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2010-03-09 Low-power modes and auto-wake/sleep using the MMA8450Q
Accelerometers are commonly used in handheld electronics and/or battery operated electronic devices. Consumption of current in the entire system is a critical feature of the product design.
2010-07-30 Low-power mobile sound system has noise suppression
The LM49155 analog audio subsystem from National Semiconductor has announced features integrated noise reduction for mobile phones and other portable handheld applications.
2015-03-04 Low-power MCUs set world record in efficiency
Drawing from the strengths of the ARM Cortex-M4 core and its ultra low-power MCU technology, STMicroelectronics introduces the STM32L4 MCU series, which gained the highest score in the EEMBC test.
2009-12-04 Low-power MCUs pack 48Kbyte on-chip flash
Renesas Technology Europe offers the H8/38606F low-power microcontroller with 48Kbytes of on-chip flash memory for smart sensor applications.
2009-12-23 Low-power MCUs integrate capacitive touch-sensing
The MCUs provide a pin-compatible migration path for legacy 18-pin PIC MCUs still used in many designs.
2005-04-01 Low-power MCUs in line-powered apps
Replacing higher-current MCUs with new low-power ones provide some advantages in most line-powered devices.
2014-09-01 Low-power MCUs claim to reduce BOM, product size
The 46 ultra-low-power MSP430 FRAM microcontrollers from TI flaunt more memory, features and integration to allow developers to cut power consumption, BOM and product size.
2013-02-28 Low-power LDPC engine for multi-Gb/s wireless comm
Imec and Target extended their strategic collaboration on ASIP designs for multi-standard low-density parity check forward error correction ASIP architecture template.
2006-09-08 Low-power LDO suits advanced CPUs and logic cores
Microchip's new LDO promises high output current and low output voltage in small, thermally capable packages, making it suitable for powering high-performance embedded processors and next-generation logic cores.
2009-11-10 Low-power IP camera ref design delivers 30fps
From Texas Instruments Inc. comes a new Internet Protocol (IP) camera reference design that provides low-power, high-definition (HD) video processing for the video surveillance market.
2008-11-26 Low-power image sensor works in medical devices
OmniVision Technologies Inc. has developed the low power OV6930, a 400 x 400 pixel square graphics array, or SquareGA, CMOS image sensor.
2008-01-07 Low-power IC tuner rolls for ATSC, NTSC apps
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAX3540, a highly integrated, single-conversion TV tuner for ATSC and NTSC applications.
2006-06-16 Low-power IC test can be trying
For designers, power management means controlling leakage power lost during standby mode and dynamic power consumption when multiple transistors switch in unison to perform desired functions.
2007-05-16 Low-power IC design kit enables representative design
The Low-Power Methodology Kit from Cadence Design Systems includes a wireless "representative design" implemented using multiple supply voltage and power shutoff methods.
2010-09-23 Low-power home automation system uses wiring as giant antenna
Two universities collaborating on home automation/medical monitoring system that uses electrical wiring and transmits on just 1mW
2009-03-17 Low-power HD Radio IC is fully integrated
SiPort Inc. has launched the SP1010 single-chip HD Radio receiver, claimed to be the lowest power HD Radio solution.
2011-08-09 Low-power FSK transceiver operates at 27MHz
austriamicrosystems' transceiver transmits data up to 212Kbit/s and features integrated functions such as power amplifier, clock, 24bits of OTP memory and battery level detection.
2005-03-02 Low-power FPGAs now available with industrial temperature ratings
QuickLogic announced that its Eclipse II family of ultra low power FPGAs is now available for apps requiring components that operate over the industrial temperature range.
2009-07-02 Low-power FPGAs come with security features
Altera Corp. has announced the Altera Cyclone III LS FPGAs, a low-power FPGA family with security features. These devices offer 0.25W of static power for 200K logic elements.
2007-04-12 Low-power flash MCUs target digital A/V apps
Fujitsu Microelectronics America unveiled a pair of 8bit flash MCUsMB95F128 and MB95F168Mfor use in household appliances and digital audio/video equipment.
2006-11-06 Low-power flash MCUs feature high-speed timers
Atmel has rolled out three new 20-pin tinyAVR flash MCU devices with high-speed timers targeting battery chargers, sensor end-points and motor control applications.
2007-08-06 Low-power ETX module feature SATA storage
Adlink Technology Inc. has launched a new, low-power ETX-GLX Computer on Module, aimed at applications that require a guaranteed long production life and support.
2009-03-26 Low-power embedded controller is environment-friendly
AAEON Technology has launched the AEC-6410, a new embedded controller that the company claims conforms to the market trendit is environmentally safe and performs with low power consumption.
2006-11-02 Low-power DSP operates at 108MHz
The new low-power DSP operates from Texas Instruments operates at 108MHz and features 128Kbytes of on-chip memory and a full-speed USB 2.0 interface.
2012-05-24 Low-power DSP architecture meets wide range of wireless standards
The CEVA-XC4000 programmable low-power DSP architecture framework uses an innovative instruction set to enable highly complex, software-based baseband processing which otherwise could only be accomplished with dedicated hardware.
2005-06-16 Low-power digitized receiver for 2.4GHz GFSK apps
A highly digitized architecture offers flexibility at low power, which is important for portable devices that implement emerging wireless standards
2003-03-17 Low-power design can bring down product cost
EDA and design communities have often focused on the high-end market driven by networking equipment without considering power; this focus must change as the economics of low-power design will drive a new segment of the ASIC market.
2008-12-31 Low-power design binds chips, software
There's a nagging awareness that every new gadget consumes more energy, adding to the carbon footprintand these footprints seem to be getting larger. It's high time we made system design more power efficient.
2008-04-14 Low-power demodulators support DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-H
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has released a pair of small, low-power digital video demodulators that supports DVB-T, DVB-C and fixed reception DVB-H in a single chip.
2008-07-24 Low-power DDR3 SO-DIMMs render high performance
Aeneon, the channel and retail brand of Qimonda, introduces its new DDR3 small outline DIMMs (SO-DIMMs) which provide power-saving and high-performance to the industry's first DDR3 notebooks based on the Intel Centrino 2 processor technology.
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