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What is a logic analyser?
An instrument that allows you to observe the behaviour of digital signals in an embedded system.
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2004-09-23 LSI Logic DVD processor adopted in Daewoo recorder line
Daewoo Electronics has developed its latest DVD/VCR recorder product line based on LSI Logic Corp.'s 2G DiMeNsion DVD recorder system processor, named DMN-8602.
2004-09-30 LSI Logic DSP with sub-$4 volume price point
LSI Logic announced the addition of an ultra low cost standard product to its ZSP LSI403 digital signal processor chip family.
2002-09-02 LSI Logic DSP integrates 48Kwords of memory
LSI Logic Corp. has announced the availability of the LSI403LP configurable DSP that features a total of 48Kwords of on-chip memory, eliminating the need for external memory.
2004-05-12 LSI Logic DSP core features dual-ALU, MAC
The ZSP200 DSP core from LSI Logic is designed to meet the increased demand for cost-effective, low-power signal processing solutions.
2002-09-25 LSI Logic DSP core capable of superscalar functions
LSI Logic Corp. has rolled out its second generation of ZSP open-architecture superscalar DSP cores.
2005-08-25 LSI Logic DoMiNo built-in Packard Bell DVD recorders
Packard Bell is leveraging LSI Logic Corp.'s second-generation DoMiNo 8602 (DMN-8602) DVD recorder system processor for its line of DVD recorders.
2004-09-30 LSI Logic DiMeNsion supports Ellion DVD products
LSI Logic Corp.'s DiMeNsion DVD recorder system processor, DMN-8602, has been chosen by Ellion Digital Inc. for its next-generation line of recorder products.
2004-11-02 LSI Logic DiMeNsion backs-up LG Electronics DVD recorders
LSI Logic Corp. has announced that its DiMeNsion 8602 (DMN-8602) DVD recorder system processor is enabling LG Electronics' line of combination VCR/DVD recorder products, including the XBR446.
2004-04-14 LSI Logic demos DMP capabilities of management software
LSI Logic has showcased the dynamic multipathing capabilities of its MyStorage management software.
2003-01-23 LSI Logic delivers industry's first PCI-X 2.0 PHY core
The company's PCI-X 2.0 PHY interface core supports the PCI-X 2.0 266 DDR standard and delivers twice the bandwidth compared to previous products.
2006-01-04 LSI Logic debuts application processor
LSI Logic has developed a low-power, 3D-capable application processor architecture, based on ARM's technology.
2004-06-25 LSI Logic collaborates with SoC solution providers in Asia
LSI Logic Corp. has announced two separate ZSP DSP licensing agreements with Asian-based IC design firms.
2002-11-22 LSI Logic codecs eye PC peripheral video apps
LSI Logic Corp. has announced two new single-chip multi-format A/V codecs that allow consumers to capture video content from any analog/digital camcorder.
2007-04-13 LSI Logic claims 'first' full HD real-time encoder
LSI Logic has unveiled what it calls the first high-definition (HD), real-time encoder to support 'full HD,' 1080p60, the highest-resolution format for HD content.
2003-01-07 LSI Logic chip enables hard drive/DVD combo systems
LSI Logic Corp. is rolling out a single-chip processor for use in dual-drive digital recorders.
2002-07-01 LSI Logic bus adapters interoperable with Brocade fabric switch
LSI Logic Corp.'s Fibre Channel HBAs, the dual-channel LSI44929O and quad-channel ITI7004G2-LC, have been verified by Brocade Communications Systems Inc. as interoperable with its latest SilkWorm 12000 Core Fabric Switch and Brocade-based SAN infrastructure.
2004-08-06 LSI Logic broadens reach in South Korea with DSP cores
South Korea-based Pulsus Technologies Inc. has licensed LSI Logic Corp.'s ZSP400 DSP core with IC products ready for production in mobile digital audio applications.
2004-05-03 LSI Logic ASIC offers one of the highest logic, memory content
LSI Logic has disclosed that its RC11Si250 slice offers the highest logic and memory content of all 0.11m Platform ASICs.
2005-03-22 LSI Logic ASIC aids developers
LSI Logic's new RapidChip Xtreme2 family of Platform ASICs promises to provide the necessary resources for developers to tackle the demanding high-speed serial apps.
2004-07-05 LSI Logic adapters power Lenovo server
LSI Logic Corp. has been chosen by Lenovo, a hi-tech enterprise in China, to be the primary supplier of Ultra320 SCSI RAID adapters.
2004-09-27 LSI Logic adapters opt for ION storage servers
LSI Logic Corp. has announced that its MegaRAID Ultra320 SCSI adapters, Fiber Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) and Ultra320 SCSI HBAs were selected by ION Computer Systems for use in its family of storage servers.
2004-09-24 LSI Logic adapters available at Fry's Electronics stores
LSI Logic Corp. announced that its storage adapters are now available at Fry's Electronics stores, an electronic retailer providing small and mid-size businesses and high-tech professionals with technology products and solutions.
2006-11-24 LSI Logic acquires India-based SoC supplier
Silicon solutions provider LSI Logic Corp. has acquired multimedia SoC technology supplier Metta Technology Inc. of India for about $7 million.
2007-01-08 Low-voltage LDO supports 65nm logic ICs
The new 5A low-voltage, single-supply LDO regulator from Micrel can support the voltage supply requirements of current and future FPGAs, MCUs and other logic ICs using 65nm processes.
2006-09-08 Low-power LDO suits advanced CPUs and logic cores
Microchip's new LDO promises high output current and low output voltage in small, thermally capable packages, making it suitable for powering high-performance embedded processors and next-generation logic cores.
2005-06-16 Low-cost programmable logic drives innovation in consumer electronics
Incorporating programmable logic into the right areas in CE product design achieves faster development of features.
2004-11-23 Logic-level translation
This app note examines the basics of logic operation and considers, primarily for serial-data systems, the available methods for translating between different domains of logic voltage.
2002-06-10 Logic Vision rolls silicon debug station
Offering an alternative to multimillion-dollar testers, Logic Vision Inc. has rolled out what it calls a "silicon debug station" for engineers.
2010-05-21 Logic translator cuts need for direction control pin
Fairchild Semiconductor is offering the FXMA108, an 8bit, auto direction, logic level translator that resolves compatibility issues in a mixed-voltage environment.
2005-04-07 Logic synthesis 'dying'
Standalone logic synthesis will disappear and fold into physical design, said Rajeev Madhavan, Magma Design Automation CEO, at a keynote speech.
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