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2003-03-14 Optelecom announces major manufacturing investment
Optelecom Inc. has just acquired a MY12 Pick and Place machine manufactured by MYDATA Automation of Sweden
2015-04-06 Omron expands Sysmac design platform
In a bid to expand its Sysmac automation platform, Omron unveils the NX701 and NJ101. The machine automation controllers allow designers to create a variety of applications and access design tools
2006-01-05 NI software tools improve system efficiency
NI released a comprehensive suite of vision software tools that engineers, integrators and machine builders can use to improve system efficiency and save money by increasing quality control in the manufacturing process.
2002-12-26 Nanoimprint lithography ready to make its mark
A potentially low-cost form of lithography affectionately known as
2006-07-21 Motorola unrolls wireless module for M2M market
Motorola said the size and flexibility of its new G24 GSM module enable the enhancement of seamless mobility in various M2M applications.
2015-02-26 LTE chips and IoT: Opportunity on shaky ground
Altair Semiconductor aims to fuel the machine-to-machine market toward 4G LTE with two chip sets coming out ahead of expected 3GPP standards for the Internet of Things
2002-06-17 K&S ball bonder targets HDM, SO packages
Specifically designed to be used with high-density matrix and SOP casings, the Nu-Tek automatic ball bonder from K&S Ind. Inc. is claimed to deliver up to 30 percent more productivity than the company's 8028-S.
2002-09-03 Europlacer SMT placer has 0.18s tact time
The Xpress 20 SMT placer of Europlacer Ind. SA is able to place devices ranging from 0201 to 70mm2 QFP at a tact time of 0.18s or an equivalent of 20,000 changes per hour.
2013-08-30 Equip robotic systems with spatial sensing
Know how depth-discerning image sensors and robust software algorithms enable robots to navigate and interact with objects around them.
2012-09-24 Enabling soft networks with SoC silicon
Find out how to address the need for a more powerful networking building block to enable a softer, more dynamic network.
2002-01-22 DEK printer inspection system reduces cycle time by 50 percent
Version 6 of the company's 2Di printing machine inspection system features an improved LED lighting system and an enhanced camera movement path, reducing cycle time by 50 percent
2012-07-11 CEVA and eyeSight market software-based gesture recognition solution
Advanced human machine interface allows advanced gesture recognition features in smart devices
2002-04-11 Asymtek dispensing system targets high volume inline SMT apps
Asymtek has released the Axiom X-1010 high-volume inline dispensing system that supports SMT processes such as surface mount adhesive, solder paste, and electrically-conductive adhesive applications.
2002-02-15 Assemblion offers odd-form component placer for PCB assembly
The company's Elim post-reflow, odd-form placer for component placing machines is designed for manufacturers seeking 100 percent automation of PCB and product assembly.
2002-09-18 Assemblon component mounter features 9?m accuracy
The D-9, a new flip chip placement system from Assemblon BV, provides a placement throughput of 2,700 flip-chips per hour with 9?m at 3 sigma.
2002-03-01 APE PCB rework system handles up to 508-by-610mm boards
Automated Production Equipment's Sniper-WB "Wide Body" split vision rework system can rework PCB sizes from 50.8-by-50.8mm to 508-by-610mm, enabling the system to handle telecom PCBs and multilayer PCBs
2013-05-20 An introduction to ZigBee Smart Energy Profile 2.0
Here's an overview of the Smart Energy Profile 2.0, an emerging standard in the smart energy market, being developed by the ZigBee Alliance.
2002-04-24 RVSI rolls out gold bump wafer inspection system
Designed specifically to inspect wafers that employ gold bump technology, the WS-2510 from Robotic Vision Systems Inc. contains a sensor that can inspect micron-sized gold bumps at production speeds
2002-01-25 ESI signs OEM agreement with Samsung worth $1M
Electro Scientific Ind. Inc. (ESI) has entered into an OEM agreement worth $1 million with Samsung Techwin to provide vision software and hardware for pick-and-place capital equipment
2002-02-12 Asymtek dispensing system uses CAN bus architecture
The Axiom X-1020 mid-range inline dispensing system for semiconductor package and PCB assembly uses a CAN bus that enables it to introduce the Dynamic Dispensing Control for the dispense head through closed-loop servo technology.
2001-08-22 Use of Ax36 video DSP chips to build smart lenses
This application note describes the use of the Ax36 family of video DSPs to build smart lenses for digital image applications such as biometrics, cameras, bar code readers, microscopes and machine vision.
2014-04-15 Stereo 3D camera captures untextured surfaces
IDS' Ensenso N10 series employs the projected texture stereo vision procedure, where the projector projects a static, high contrast texture onto the scene, capturing nearly all surfaces within the field of vision
2009-02-10 Smart sensor integrates DSP with imager
A smart sensor that aims to lower the cost of automotive, industrial and consumer electronics machine vision systems integrates a DSP chip with a CMOS imager, according to the Swiss Center for Electronics (CSEM), which showcased its SoC at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference.
2002-12-10 Sanyo red laser diode delivers 40mW
The DL-LS1037 red laser diode delivers an output power of 40mW (635nm) - 15 percent more than competing devices - and makes it suitable for outdoor alignment and machine vision applications.
2008-10-29 PCIe frame grabber supports up to 3.2Gbit/s data transfer
Adlink Technology Inc. has released its first 4-ch PCIe IEEE1394.b frame grabber designed specifically for digital and high-speed computer-based machine vision applications.
2005-02-15 NI unveils three new image acquisition boards
NI announced several new image acquisition boards for machine vision and scientific imaging, including the PCI-1426 low-cost image acquisition board for base-configuration camera link cameras.
2005-08-05 NI rolls new image acquisition board
NI said engineers building machine vision systems can now trigger and synchronize multiple IEEE 1394 cameras without requiring additional digital I/O or custom circuitry by using their new image acquisition board.
2002-06-13 MVP establishes Asia headquarters in Shanghai
Machine Vision Products Inc., a manufacturer of automated optical inspection equipment for assembled PCBs and process control solutions, has established its Asian headquarters in Shanghai.
2006-07-11 JPEG 2000 encoder touts speed
Firmware that is claimed to turn the MathStar FPOA into the fastest available JPEG 2000 encoder gives designers a high-performance solution for medical imaging, machine vision, professional video, military and aerospace systems, and high-performance digital imaging.
2015-04-24 Image sensor works like human retina
Tobi Delbruck, who studied at the California Institute of Technology under Carver Mead, contends that frame-only image sensing is a limited approach to machine vision.
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