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What is a programmable logic device (PLD)?
Programmable logic devices (PLDs) refer to a variety of logic chips that are programmable at the user's site. Programmability of logic means that new chip designs can be tested and easily changed without incurring the huge photomask costs for chips completed in a fab. In addition, memory-based PLDs can be reprogrammed over and over, which allows working products to be upgraded at the user's site.
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2000-06-22 Using programmable logic to accelerate DSP functions
This application note implements a programmable logic solution for the computationally intensive functions found in DSP in order to provide increased DSP system performance at reduced system cost
2000-09-05 Using programmable logic devices
This application note discusses where, why and how to use PLDs, and also includes software and hardware support for Atmel PLDs.
2001-04-06 Test fixtures for high-speed logic
This application note details Philips Semiconductors' highly versatile bench-test AC fixture that is specifically designed to address the company's high-speed logic families, such as the FAST, ALS, ABT, LVT and ALVT devices
2005-06-20 Termination of ECL logic devices with EF (emitter follower) OUTPUT structure
This app note discusses a standard emitter coupled logic (ECL) output driver that typically uses a current switching differential with an emitter follower for level shifting the output and the internal CML levels to familiar ECL levels
2008-01-24 Stratix III FPGA features 340K logic elements
Altera says it has developed the industry's highest-density FPGA, the EP3SL340, which features 340,000 logic elements
1999-04-08 Programmable Logic Devices: Viable solutions for implementing error-coding functions
With the increasing need for the transmission of digital data over a wide variety of mediums, the need for error control coding will increase significantly as well. Reed-Solomon and Viterbi coding provides a robust error control method for many common types of data transfer mediums, particular those that are one-way or that are noisy and sure to produce errors. This application note deals with these Reed-Solomon and Viterbi solutions.
2002-11-13 Power considerations when using CMOS and BiCMOS logic devices
This application note describes different components of power dissipation and how they may be calculated when using CMOS and BiCMOS logic devices
2004-06-01 Picking the best solution for glue logic
Make a better product by choosing higher integration logic solutions in a single reprogrammable chip that help you make a better product
2003-10-14 Philips rolls out PicoGate logic device offering
The company has announced what it claims is the industry's first multi-function PicoGate logic semiconductor designed to suit crystal oscillator apps
2004-12-22 Philips BiCMOS logic device in DQFN package
Philips released what it touts as the industry's smallest BiCMOS logic device in the DQFN package.
2000-12-12 On semiconductor logic date code and traceability marking
This application note presents a summary of ON Semiconductor's Logic Device, Date Code and Traceability Marking for logic packages.
2005-07-22 New programmable device family combines CPLD, FPGA features
Lattice Semiconductor introduced MachXO, a new product family that combines the key features of complex programmable logic device (PLD) and FPGA technologies in a single device.
2005-09-21 New AUP CMOS logic from Philips consumes ultra-low power
Royal Philips Electronics introduced its family of Advanced Ultra-low Power CMOS logic, featuring ultra-low power consumption
2010-07-14 Magnetic tunneling enables high-density logic ICs
A Japan team claims to have extended a high-performance perpendicular tunneling magneto-resistance process to non-volatile logic devices
2003-01-08 Logic devices reduce power consumption by 50 percent
Fairchild Semiconductor has expanded its TinyLogic ULP series of single- and dual-gate logic devices that features reduced power consumption
2004-04-05 Leopard Logic rolls out Gladiator CLD reference design
Leopard Logic has introduced a reference design to showcase its Gladiator CLD6400 configurable logic device in a PowerPC companion chip application.
2003-05-13 Lattice rolls out PCB power management device
Lattice Semiconductor has announced the release of the Power604 device, which provides a complete solution for PCB power sequencing
2002-07-16 Lattice lands programmable-logic combo punch
Lattice Semiconductor has announced a new architecture that combines the programming attributes of CPLDs and FPGAs.
2003-08-20 Inphi logic devices offer 13Gbps, 20Gbps
Inphi Corp. has introduced two high-speed digital logic devices for serial data transmission systems and broadband test and measurement equipment
2002-12-06 Implementing an SDRAM controller in a Lattice ispLSI device
This application note discusses how to implement an SDRAM controller using an ispLSI CPLD.
2006-05-10 I2C logic devices offer frequencies up to 1MHz
Royal Philips Electronics announced what it claims to be the first I2C logic devices based on the Fast-mode Plus (Fm+) specification
2005-08-18 How to integrate Flash device programming and reduce costs
Flash memory devices offer great value to engineers who seek high-density, low-cost memory devices that are easy to program and erase.
2000-12-11 ECLinPS, ECLinPS lite and ECLinPS plus device type and date code marking guide
This application note presents a summary of ON Semiconductor's ECLinPS Logic Device, Date Code and Traceability Marking. It summarizes and explains the Date Code and Traceability Marking for ECL Logic packages.
2014-01-21 Dual gate logic devices extend mobile device battery life
Geared for low voltage, low energy operation, the miniature 74AUP2G family targets a variety of hand-held consumer electronics, including cell phones, e-book readers and tablets.
2004-01-26 Configurable logic device merges ASIC, FPGA features
The industry's quest for the best of both ASIC and FPGA worlds' s with Leopard Logic's Gladiator configurable logic device (CLD).
2004-02-06 Avnet Cilicon, Leopard Logic ink franchise agreement
Avnet Inc. and Leopard Logic Inc. announced a distribution pact for Leopard Logic's Gladiator configurable logic devices (CLD) in North America
2015-06-10 Altera touts next-gen high-end programmable logic devices
The Stratix 10 FPGAs and SoCs leverage Altera's HyperFlex FPGA fabric architecture built on the Intel 14nm Tri-Gate process to provide 2X higher core performance over previous generation FPGAs.
2002-12-06 A 32x32 Crossbar switch implementation using the Lattice ispLSI 5384VE device
This application note discusses how to implement a 32x32 crossbar switch using the ispLSI 5384VE CPLD.
2004-04-16 Zenasis device offers up to four-fold runtime speed increase
The new timing optimization product from Zenasis brings cell-based designers a three to four-fold increase in runtime speed.
2016-04-21 Xilinx sol'n eases logic cell system interconnect bottlenecks
The 2016.1 release of the Vivado Design Suite HLx Editions with extensions to the SmartConnect technology provides notable levels of performance for the UltraScale and UltraScale+ devices.
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