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2005-10-06 New electronic connector lubricant from Santovac Fluids
Santovac Fluids LLC introduced a new phenyl-ether based electronic connector lubricant that promises superior performance for general purpose applications at a competitive price.
2001-10-16 Stationary lubricants prevent connector failures
This technical article describe a set of lubricants called polyphenyl ethers that are capable of protecting connectors from wear and corrosion.
2013-08-01 On the path to creating more stable, compact HDDs
A*STAR Data Storage Institute researchers devised a technique to assess the impact of making HDDs more compact by measuring lubricant transfers in disc drives.
2015-04-29 Vibration monitoring equipment market sees growth in 2020
Vibration monitoring systems help cut plant operating costs by reducing maintenance cost, optimising maintenance activities and minimising the instances of unscheduled outages.
2013-10-21 Sensor-based system optimises industrial cleaning
Fraunhofer researchers created a sensor-based measurement system that is integrated directly in the cleaning system, where it registers and analyses particles caught up in the cleansing fluid.
2006-03-16 Overcoming obstacles to use of linear motors
Find out how the ServoTube can help you overcome linear motors' application impediments.
2002-12-26 Nanoimprint lithography ready to make its mark
A potentially low-cost form of lithography affectionately known as
2006-02-08 Motor design promotes quiet, high-speed operation
Featuring a ceramic air bearing design, Sanyo's PM series micro motor provides high speed and quiet operation at high temperatures.
2012-08-28 Molybdenum disulfide presents 2D platform for electronics
Research on molybdenum disulfide promises new applications geared at electronic devices, placing it on the same level as graphene.
2006-12-01 Make autos smarter with sensor systems
The advent of various digital bus systems allows for centralized processing and simplified wiring. But such an architecture brings reliability concerns and the classic automotive gremlin of ever-lower cost requirements.
2013-01-10 Lead screws target miniature mechatronic systems
The Micro Series from Haydon Kerk allows for the miniaturisation of products, reduced power consumption and weight reduction without sacrificing performance or reliability.
2006-03-29 Lead screw assemblies offer advanced coatings
Haydon Motion Europe has added lead screw assemblies to its line of linear motion products.
2014-01-02 IR sensor firm targets smartphone space
Pyreos, a former Siemens company, raised $4 million aimed at design wins for the smartphone and tablet market.
2008-09-03 High flex cables fit C-Track, robotic systems
Weidmuller has introduced a line of SAI High Flex cables designed for demanding continuous flexing applications.
2007-01-02 China to have 32 million mobile video users in 2008
By 2008, there will be 32 million mobile video users in China, 27 percent of which will use broadcasting technology and 73 percent will employ unicast streaming technology.
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