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2004-02-23 Visun Int'l magnet offers up to 14KOe coercive force
Visun Int'l Trade's TS-NdFeB magnet features a residual induction range of 10.9kg to 14.8kg and coercive force range from 10.3KOe to 14KOe.
2014-07-28 Tape stacks enable tough magnet conductor
Yttrium-based high-temperature superconducting tapes are assembled together, and then surrounded by a copper jacket and a stainless steel jacketachieving an electrical current of 100kA.
2005-11-04 Startup offering 'energy harvesting' magnet sensor
Startup EnOcean introduced a solar-powered RF magnet-contact sensor that can eliminate dependence upon batteries for wireless security systems.
2008-08-18 Permanent magnet synchronous motor control
This application note presents a 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor control software developed for NEC 8bit MCU uPD78F0714 with sinusoidal waveform.
2000-12-05 One-horsepower off-line brushless permanent magnet motor driver
This application note presents the design of a 1hp off-line brushless permanent magnet (BPM) motor drive board using opto-isolators and a special MOSFET turn-off IC for level translation.
2003-11-07 Ninggang SmCo magnet features high erosion resistance
Ningbo Ninggang Permanent Magnetic Materials Co. Ltd has released bonded SmCo magnets including Yb-6 (SmCo5), Yb-10 (SmCo5), YbG-10 (Sm2Co17), and YbG-12 (Sm2Co17).
2002-06-20 New heat resistant magnet wire: 'Polyimide-silica hybrid enameled wire'
This application note describes a new type of heat-resistant enameled wire that has silica particles finely dispersed in polyimide and a thermalindex of 2800C.
2002-02-06 Earth-Panda to expand ferrite magnet capacity
Ferrite magnet maker Earth-Panda (HK) Magnet Electron Co. Ltd will establish a plant in Au Hui, Hong Kong, adjacent to its current production base in a bid to expand capacity by 60 percent.
2001-04-27 Digital signal processing solution for permanent magnet synchronous motor
This application note presents a solution to control a permanent magnet synchronous motor using Texas Instruments' TMS320C24x family of DSP controllers.
2002-07-23 Allegro gear-tooth speed sensor integrates Hall IC, magnet
The ATS665 gear-tooth speed sensor from Allegro MicroSystems Inc. integrates a Hall IC and samarium cobalt magnet configured in a single over-molded SG package.
2003-12-18 Aerospace Magnet device targets mini-, auto motors
Hunan Aerospace Magnet & Magneto Co. Ltd has developed bonding neodymium ferroboracic magnet made of quick quenching neodymium ferroboracic magnetic particles. Due to the compressive forming technique the company used, the sintered neodymium ferroboracic magnets have stable magnetic performance, and high temperature characteristics.
2003-12-09 Yinzhou valves use lower-voltage solenoid
Ningbo Yinzhou Magnet Fty has developed a series of solenoid valves using lower-voltage solenoid. Suitable for applications where the system pressure is not higher than 1.05MPa, the product consumes <5VA when operated by a safer power supply at a voltage of 24Vac, 50Hz for normal types.
2002-06-18 Winland ships bidirectional PMDC motor controller
Winland Electronics Inc. has announced the availability of the WMC140 series of dc motor controller for use with battery-powered brush-type permanent magnet dc (PMDC) that require forward and reverse control.
2002-09-26 TDK NdFeB magnets achieve 420kJ/m3
The NEOREC53 series of NdFeB magnets achieve a maximum energy product of 420kJ/m3 - up to 9 percent higher than the earlier NEOREC50 series.
2008-04-04 Superconductors enable magnetic flux pinning for spacecraft
Cornell University researchers propose that superconductors paired with permanent magnets could enable spacecraft to hover unpowered above the ground in the same way Luke Skywalker's space racer hovered in the seminal Star Wars movie.
2002-02-14 Super Electronics sets up new production line at China plant
Taiwan ferrite magnet company Super Electronics Co. Ltd has set up a production line at its offshore plant in mainland China.
2003-12-01 Shanghai Visun releases NdFeB rare-earth magnets
Shanghai Visun Int'l Trade Co. Ltd has announced the availability of its TS series of sintered NdFeB rare-earth magnets that are available in various shapes.
2002-09-12 Sanhuan NdFeB magnets have 11.4kOe coercive force
The company's N series of NdFeB magnets offers a coercive force ranging from 9.8kOe to 11.4kOe and a residual induction between 10.8kG to 14.2kG.
2003-01-27 Sanhuan NdeFeB magnets are resistant to erosion, oxidation
The M series of NdeFeB magnets exhibits high resistance against erosion and oxidation, and is suitable for use in automotive, audio, magnetic inspection system, and magnetic transmission machine applications.
2003-08-14 Sanhuan magnets target magnetic suspension systems
The H series of NdFeB magnets from Sanhuan (Ningbo) NdFeB Magnetics Co. Ltd are suitable for use in permanent magnet instruments and audio equipment.
2002-04-15 San Huan to inject $2.17M in Neorem
Rare-earth magnet manufacturer San Huan Inc. has signed a letter of intent to acquire a 13 percent stake in Finland-based Neorem Magnetic Oy valued at $2.17 million.
2016-04-13 Room temp superconductors soon to come
Corrected theories by several research groups resulted to improved technology as far as superconductors are concerned. Find out how room-temperature superconductors are being developed in this article.
2002-06-20 Performance of Cable-in-Conduit conductors for SST-1 at IPR
This application note discusses the performance of Cable-in-Conduit conductors for the superconducting toroidal and poloidal field magnets of the Steady State Toromak at the Institute of Plasma Research in India.
2000-05-16 One-horsepower off-line brushless permanent motor drive
This application note describes the MOSFET dc brushless motor control applications.
2003-01-13 Ninggang AlNiCo magnets fit motors, loudspeakers
The company's AlNiCo magnets are claimed to offer high temperature stability, making them suitable for use in motors and loudspeakers.
2002-02-18 Nanjing Jinning Radio Appliance opens two R&D firms
Nanjing Jinning Radio Appliance Fty has opened two R&D companies named, Nanjing Jinning Electronic Group Co. Ltd and Nanjing Jinning Three Circle Hi-tech Magnetic Co. Ltd, for the development of ferrite materials and magnetic cores.
2004-04-07 Mainland magnets dominate global market
Mainland China continues to increase its share of global ferrite and NdFeB magnet supply.
2010-02-18 Magnetic tuning improves data storage
Chicago and London researchers have developed a method for controlling the properties of magnets that could be used to improve the storage capacity of next-generation computer hard drives.
2002-11-08 Konit NdFeB magnets offer 48MGOe energy product
Ningbo Konit's NdFeB magnets exhibits a coercive force between 10.2kOe and 11.5kOe, which is suitable for use in motors, speakers, and sensors.
2010-11-26 Infineon, Goldwind sign agreement for wind turbine components
Infineon and Goldwind signed a license agreement for core components needed in manufacturing of wind turbines. In their agreement, Goldwind obtains the license to make Infineon IGBT stacks utilized in converters of MW-grade wind turbines, while Infineon shall provide IGBT stacks to Goldwind.
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