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2011-07-04 Enhance audio quality of mobile-device loudspeakers
Know some of the methods portable electronics makers can employ to achieve louder, higher-quality sound out of small, lightweight, inexpensive speakers.
2005-10-03 Energy-harvesting chips: The quest for everlasting life
Research continues in developing higher energy-density batteries, but the amount of energy available is low and finite.
2005-04-18 Encoder suits cost-sensitive apps
An 8bit incremental magnetic rotary encoder designed for cost-sensitive industrial and automotive applications was recently unveiled by austriamicrosystems.
2008-09-08 Encoder IC requires minimal space
The iC-MH is a SoC solution for magnetic sensor application with very small space requirements.
2005-06-17 Encoder IC provides 12-bit resolution at low rotational speeds
austriamicro introduced the newest member of its magnetic rotary encoder standard IC familythe AS5045, which is a 12-bit resolution device that provides absolute angle information in a digital format.
2006-03-28 Encoder IC integrates Hall elements, DSP
austriamicrosystems is providing its AS5040 10bit magnetic rotary encoder IC to Megatron Elektronik AG & Co.
2005-05-26 Encoder IC from austriamicro senses motion without contact
austriamicrosystems' analog magnetic rotary encoder IC for motion sensing applications in the industrial and automotive industries promise reliability and longevity.
2013-07-26 Embedded magnetometers enable mobile device stylus
A South Korean scientist developed a magnetically-driven pen interface that works both on and around mobile devices through embedded magnetometers.
2005-08-08 Electric power steering: one good turn deserves another
Current power steering systems are heavy and sap horsepower. All-electrical alternatives are lighter and more adaptable, as this expert demonstrates.
2008-05-26 Electric bikes promise 'ultimate riding experience'
Electronic Motion Systems has launched what it claims to be the next generation of electric bikes that uses advanced electric propulsion technology to provide the ultimate riding experience.
2012-02-09 Efficient power electronics is key to widespread HEV adoption
Learn about the factors that contribute to the achievement of maximum power density in automotive power electronics.
2008-09-11 EEs enable collider discover new physics
Claimed to be the most powerful particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is set to form its first particle beam enabled by electrical engineers who designed its superconducting magnets, detectors and worldwide grid computing network.
2014-03-26 Eco-friendly process drives rare earth recycling
A solvent extraction process to recover rare earth materials helps address the supply-risk problem and prompt design-for-recyclability practices.
2005-04-06 Duraswitch licensee produces control panels using PushGate
Duraswitch licensee, Eastprint, is providing stage lighting control panels using PushGate pushbutton technology to entertainment lighting manufacturers. Eastprint's design uses 12 PushGate pushbuttons, including 4 peel-and-place PushGates.
2009-02-06 Dual operating modes define car senor
The A1386 from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is a user-programmable linear Hall-effect sensor IC targeted at applications in the automotive market requiring flexibility and accuracy in absolute position sensing.
2009-05-05 DSCs cut power consumption in motor controls
Freescale Semiconductor has released the MC56F8006 family of digital signal controllers (DSCs), which combine the functionality of a microcontroller and the processing power of DSP with a flexible set of peripherals to create a versatile embedded control solution.
2013-07-02 Digital isolators for AC voltage motor drives
Here are the benefits of digital isolators, including reductions in cost and component count.
2013-09-26 DFIG converters to lead market with 1.6% CAGR
IHS predicted that DFIG converters will outpace shipments of full-conversion products to reach more than 9,900 units shipped in 2017.
2014-04-11 Developing more efficient motor control designs
Read about software examples of motor control designs that employ C8051F3xx MCUs to illustrate their use in controlling various types of motors.
2009-06-30 Dev't kits enable PFC motor control apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has packaged everything a designer needs to develop PFC enabled apps into two motor control development kits.
2006-03-24 Design platform enables 95% efficiency in air conditioning apps
International Rectifier introduced a motor control platform for air conditioning applications that is said to enable 95 percent efficiency.
2010-08-13 Data storage on plastic possible
US spintronics researchers have found a way to store data on a plastic memory device, promising faster processing and lower power consumption.
2016-02-19 Contactless magnetic gears open up new use cases
A study from OIST revealed a theory that extends the possibilities and applications for smooth magnetic couplings, which can produce an even motion without any counterforce.
2015-06-23 Comparing position sensors for hydraulic cylinder feedback
Know the strengths and weaknesses of magnetostrictive, variable resistance, and variable inductance sensors for hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.
2008-09-16 Compact encoder ICs advance motion sensing apps
austriamicrosystems has expanded its magnetic sensor product offerings including the AS5304 and AS5306, two high-performance linear Hall sensor ICs.
2009-06-17 Cogwheel sensor provides precise signal
Allegro MicroSystems is offering the ATS667LSG cogwheel sensor module with open collector output and a rotation rate range from zero to 12.000 rpm.
2013-03-21 China's hold on rare-earth minerals spawns alternate motors
IHS estimated that the global market for industrial IE4 Super Premium Efficiency low voltage motors will reach $418.2 million by the end of 2015, up 153 per cent from $165.4 million in 2012.
2005-06-22 China gets its head into gear
China is putting down roots for a domestic semiconductor and materials industry that could eventually go global, posing a potential threat to competitors and intellectual-property protections.
2002-11-08 Chia Ping mylar speaker measures 9.3mm(?)
Chia Ping's CP-091NTG mylar speaker measures 9.3mm(?) and is suitable for use in headphones, personal digital voice recorders, and other audio apps.
2014-07-01 Chemists unveil magnetically-responsive liquid crystals
University of California, Riverside researchers developed liquid crystals with optical properties that can be instantly and reversibly controlled by an external magnetic field.
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