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2007-12-14 Post amps tout LOS or SD for copper, fiber modules
Four low power post amplifiers featuring loss-of-signal (LOS) or signal detect (SD) circuits which are optimized to detect a wide input signal range have been added by Micrel Inc. to its family of post amplifiers.
2001-04-24 Using MAX3265 LOS in GBICs
This application note describes a method that ensures reliable loss of signal (LOS) operation of Maxim's MAX3264, MAX3265, MAX3268 and MAX3269 limiting amplifiers for GBIC modules under all operating conditions.
2005-12-27 Post amps deliver higher gain, higher sensitivity
Micrel's new post amplifiers feature 3.3V power supply, higher gain and higher sensitivity for either signal or loss of signal indicators.
2002-05-03 Maxim offers dual-rate Fibre Channel limiting amplifier
Claimed by the company to be the industry's only dual-rate Fibre Channel limiting amplifier, the MAX3274 from Maxim Integrated Products operates at 1.0625Gbs and 2.125Gbps, and features a programmable loss-of-signal thresholds.
2004-04-22 Maxim amplifiers with programmable LOS indicator
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX3747 and MAX3747A limiting amplifiers with a programmable loss-of-signal indicator.
2004-07-20 Maxim amp forms part of SFP module solution
The MAX3746 from Maxim is a 3.3V, low-power, multirate limiting amplifier with a programmable loss-of-signal indicator.
2003-04-10 Zetex chipset manages composite video signals
The company's two-chip solution for composite video signal management targets CCTV, video capture, and special effects apps.
2006-01-20 XFP transceiver IC features jitter attenuating capability
Silicon Laboratories announced what it touts as the industry's first 10Gbps XFP transceiver IC with integrated jitter attenuating capability on both transmit and receive data paths.
2015-10-13 Wearable PCB designs call for attention to basics
In the absence of printed circuit board standards in wearable Internet of Things electronics, hardware developers need to pay close attention to fundamentals.
2002-04-02 TI logarithmic amplifier provides 20-bit dynamic range
The LOG102 logarithmic amplifier measures the log ratio of input currents from 1nA to 1mA with 0.5 percent accuracy and produces an output voltage of change of 1V for each decade change of input current.
2012-11-21 The lowdown on small cells
Learn about the base station trends and their evolution, the rationale for using small cells, and the backhaul challenges that the growth of wireless networks will face in the coming years.
2013-12-23 The lowdown on high-perf timing in board design
Know the various scenarios facing board designers when working with high-performance timing.
2007-12-21 SFP optical transceiver doubles bandwidth
The first 8Gbit/s SFP optical transceiver for Fibre Channel applications has been announced by Avago Technologies Ltd. The AFBR-57D5APZ transceiver doubles the bandwidth of previous Fibre Channel SFP optical transceivers.
2010-07-13 SFP controller enables low-cost digital video
Maxim Integrated Products rolls the DS1877 video controller with a dual-receiver interface that controls all receiver functions for SFP and SFP+ optical modules.
2007-10-24 Servo drive tackles military, harsh setups
Copley Controls has extended its XENUS offline servo drive's temperature, humidity, vibration and shock ranges to meet military commercial-off-the-shelf requirements including Mil Standard #810.
2009-04-22 SDI equalizer touts lowest jitter across cable lengths
National Semiconductor has released a PowerWise 3Gbit/s serial digital interface (SDI) cable equalizer designed to simplify the design of broadcast video routers, production switchers, distribution amplifiers, editing and conversion equipment.
2004-10-01 Reliable delivery for mobile data
Learn about the four basic approaches to reliable broadcast transmission and their trade-offs.
2011-09-15 Redriver provides signal equalization
NXP has announced the availability of its USB 3.0 SuperSpeed redriver, the PTN36241B, which can support 5Gbit/s per channel.
2007-10-26 Quad equalizer extends reach of serial buses
A programmable quad equalizer from National Semiconductor extends the reach of high-speed serial buses up to 10Gbps data transmission rates, while consuming only 94mW per channel.
2008-02-22 Quad equalizer aims at 8Gbit/s PCIe apps
National Semiconductor has claimed the industry's first quad equalizer specifically designed for PCIe applications with up to 8Gbit/s data transmission rates.
2007-11-09 Pre-emphasis driver sets benchmark for 8.5-, 10Gbps apps
Maxim has introduced its next-generation pre-emphasis driver that uses advanced analog equalization technology to set a performance benchmark for 8.5Gbps and 10Gbps applications.
2008-10-16 Power struggles: slashing power use in mobile audio
Portable media players and multimedia handsets are becoming more capable, in terms of their range and complexity of the functions provided to the consumers.
2007-12-21 Post amplifiers feature twice the signal gain
Micrel Inc. has beefed up its lineup of post amplifiers with the addition of two devices.
2008-05-28 Phyworks rolls ref design for 1.25Gbit/s optical modules
Phyworks has launched a complete hardware and software reference design for 125Mbit/s to 1.25Gbit/s SFP optical modules offering a digital configuration and monitoring capability.
2009-02-24 Optimizing impedance discontinuity caused by surface mount pads for high-speed channel designs
This application note examines the discontinuities from the DC blocking capacitors and SMA connectors in detail, and provides optimization techniques to minimize their adverse effects in the channel.
2008-04-01 Optical communications migrate to SFP+
Interface chip vendors in growing numbers are tailoring chips to support the migration of datacom and telecom routers and switches to SFP+, the latest pluggable optical module form factor for use in 10Gbit/s Ethernet and 8.5Gbit/s Fibre Channel systems.
2002-04-30 NurLogic rolls out quad serdes IP cores
NurLogic Design Inc. has announced the availability of its SapphireLink serdes IP cores, which provide high-bandwidth connections between router backplane links, while supporting an 8B/10B encoding/decoding scheme with clock recovery for embedded clock applications.
2005-11-07 New TI bridge complies to PCI Express to PCI/PCI-X Bridge spec
Texas Instruments released a new PCI Express-to-PCI Bridge.
2005-06-27 New limiting post amplifier from Micrel w/ TTL signal detect
Micrel's SY88933AL is a low power limiting post amplifier w/ TTL signal detect, designed for use in fiber-optic receivers and connects to typical transimpedance amplifiers
2005-09-29 New limiting post amplifier from Micrel tailored for PON apps
Micrel expanded its family of limiting post amplifiers with the introduction of the SY88903ALKG, a 1.25Gbps limiting post amplifier featuring 3.3V operation with better than 5mV sensitivity
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