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2011-07-18 Wireless sensors push smart machines into Green revolution
STMicroelectronics, ARaymond and Micropelt are jointly presenting thermal-energy harvesting-based solutions to power 'smart sensors' and 'smart microsystems' at the Hannover Fair under the common theme of 'Green Solutions.'
2003-03-19 Wanjia power relays fit industrial machines
The WJ178 series of power relays from Wenzhou Wanjia Electric Equipment Co. Ltd have a maximum switching power of 1.12kW.
2014-11-04 Virtual sensors enable self-maintaining machines
Germany's Industry 4.0 initiative aims to develop industrial machinery with built-in intelligence based on smart self-monitoring functions.
2006-08-21 Thai kids to test One Laptop Per Child machines
More than 500 children in Thailand are set to receive low-cost laptop computers in October and November for quality testing and debugging as part of the One Laptop Per Child program.
2006-10-02 SMK makes IC sockets for game machines
SMK Corp. has released a new IC socket for SSOP or any high density mountable IC package typically used for internal mounting in game machines.
2002-03-25 Silicon Light Machines DGE performs equalization in <1ms
The Model 2200 dynamic gain equalizer for DWDM systems balances channels within 0.1dB over a dynamic range of 15dB, and performs equalization in <1ms.
2006-06-02 Sensorless control platform target washing machines
IR's sensorless control platform for direct-drive PMSM washing machines save up to 70 percent in energy use.
2002-06-10 Researchers run molecular machines on light
In a breakthrough suggesting that a new field of nanotechnology based on optical fields might emerge, researchers at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universit?t have demonstrated the feasibility of operating molecular machines with light.
2014-02-12 Redefine algorithm design for energy-efficient machines
Mark Horowitz opens the ISSCC tackling alternatives to create better computing devices.
2010-07-20 Placement machines tout conveyor capabilities
Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG announces the availability of additional conveyor capabilities for its Siplace SX-Series.
2010-12-09 OS maker calls for secure virtualization machines
The virtualized computing world can become overrun by uncontrolled hacks exploiting non-secure devices and drivers if the industry fails to address existing security challenges.
2006-12-14 Optocouplers in SO-6 package suit washing machines
At half the size of standard dual-inline packages, Avago's optocouplers in SO-6 packages are suitable for energy-efficient washing machines and air conditioners.
2007-11-29 NI cuts CompactRIO cost to suit high-volume machines builders
National Instruments has unveiled the new cRIO-9072 and cRIO-9074 CompactRIO systems that give machine builders a suitable solution for rapidly deploying industrial machines at high volume.
2015-02-13 Nano-machines mimic self-repair capabilities of living cells
Columbia University professor Henry Hess said a new generation of nano-robots and nano-machines will be 1,000-times smaller than MEMS, working at the nanometre scale.
2011-11-09 MEMS touts 2 embedded finite-state machines
ST's MEMS accelerometers feature embedded complex motion-recognition capabilities.
2013-08-12 M2M WiFi module enables mobile device access to machines
The xPico WiFi module from Lantronix features simultaneous access point and client functionality, enabling machines to be directly accessed via a smartphone or tablet.
2010-07-01 Introduction to dialysis machines
This tutorial provides an introduction to dialysis machines and discusses FDA regulation and IEC 60601-1 certification, self-test and fault-indication capabilities, form-factor requirements, power-budget constraints, and other critical design considerations.
2002-05-02 Internet Machines to use Rambus' RaSer serial link technology
Rambus Inc.'s RaSer serializer/deserializer (SerDes) cell has been incorporated into Internet Machines' SE200, a full duplex 200Gbps single-chip switch element and TMC10, a full duplex 10Gbps single-chip, wire-speed traffic management co-processor, under a license agreement between the two companies.
2000-06-22 Implementing state machines in LCA devices
This application note discusses various approaches that are available for implementing state machines in LCA devices. In particular, the one-hot-encoding scheme for medium-sized state machines is discussed.
2003-01-15 Forward relays fit POS, copier machines
Designed for use in POS and copier machines, the JQX-14F relays of Ningbo Forward Relay Corp. Co. Ltd measure 29-by-12.8-by-26mm.
2015-04-20 Embedded vision makes its way to smart industrial machines
Computer vision, aided by low-cost and energy-efficient processors, is leading a new wave of machine vision, which expands the capabilities of industrial machinery.
2001-04-30 DC 12-24V 30A three phase power hardware for either PMSM or ac induction machines
This application note describes a power electronics board that has been designed as a brushless DC motor drive DSP solution.
2003-10-27 Configuring Renoir to drive simulation on remote machines
This application note illustrates how designers can use Renoir2000 to run ModelSim compilation and simulation on local machine, or on a remote UNIX or Linux server.
2007-06-27 Clean room machines cut energy usage by 30%
Korean engineers have developed new machines that can move parts and components manufactured in clean rooms using less energy while generating minimal noise and dust.
2007-11-22 Biological memory chip hints at cyborg machines
Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel are developing a hybrid biological-solid state memory that could be linked to conventional computer hardware to create cyborg machines.
2002-06-04 Assembleon selects Cimetrix's CODE software for SMT machines
Assembleon has selected Cimetrix Inc.'s Cimetrix Open Development Environment (CODE) software to be used on their SMT machines.
2001-04-23 8kW resonant converter for x-ray machines uses high speed power modules with integral liquid cooling
This application note describes an innovative method for the removal of heat from the four IGBT power modules equipping a 48kW ZVS-mode resonant power converter for CT X-ray machines.
2008-11-17 Welcome the wireless chief
How businesses learn to communicate within their organization is about to be dramatically reshaped, as machines are learning to talk.
2004-02-17 Startup switches from router chips to jump on Express
A former network processor startup re-launches itself as a PCI Express switch and bridge maker.
2002-01-25 SLM files patent office action
Silicon Light Machines (SLM), a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor, has taken action to contest a U.S. patent that was granted to the founders of another company in the optical components field.
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