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What is a logic analyser?
An instrument that allows you to observe the behaviour of digital signals in an embedded system.
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2007-01-08 Logic Supply unveils 'smallest' fanless Mini-ITX computer
Embedded system vendor Logic Supply Inc., announced its SolidLogic GS-L05 fanless Mini-ITX computer system.
2001-03-01 Logic suppliers seek ways to embed FPGAs
Driven by the convergence of communications, computing and consumer applications, SoC design complexity increases the time required to bring competitive products to market, putting a premium on design speed and flexibility.
2010-04-19 Logic prototcol analyzer handles PCIe 3.0
Tektronix has released the TLA7SA16 and TLA7SA08 logic protocol analyzer modules that give PCIe 3.0 developers an time-correlated view of system behavior.
2000-06-07 Logic Powered Serial EEPROMs
This application note demonstrates how to achieve a low-power operation using Serial EEPROMs (SEE) for application firmware.
2002-05-15 Logic offered in no-lead QFN packaging
Texas Instruments, Integrated Device Technology, and Hitachi Semiconductor are launching 20-, 16- and 14-pin QFN packaging for gate- and octal-bit-width logic devices for PDAs, cell phones, and other handheld consumer electronics.
2016-03-01 Logic module works standalone or inside PC/servers
The S2C PCIe VU440 Prodigy LM supports downloading the FPGA externally from USB or Ethernet without opening the PC/server, and FPGA re-download from four design files from on-board micro SD card.
2007-07-09 Logic module simplifies system integration
Advanced Knowledge Associates has designed a new logic module that can facilitate accelerated advanced embedded system design.
2003-03-11 Logic line is built for live insertion
Pericom Semi's line of low-voltage-technology CMOS interface logic devices is especially designed for live insertion in server and networking apps.
2003-01-08 Logic devices reduce power consumption by 50 percent
Fairchild Semiconductor has expanded its TinyLogic ULP series of single- and dual-gate logic devices that features reduced power consumption.
2007-09-26 Logic circuits rated for mil-spec temperature
QuickLogic has announced the QL1P1000, the latest member of the PolarPro family, is now available in a mil-spec temperature rating.
2011-04-04 Logic chips boast small size
NXP releases what it claims are the smallest logic packages designed for portable handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets and SD cards.
2007-02-01 Logic chipmakers seek 32nm breakthroughs
Even as they put the finishing touches on their 45nm process technologies and tweak them for low power, leading-edge logic chipmakers are scrambling to find manufacturing breakthroughs for the 32nm node and beyond.
2011-05-13 Logic chip supports high-performance networks
Tabula and Algo-Logic Systems have launched the TSE100x1 packet search engine device that enables packet lookup functions for internet protocol and improves wireless network switch systems.
2001-06-15 Logic buffered delay modules
This application note explains the relevance of logic buffered delay modules to avoid the difficulties associated with interfacing passive delay lines with digital ICs.
2003-11-04 Logic and memory shown on molecular scale
Rice University researchers have demonstrated that molecule-sized electronic devices can be used for both logic and memory, despite being randomly wired, error-prone and inaccurately formed at the nanoscale.
2005-06-09 Logic analyzers tackle complexity with automation
Tektronix's new TLA Application Software v5.0 can run on any Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000 platform
2006-11-22 Logic analyzers support PCI Express
Agilent is adding deeper memory to its new mainframe logic analyzers to support high-speed serial interconnects such as PCI Express, as well as adding support for FPGA architectures from Altera.
1999-12-17 Logic Analyzers
This application note discusses in detail the different logic analyzers and their individual device applications.
2008-11-12 Logic analyzer targets advance embedded apps
Tektronix Inc. has developed a 136-channel TLA7BC4 logic analyzer module for the Tektronix TLA7012 portable and TLA7016 benchtop series.
2011-02-09 Logic analyzer offers digital info capture
GAO Tek Inc. has introduced a logic analyzer that is designed to sample up to 34 input channels while simultaneously being able to observe a sizeable amount of data and data flow direction control information.
1999-11-16 Logic analyzer inverse assembler for DSP162X
This paper deals with the HP family of logic analyzers programmed to capture binary data from the address and data busses of a microprocessor or a DSP. It also discusses the implementation of large trace buffer for real-time debugging of programs executed across the external memory interface of a microprocessor or DSP.
2012-01-05 Logic analyzer geared for wireless systems
The 16900 Series Logic Analyzer allows customers to generate digital IQ signals using a pattern generator, convert these signals to RF and analyze the RF signals.
2005-12-05 Logic analyzer adapter helps debug MPC5554 processors
Ironwood Electronics' new PB-BGA-MPC5554-S-01 logic analyzer adapter allows high-speed operation of Freescale's MPC5554 systems while using a logic analyzer.
2004-09-01 Logic analysis probe serves Pentium 4 designers
Agilent now has a logic analysis probe for folks designing-in Intel Pentium 4 microprocessors in 775-land packages.
2015-10-15 Logic analyser supports up to 4Gb/s debugging data rates
Keysight unveiled a logic analyser module that claims to deliver the industry's highest-data-rate state mode, highest timing mode (10GHz) and deepest memory depth (up to 400MB).
2004-04-05 Leopard Logic rolls out Gladiator CLD reference design
Leopard Logic has introduced a reference design to showcase its Gladiator CLD6400 configurable logic device in a PowerPC companion chip application.
2002-11-27 Leopard Logic rolls embedded FPGA cores
Leopard Logic has released its HyperBlox FP embedded FPGA cores that enable the creation of configurable SoC platforms.
2013-09-03 Leadless package one-gate logic IC for mobile devices
The TC7SZ32MX one-gate logic IC operates at a voltage range of 1.65V to 5.5V and is aimed at laptop PCs, digital cameras and smart phones.
2010-06-24 LatticeSC PURESPEED I/O adaptive input logic user's guide
Today's high speed synchronous interfaces pose challenges to the designer in maintaining clock-to-data relationships, managing data-to-data skew and sustaining jitter tolerance.
2002-07-16 Lattice lands programmable-logic combo punch
Lattice Semiconductor has announced a new architecture that combines the programming attributes of CPLDs and FPGAs.
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