data centers (Part 2)
Learn how a new generation of 10GBase-T technology is being deployed, and how it revolutionizes the data center.
2004-11-19 Maxim XFI-compliant chipset operates up to 11.1Gbps
Maxim introduced the MAX3991/MAX3992 chipset for 10Gbps XFP transceiver modules that is XFI compliant and operates between 9.95Gbps and 11.1Gbps.
2006-09-05 Maxim rolls PMICs for Intel Monahans processors
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX8660 and MAX8661 high efficiency PMICs designed specifically for Intel Monahans.
2006-08-11 Maxim launches step-down regulator with internal switch
Maxim's new step-down regulator with 14V internal switch is suitable for LCD displays, POL regulators and other 8V/12V industrial-equipment apps.
2005-02-25 Maxim clock generator with 8kHz reference-clock input
Maxim released a cost-effective, low-jitter, high-performance clock generator with an 8kHz reference-clock input.
2004-08-30 Maxim clock generator has 8kHz reference-clock input
Maxim Integrated Products unveiled a high-performance clock generator with an 8kHz reference-clock input.
2005-09-16 Make the most of the unlicensed ISM band
Maximizing the ISM band's potential may help decongest the clot forming within the frequency spectrum
2012-01-19 Make the most of 8b/10b encoding in USB 3.0 design
Here's a guide to implementing 8b/10 bit encoding in a USB 3.0 design including how and when to use commercially-available SuperSpeed PIPE PHYs versus a custom design with general purpose deserializer components to allow direct access, capture and recording.
2013-10-22 Magnetic sensor revenue to rise by 6% this year
Driven by the automotive sector, the magnetic sensor market is predicted to reach $1.73 billion at year-end, stated IHS.
2010-03-17 Low-cost 32bit MCUs delivers up to 30 DMIPS
At 24MHz with zero wait state embedded flash memory access, the STM32 Value Line delivers up to 30 DMIPS, outperforming most of the 16bit processors.
2012-04-18 Living with the Internet of Things
The emergence of the Internet of Things has created such a flood of data that only state-of-the-art information technology can gather, filter, order and interrogate the resulting, massive data set, generically called Big Data.
2005-04-21 Linear Tech addresses DDR/QDR memory termination apps
The LTC3776, a 2-phase, dual output synchronous step-down switching regulator controller for DDR/QDR memory termination applications, was recently announced by Linear Tech.
2010-04-30 LED driver comes with dynamic headroom control
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced the LM3464 LED driver with dynamic headroom control and multiple outputs for high-power applications.
2011-12-29 Learn about skew in 100GBASE-R4 apps
A lane alignment method at the PCS layers is defined by the IEEE standard for 100GBASE-LR4 and 100GBASE-ER4 communications defines. Both fixed and dynamic skew are compensated at the end points in the network.
2002-11-22 Kel SIM card connector prevents misinsertion
The company's SIM card connector features a card detection switch designed to prevent misinsertion.
2002-10-31 Kel SD card connectors have <2.8mm average profile
The SDC02/03 series of SD card connectors from Kel Corp. occupies a board area of 27.9-by-28.5mm and features a profile of 2.75mm.
2004-07-21 Keithley launches two current source devices
Keithley Instruments released its Model 6221 ac/dc current source and Model 6220 dc current source.
2007-08-17 JVC delivers HD-ILA HDTV resolution
The JVC HD-61FN97 is a 61-inch widescreen (16:9) rear projection high-definition TV that features a true 1,080p Full HD Widescreen D-ILA technology.
2008-09-16 Jedec spec standardizes 8B/10B gains
IBM Corp.'s 8B/10B makes single transmission-line-pair communications possible at frequencies above 2GHz. Jedec specification JESD204 defines the protocol and electrical characteristics required to standardize the implementation of this coded interface for data converters, enabling a new generation of faster and more accurate serial ADCs.
2015-04-13 Jackson Labs debuts Mini-PCIe GPS-disciplined oscillator
The Mini-PCIe module supports nanosecond timing for NTP, SNTP, GPSD, PTP/1588 and other industry-standard applications and is geared for mission-critical financial transaction timing.
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