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2008-04-03 Board-to-FPC connector fits in low-profile devices
Omron Electronic's new series of 0.4mm pitch SMD board-to-FPC connector may be used in low-profile end products such as PDAs, notebook computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, GPS devices and voice recorders.
2004-05-07 Vishay devices offer up to 100A surge capabilities
Vishay has disclosed that its first family of surface-mount thyristor surge-protective devices provide excellent clamping performance
2006-10-31 Ultrathin power inductors suit tiny electronic devices
Total Frequency Control's new power inductors feature a magnetically shielded construction with an overall height of 1mm, making them suitable for a new generation of mobile phones and other miniature electronic devices
2007-07-19 Ultrasmall detection switch targets handheld devices
Omron Electronic Components LLC has introduced the D3SH series of ultrasmall, low-profile detection switches
2006-05-26 Ultra-low-profile jumpers save board space
Components Corp. targets space-constrained multi-function PCBs with its FJ series of ultra-low-profile jumpers
2014-09-08 Toshiba rolls out low-profile photocouplers
The TLP5751, TLP5752, and TLP5754 are comprised of a GaAlAs infrared LED and integrated high-gain, high-speed photodetector, and feature an under-voltage lockout function.
2008-09-16 TDK churns out low-profile, low ESL multilayer capacitor
TDK Corp. has developed and started mass production of three low-profile, low ESL multilayer ceramic chip capacitors that are just 0.3mm high (0.35mm max.), about 40 percent slimmer than earlier products
2005-11-14 Taiyo Yuden's thin chip inductors suit ultra-thin portable devices
Taiyo Yuden Inc. claims its new CKP3216 offer the industry's lowest profile for dc/dc converter choke coil applications.
2007-12-20 Slide switches feature very low profile
C&K Components has developed a series of miniature slide switches that feature an actuation height of only 2.5mm.
2009-04-07 Serial module designed for legacy devices
I/O Products Inc. has just introduced its next-generation Model USB-FLEXCOM4 communications adapters that offer users the choice of four field selectable RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 protocols per port. This serial module was designed for use in systems where there are never enough serial ports to communicate with legacy devices
2006-04-07 Semtech protection devices serve 3G/CMDA phones
Semtech's EClamp 237xP devices protect 3G/CMDA mobile phones from electrostatic discharge, increased levels of electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference
2009-01-06 R-C protection devices target 3G handsets
Semtech Corp.'s EClamp237xK family of resistor-capacitor (R-C) protection devices tout low capacitance, high attenuation and low clamping voltage needed for high-resolution color LCD interfaces in GSM and CDMA-based 3G handsets
2006-04-05 Planar inductor targets portable electronic devices
JFE Mineral Co. Ltd has developed a planar inductor that is said to combine high performance with an ultra-thin package for low-profile portable electronic devices.
2005-09-21 New frame buffer from Logic Devices
Logic Devices disclosed that it has begun sampling its LF3312 frame buffer/FIFO that promises designers with the most flexible memory solution to buffering multiple video formats, using both sequential and random access
2004-12-14 Multi-port serial I/O cards are low-profile PCI plug-ins
ACCES I/O Products is rolling out its Model LPCI-COM-8SM serial communication card.
2008-08-28 microSD card connectors target mobile devices
Molex Inc. has introduced a series of microSD card connectors that offer additional features to help control card ejection in mobile and compact devices
2006-06-06 Micro RF cable assemblies target handheld devices
Samtec has added its RF081 and RF113 micro RF cable assemblies to its product portfolio for low-profile panel-to-board and cable-to-board apps
2011-05-11 Micro PMIC supports Li-Ion powered devices
austriamicrosystems introduces the AS3605 Micro PMIC designed for portable devices powered by a single-cell Li-Ion battery
2007-05-07 Low-profile step-down converter delivers 550mA
AnalogicTech has unveiled the low-profile, high-density AAT1120 step-down converter that delivers 500mA in a 2-by-2-by-0.55mm package
2006-10-12 Low-profile jack targets slim A/V, automotive designs
SMK has announced a low-profile 3.5mm-diameter vertical 4-pole jack (LGT8509-0100F) for A/V and automotive equipment
2006-09-19 Low-profile jack enables portable audio devices in cars
SMK's 3.5mm 3-pole jack was designed to enable portable audio devices to be connected to in-car audio equipment, particularly where smaller configurations are required
2006-09-26 Low-profile inductor rolls for voltage regulator apps
TT Electronics' BI Technologies Magnetic Components Division has developed HM72A series of small, high-power, molded SMT powdered iron inductor suited for power applications.
2006-11-24 Low-profile IDC connector is easy to assemble
The 9175 series of low-profile connectors from AVX features a small PCB footprint and is easy to assemble, making the connector suitable for high-volume consumer applications
2006-11-07 Low-profile chip inductor suits portable electronics
Datatronic Distribution offers the low-profile DR331-5 surface-mount inductor in a miniature package for portable electronic equipment
2007-10-19 Low-profile 8A DC/DC regulator saves space
A complete 8A DC/DC ?Module regulator system with on-board DC/DC controller, power switches, inductor compensation and input/output bypass capacitors has been introduced by Linear Technology Corp.
2006-01-09 Low profile SMT jumpers support high-volume placement
The new RoHS-compliant ultra-low profile jumpers from Components Corp. are designed to safely and reliably interconnect traces on densely populated PC boards
2007-05-22 Low profile MEMS microphone is slim at 1.05mm
Matsushita Electronic Industrial Co. Ltd has developed a slim MEMS microphone suitable for portable electronic devices such as mobile phones
2013-06-03 Kemet rolls out three low profile tantalum capacitors
The three solutions tout high capacitance values of 22uF to 220uF and come in both a standard 2012 and 3216 EIA case size with maximum package heights of as low as 1.0mm.
2012-08-30 Integrated overvoltage, overcurrent devices for consumer electronics
TE Connectivity's PolyZen CE, which targets tablets and other portable consumer electronics, claim to offer significant performance advantages over discrete solutions using fuses, Zeners and other passive devices
2006-03-07 High-capacitance passives shrink for portable devices
AVX, Taiyo Yuden and Vishay have all introduced new capacitor products that aim to shrink portable devices
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