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2014-02-14 EMS partners use thermal profiles to enhance PCB assemblies
As boards go through solder reflow or wave solder, the EMS must ensure that every area of the board reaches the right temperature for soldering and remains there for the right duration.
2002-08-16 Emerging DSP bring DVD-quality to PDAs
This article discusses an architecture that provides an efficient compute engine for video encoding and decoding, using the characteristic of image processing for DVD-quality functions in PDAs.
2013-02-15 Embedded vision to drive new wave of mobile devices
Imaging has decidedly become a hot topic among a diverse world of system engineers including those who build automotive, mobile handsets, tablets, PCs, digital TVs or medical devices.
2015-04-20 Embedded vision makes its way to smart industrial machines
Computer vision, aided by low-cost and energy-efficient processors, is leading a new wave of machine vision, which expands the capabilities of industrial machinery
2003-09-01 Embedded Linux technologies: More power to you
While users perceive results of power management in terms of battery life, it is really a combination of CPU capabilities, system software, middleware and policy.
2003-05-13 Elpida's DDR2 SDRAM excels in Intel machine
Elpida Memory Inc. has announced that its 512Mb DDR2 SDRAM module for high-end server applications has performed at a data rate of 533Mbps for the first time in an Intel server.
2014-06-17 DLP hackers lead projector technology to innovation
Persistent hacking by engineers has brought Digital Light Processing technology to diverse applications, from a smartphone pico projector and 3D imaging to spectroscopy and medical imaging
2016-05-19 DIN rail power supplies for industrial apps support up to 96W
Artesyn's ADNB series is intended for applications such as machine control, semiconductor fabrication, material handling, process control, test and measurement equipment, and vending machines
2012-12-14 Device makers need to become solutions providers, says exec
Vincent Smyth, a general manager at Flexera software, believes that for manufactures to remain competitive in this day and age, they have to follow Apple's model for success
2014-12-22 Deep learning holds key to boost robot intelligence
European Automation sees deep learning as a set of algorithms that machines use to model high level abstractions in data, which allows computers to see objects and understand what they are
2010-06-22 DAC: EDA preps to embrace cloud computing
Cloud computing for EDA, in three to five years, will occupy up to 20 percent of design transactions between major EDA vendors and their customers
2006-09-28 Cypress to hold free seminars on PSoC Express software
Cypress will present seminars for designers interested to learn its PSoC Express code-free, visual development software. The seminars will be held in China, Japan, India, Taiwan and South Korea
2014-12-02 Cypress seeks to acquire Spansion for $4B
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. hopes to merge with Spansion in an all-stock deal valued at $4 billion. The deal would create an expanded embedded chip vendor with $2 billion in annual revenues
2010-12-16 Contactless sensing hall-sensor IC detects up to 2mm displacement
austriamicrosystems' AS5013 Hall-sensor IC utilized in the EasyPoint module consists of a mechanical stack with a navigation knob, a magnet and encoder IC. Simple construction and contactless sensing technology give the module high reliability, particularly designed for any kind of 360 degrees navigation input device. The IC includes five integrated Hall sensing elements for detecting up to ±2 mm lateral displacement, a high-resolution ADC, XY coordinate and motion detection engine
2013-11-05 Consortium to develop open Smart Home standard
Electrical engineering firms ABB and Bosch, networking company Cisco and Korean consumer electronics provider LG plan to develop an open software platform for Smart Home control applications
2006-11-29 Connectors target medium to large servomotors
ITT, Electronic Components has developed a space-saving connector capable of handling up to 40A for medium and large servomotors
2006-08-22 Connector reduces servomotor mating to four steps
ITT Electronic Components' Cm3 connector for small and medium servomotors offers simplified internal wiring and replaces two bulkier conventional circular connectors.
2003-10-27 Configuring Renoir to drive simulation on remote machines
This application note illustrates how designers can use Renoir2000 to run ModelSim compilation and simulation on local machine, or on a remote UNIX or Linux server.
2006-04-17 Configurable platform caters to video
A 260,000-gate platform based on an ARC 700 family core aims to capitalize on the growing popularity of smart phones, PDAs and personal media players
2014-06-02 Computing aspires to an exascale level
Exascale computing is believed to be on a par with the human brain capacity. It features a thousand-fold increase over a petascale computer delivering at least one quintillion operations per second
2004-02-10 Comneon integrates eZiText for faster time-to-market
Comneon GmbH & Co. OHG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infineon Technologies AG, has pre-integrated Zi Corp.'s eZiText technology into its handset design software for use by OEMs and ODMs.
2007-04-09 Commentary: How to do an Intel in China
What's the next 'cover charge' in China? A bleeding-edge fab? Processor technology? Supercomputers?
2006-12-19 CMOS imager chips enable true machine vision
New CMOS imager chips are emerging that directly sense depth3D pixel-by-pixelenabling machine vision to realize its goal of perceiving objects, and reacting appropriately.
2005-04-29 CMOS cameras from Atmel suit industrial machine-vision apps
Atmel unveiled a new area scan CMOS camera family designed for industrial machine-vision apps that offers an excellent signal to noise ratio.
2014-10-13 CMOS cameras focus on machine vision apps
The 8k line scan camera from Teledyne flaunts high responsivity in the visible and NIR wavelengths; multiple user coefficient and FFC calibration sets; and support of camera link cables up to 10m
2013-07-10 China software market to approach $13.1B by 2017
IDC sees the four pillars of the Third Platform (big data, cloud computing, mobility and social networks) being gradually integrated into the development of software.
2005-03-21 Catalyst, TAOS to promote solutions for SSI market
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. and Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions Inc. (TAOS) have signed a non-exclusive agreement to jointly promote each others' products in the systems solutions they offer to their global solid-state illumination (SSI) customers
2012-12-19 Camera phones get a leg up thanks to embedded imaging
IC Insights revealed that in 2012, camera phones with 3MP or greater image sensors were outselling stand-alone digital still cameras by a 6:1 ratio.
2003-02-12 Calient to deploy switches in OptIPuter research network
Calient Networks Inc., California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, and the University of Illinois at Chicago have agreed to develop the "OptIPuter" cyber-infrastructure project
2002-09-23 Brooks-PRI pens deal to acquire Berkeley Process
Brooks-PRI Automation Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Berkeley Process Control Inc. in exchange for 614,374 shares of Brooks-PRI stock
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