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What is ASK?
Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK Amplitude-shift keying (ASK) is a form of modulation that represents digital data as variations in the amplitude of a carrier wave. The amplitude of an analogue carrier signal varies in accordance with the bit stream (modulating signal), keeping frequency and phase constant. The level of amplitude can be used to represent binary logic 0s and 1s.
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2006-07-07 ViASIC announces 2-mask standard-metal Structured ASIC fabric
To address the requirements of the reconfigurable SoC market, ViASIC have introduced a new Structured ASIC fabric called DuoMask.
2002-08-19 UMC deploys Numerical mask qualification products
UMC has deployed Numerical Technologies Inc.'s simulation-based mask qualification products, specifically the Virtual Stepper and i-Virtual Stepper, in its Taiwan facilities.
2003-03-24 U.S., tech industry mull creation of mask consortium
The U.S. government, photomask companies and several semiconductor makers are reportedly in the final stages of forming a research consortium to help overcome the technical and economic difficulties associated with deep-submicron mask design.
2007-11-27 TSMC taps Synopsys' design-to-mask data processing software
TSMC has successfully implemented Synopsys' new PCX technology to reduce design-to-mask cycle-time for its advanced process technologies.
2012-08-30 TSMC added to multibeam mask writer development group
The collaborative program aims to develop multibeam electron-beam mask-writer for use in advanced mask lithography applications below 10-nm.
2006-12-01 Tool compresses mask data files in Mebes format
SoftJin Technologies Pte Ltd introduced a software product said to compress mask data files in Mebes format by a factor of five to 15, reducing file sizes and associated data transfer times.
2002-09-06 Tektronix analysis package has frequency-mask triggering
The WCA11A signal analysis software package from Tektronix Inc. provides fault finding features and test automation to the company's WCA380 wireless communication analyzer.
2006-12-01 TD-SCDMA RD V2.1 meets Rx-Blocking mask and sensitivity requirements
This application note introduces Maxim's 2nd-generation TD-SCDMA radio frequency transceiver chipset with its V2.1 reference design and discusses some of the key system issues, such as sensitivity and blocker tests, that warrant careful consideration in order to create an optimum TD-SCDMA RF design.
2003-01-03 STMicro ROMs to replace direct mask ROMs
STMicroelectronics has introduced its line of FlexibleROM exlectrically programmable ROMs in 16-, 32-, and 64Mb densities, which is targeted as drop-in replacements for direct mask ROMs for basic code storage applications including consumer products, office automation equipment, and computer peripherals.
2005-10-07 Speaker calls for mask design rule standard
A proliferation of mask design rules from different sources calls out for a standard
2008-09-09 Solder mask and trace recommendations for FBGAs
This application note provides recommendations for solder masks used with FBGAs and escape considerations for traces. The recommendations reflect current industry practices. As always, it is a good idea to follow the recommendations of the board manufacturer.
2005-10-06 Slow move below 100 nm, mask study finds
Only 5 percent of IC photomasks are below 100 nm, but that's a two-fold increase over last year, according to a
2002-02-12 SK-Electronics, Taiwan Mask to form manufacturing company
Japan-based SK-Electronics Co. Ltd has cooperated with Taiwan Mask Corp. to form a new company named Tien Cheng Co. Ltd, for the manufacturing of masks used in large-size TFT-LCDs panels.
2001-06-01 Single-mask simplicity needed for SoC
The move to multimillion-gate chips made it necessary to adopt design-reuse strategies for new SoC devices.
2016-05-09 Shadow mask eases graphene etching at room temp
University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) researchers came up with a one-step process for quickly patterning and transferring graphene circuits to flexible substrates using a simple shadow mask.
2009-03-03 Sematech, Asahi Glass to improve EUV mask blank yield
Sematech and Asahi Glass Co. (AGC) have entered into a joint development partnership to accelerate mask blank commercialization.
2004-02-20 RZ system cuts probe mask production time
RZ Enterprises has disclosed that its PS-1000 is the first rapid wafer probe alignment-mask generator for the semiconductor test probe card industry.
2014-01-21 RF MEMS switches mask undesired frequency bands in smartphones
Researchers at UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering made use of radio frequency micro-electro-mechanical systems to improve smartphone performance in the near future by way of higher antenna efficiency.
2008-03-25 Pixer sets up CDC mask processing center in Taiwan
Lithography solutions provider Pixer Technology has opened a CDC mask processing center in Taiwan to serve APAC customers.
2006-01-11 Photronics plans mask fabrication facility in Korea
Photomask supplier Photronics Inc. said it plans to build a state-of-the-art photomask fabrication facility at an undetermined site in Korea.
2013-01-09 Performing CAN eye-diagram mask test
Learn how to use Agilent's 3000 X-Series oscilloscope for eye-diagram testing on differential controller area network signals.
2011-12-30 Perform FlexRay physical layer eye-diagram mask test
Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to set up eye-diagram mask tests on an Agilent InfiniiVision series oscilloscope.
2008-12-09 Oscilloscopes carry hardware-based mask limit testing
Agilent Technologies Inc. has released what it claims to be the first hardware-based mask limit testing application for general-purpose oscilloscopes.
2006-09-18 OPC tool has mask 3-D imaging effects
Brion Technologies introduced Tachyon M3D that promises more accurate OPC implementation and verification by incorporating mask three-dimensional imaging effects.
2001-05-08 No resist can mask those halogens
When discussing halogen-based products, include all products containing fluorine, chlorine, bromine, or iodine in chemically bound or ionic form. Learn how the lack of "green" resins, is owed to the board.
2005-04-22 New mask metrology tool supports 65nm and beyond
Leica Microsystems has unveiled its new mask metrology tool Leica LMS IPRO3 that is designed to support mask metrology for the 65nm technology node and beyond
2003-06-20 MIL Tech PCBs feature photo liquid mask
MIL Technology Co. Ltd has developed the M4-12 4-layer to 16-layer copper PCBs in various high-density materials that feature a photo liquid mask.
2007-04-03 Mask metrology tool suits 45nm and beyond
Vistec Semiconductor Systems has introduced its next-generation mask metrology toolthe LMS IPRO4that's designed to support mask metrology for the 45nm technology node and beyond.
2011-09-22 Mask correction feature speeds up IC processing
The Tachyon MB-SRAF offers an expanded imaging window that the company says improves 2x-nm designs.
2012-02-09 Mask alignment system boasts throughput up to 220 wafers/h
The EVG620HBL claims to deliver high yield that optimizes the manufacture of high-brightness LEDs.
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