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What is a logic analyser?
An instrument that allows you to observe the behaviour of digital signals in an embedded system.
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2002-01-10 LSI Logic processor supports multiple DVD recording formats
LSI Logic Corp. announced a single-chip DVD recorder system processor in Las Vegas this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
2004-07-13 LSI Logic processor core runs at 425MHz
Immediately available for cell-based ASIC apps, the new member of LSI Logic's portfolio of processor cores in Gflx 0.11?m technology runs at 425MHz.
2004-01-13 LSI Logic processor based on DoMiNo architecture
LSI Logic Corp. has developed what it claims as the industry's most feature-rich hard disk drive (HDD)/DVD recorder system processor.
2003-12-10 LSI Logic processor based on DoMiNo architecture
LSI Logic Corp. has introduced its second-generation, single-chip DVD recorder system processor based on the company's DoMiNo architecture. The DiMeNsion 8602 (DMN-8602) features a unified memory subsystem and integrated NTSC/PAL TV encoder for reduced BOM costs, an integrated USB controller, an integrated DV codec with Direct Digital Dub technology, a playback of MPEG-4 video, a DoMiNoFX video-processing technologies such as TrueView Pro and TrueScan Pro, and a fully software compatible with the previous-generation products.
2004-07-06 LSI Logic PHY interface supports to 667Mbps
LSI Logic's new PHY interface to QDR-2 SRAM memory enables the next generation of high-end network routers, switches and host bus adapters.
2002-06-18 LSI Logic offers USB 2.0 chip
The L1501 peripheral I/O solution from LSI Logic Corp. integrates USB 2.0 functionality and USB 2.0 Transceiver Macrocell Interface (UTMI) with a comprehensive set of I/Os to deliver data rates of up to 480Mbps.
2004-08-31 LSI Logic offers lead-free chip products
In preparing for a global initiative to rid lead and other hazardous materials from electronic products, LSI Logic is meeting customer demands by offering chip products with lead-free packaging.
2002-08-14 LSI Logic offers ADSL modem chipset
LSI Logic Corp. is moving into the standard-chips business for ADSL modems with the introduction of a three-piece chipset.
2006-11-01 LSI Logic moves to serial with new adapter cards
LSI Logic introduces six serial ATA and serial attached SCSI (SAS) adapter cards, ranging from entry-level to top-of-the-line products using both the PCI-X and PCI Express interfaces. All are geared for the 3Gbps versions of the storage interfaces.
2002-05-10 LSI Logic microprocessor core operates up to 333MHz
Manufactured using the company's Gflx 0.115m (drawn) process, the MIPS64 5Kf microprocessor core from LSI Logic Corp. operates up to 333MHz an addresses computation-intensive communications, storage, and consumer applications.
2004-07-26 LSI Logic MegaRAID to power Fujitsu Primergy S2
LSI Logic Corp. announced that Fujitsu Siemens Computers has selected its MegaRAID Ultra320 PCI-X to power the next-generation Intel-based PRIMERGY S2 tower, rack and economy server platforms.
2005-06-22 LSI Logic MegaRAID SATA supports ASUSTeK motherboards
LSI Logic Corp. has announced that ASUSTeK Computer Inc. selected its full line of MegaRAID Serial ATA (SATA) software to enable a wide range of server motherboards and systems with RAID.
2005-08-18 LSI Logic makes creating a tiered storage environment easier
LSI Logic introduced the latest version of its MyStorage management software with support for both 4Gbps Fiber Channel and Serial Attached SCSI host bus adapters.
2004-07-15 LSI Logic lowers forecast; blames storage, game markets
LSI Logic Corp. on Monday (July 12, 2004) lowered its second quarter revenue projections, citing slower demand for semiconductors in storage components and video game consoles.
2005-06-08 LSI Logic licenses ZSP500 to Renesas for mobile apps
The ZSP product division of LSI Logic Corp. has licensed the ZSP500 DSP core to Japan-based semiconductor company Renesas Technology Corp
2004-06-24 LSI Logic licenses ZSP400 DSP tech to UTStarcom
LSI Logic Corp. has signed a licensing agreement with UTStarcom for its ZSP400 DSP core.
2002-05-06 LSI Logic licenses ARM cores
LSI Logic Corp. has licensed ARM's synthesizable ARM1026EJ-S microprocessor core and the Jazelle technology-enabled ARM7EJ-S core. LSI will apply these cores in its Gflx 0.11?m and G9090nm process technologies.
2002-09-06 LSI Logic launches latest semiconductor platform
LSI Logic Corp. has introduced its latest semiconductor platform called RapidChip, complete with a new customer-centric design methodology and toolset.
2006-06-21 LSI Logic invests in 10GbE card maker Chelsio
Chelsio Communications has closed a $12 million Series D funding round that included LSI Logic as an investor.
2002-10-24 LSI Logic introduces Ultra320 SCSI bus expander
LSI Logic Corp.'s LSI53C320 is claimed to be the industry's first Ultra320 SCSI bus expander.
2002-05-07 LSI Logic introduces 90nm SoC process
LSI Logic Corp. has introduced the G90 90nm SoC integration process that is aimed at accelerating the time-to-market of products with increased integration and system-level functionality.
2002-03-08 LSI Logic introduces 10Gb core solution for network apps
The company has announced the release of the System Packet Interface Level 4 Phase 2 IP core, allowing designers to design their ASICs with verified interoperability, simplifying interface design and reducing time-to-market of high-speed networking apps.
2002-04-19 LSI Logic interface IC operates at industrial temperatures
LSI Logic Corp. has announced that the L80227 10/100 PHY interface IC now supports operation at the industrial temperature range of -400C to 850C.
2004-04-26 LSI Logic HDTV board plugs into PCI slot
LSI Logic is enhancing its real-time MPEG-2 HD HDTVxpress Compressor PCI board with new features.
2003-02-10 LSI Logic HBAs to enable Teradata data warehouse solutions
Teradata, a division of NCR Corp., has selected LSI Logic Corp.'s Fibre Channel host bus adapters.
2003-11-28 LSI Logic finalizes purchase foundry deal with Rohm
LSI Logic Corp. has completed its purchase-and-foundry-services agreement with Rohm Co. Ltd.
2002-05-22 LSI Logic Fibre Channel controller hits 120,000 I/Os per second
LSI Logic has announced the availability of the LSIFC929X Fibre Channel controller, which when used with LSI7202XP-LC HBA, achieves up to 120,000 I/Os per second for host connections, and up to 85,000 I/Os per second for target connections.
2002-10-24 LSI Logic extends reach of wirebond packaging
LSI Logic Corp. has developed a form of wirebond packaging that places bonding pads directly on top of a chip's active I/O circuitry.
2003-10-15 LSI Logic expands portfolio with ARM core addition
LSI Logic Corp. announced that they have added ARM Ltd's ARM1136J-S processor core to its portfolio of processor cores in Gflx 0.11?m technology.
2005-05-25 LSI Logic eliminates mask charges for entry level platform ASICs
LSI Logic Corp. added a pair of new slices to its RapidChip Integrator2 platform ASIC family that the company says provide high-volume ASIC and FPGA designers with a way to eliminate many design and development costs, including those associated with photomasks.
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