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2005-02-09 Toko LDO regulator IC with on/off control
Toko announced the general availability of its TK70203CS2G0 low dropout linear regulator that is suitable for use in battery powered systems.
2004-09-15 Toko LDO regulator IC with 200mV VDROP
The TK637xxS, a new positive low dropout regulator IC from Toko, features an input voltage between 2V and 6V, and output voltage from 1.5V to 4.2V.
2004-09-14 Toko LDO regulator IC provides 150mA
The new negative LDO regulator IC from Toko can supply 150mA of load current, and provides an output voltage, trimmed with high accuracy, from -2V to -9.5V
2010-08-05 Switching regulator speeds DC/DC converter design
The isolated monolithic flyback switching regulator cuts the opto-isolator, third winding or signal transformer from the design since the output voltage is sensed from the primary-side flyback signal
2006-10-16 Selecting the right linear regulator
Each linear regulator has its advantages and disadvantages. Designers determine whether a certain type is appropriate for the application based on dropout voltage, ground current and stability-compensation method requirements
2005-06-13 Regulator provides high accuracy
ON Semiconductor has rolled out a high performance, ultra low dropout regulator specifically designed for consumer electronics that includes a high accuracy of 0.9 percent over line and load regulation
2007-10-11 Power manager integrates buck regulator, LDO
An ultra-small dual channel power management IC that provides two high-performance outputs for portable device applications has been launched by Micrel Inc.
2003-10-03 Micrel LDO regulator suits portable systems
A micropower, LDO regulator for apps in portable systems such as PDAs, pocket PCs, cellphones and portable computers was announced by Micrel Semiconductor
2004-06-04 Micrel LDO regulator provide ultra-low dropout, high PSRR
A micropower, ultra-low dropout regulator for applications in portable electronic devices was announced by Micrel Semiconductor.
2002-06-26 Micrel LDO regulator powers DSPs, MCUs
The MIC5159 LDO regulator from Micrel Semiconductor Inc. can be combined with an external p-channel MOSFET to produce regulated fixed outputs of 1.5V, 1.8V, or 2.5V
2002-01-14 MAS LDO regulator delivers 305V output noise sans bypass capacitor
The MAS9162 low dropout (LDO) regulator is rated at 80mA and exhibits a 305Vrms output noise level, even without a bypass capacitor.
2006-01-10 Low dropout regulator incorporates ramp control
Micrel launched a 2A low dropout regulator featuring built-in sequencing, tracking and ramp control for low voltage FPGAs, DSPs and ASICs.
2013-03-15 Linear's LDO Regulator runs Independent Inputs
The LT3030's full feature set and low quiescent current of 115?A/70?A per regulator (operating) and
2005-07-21 Linear Tech adds low-output voltage options to VLDO regulator
Linear Technology announced fixed low-output voltage options for what it touts as the power industry's first 500mA VLDO (very low dropout) regulator.
2005-06-28 LDO regulator with voltage detector
ON Semi's new LDO regulator is capable of supplying 150mA with a dropout of 160mV at 100mA, and offers an ultra-low quiescent current of 50?A (typ) at full load and 0.25?A (typ) when the device is disabled
2005-02-02 LDO regulator with ?Cap design
Micrel introduced a high performance, dual ?Cap low dropout (LDO) regulator that offers low operating current and a second, even lower operating current mode.
2008-12-15 LDO regulator touts ultralow quiescent current
The XC6502 series of low dropout (LDO) regulators from Torex Semiconductor Europe Ltd provide an ultralow quiescent current of only 1.0?A. These devices are particularly well-suited for power-sensitive applications
2005-02-01 LDO regulator offers 60mV dropout voltage at 150mA
A high performance, dual ?Cap low-dropout (LDO) regulator with integrated power-on reset supervisor was announced by Micrel.
2006-05-02 LDO regulator improves battery life of portable apps
austriamicrosystems introduced a low dropout regulator, which is said to improve operating times in battery-powered portable equipment.
2005-08-09 LDO regulator extends battery life
The two new 150mA low-noise low-dropout regulators from Vishay Intertechnology are touted to have the highest available current density in the 5-pin SC-70 package
2006-02-14 LDO regulator dishes 150mA output
Rohm Electronics' latest CMOS low dropout regulator is said to feature an output current of 150mA and high output voltage accuracy (1 percent).
2005-04-08 LDO regulator delivers 20mA
A high voltage, micropower, low dropout (LDO) regulator capable of delivering 20mA output current was recently announced by Linear Technology Corp.
2000-12-13 Intelligent LDO regulator with external bypass control
This application note discusses the MC33565 Intelligent LDO Regulator, which contains detection and logic circuitry to determine which supply is active and take appropriate action to maintain a steady 3.3V output, even as the supply planes change from "working" state to "system sleep" state
2008-08-08 DDR regulator fits low-power memory termination
TI has launched a sink/source DDR termination regulator that is suited for all power management requirements for DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 low-power memory termination
2003-05-07 CMD LDO regulator works with VRM/VDO 10.0 motherboards
The CM3112-12 low-voltage LDO regulator of California Micro Devices is designed to specifically work with VRM/VRD 10.0-compliant PC motherboards
2008-07-10 austriamicrosystems tips 1A LDO regulator
austriamicrosystems has expanded its low dropout regulator portfolio with the AS1364, capable of delivering up to 1A while operating at lowest dropout voltages.
2011-02-07 Voltage regulator supplies 1A output current
Torex Semiconductor has developed the XC6602 series, a 0.5V low input, 1A, ultra-low dropout voltage regulator with soft-start.
2005-11-10 Voltage regulator optimized for low-voltage microprocessors
Micrel Semiconductor's MIC49500 is an ultra-high-bandwidth, low-dropout, 5A voltage regulator for powering core voltages of low-voltage microprocessors
2005-10-28 VLDO voltage regulator with input voltage capability down to 0.9V
Linear Technology announced a new I-grade version of its LT3020 LDO regulator for industrial and automotive applications
2008-03-17 Ultralow-dropout regulator guarantees 200mA output
An ultralow dropout regulator with a guaranteed 200mA output current has been launched by austriamicrosystems for space critical applications such as mobile phones and PDAs that require high performance despite limited PCB space
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