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2003-03-03 Yeong-Long to manufacture Maxwell ultracaps in China
Maxwell Technologies has formed an alliance with Yeong-Long Technologies to manufacture and market its proprietary BOOSTCAP ultracapacitor line.
2005-10-24 New ultracapacitor module from Maxwell takes on heavy loads
Maxwell Technologies' new MBOD2600-48 module is a fully integrated, 48V multi-cell ultracapacitor module in the company's BOOSTCAP line for heavy-duty transportation, industrial energy storage, and power delivery apps.
2004-03-04 Maxwell, Hydrogenics forge ultracapacitor alliance
Maxwell Technologies Inc. has forged a strategic alliance with Hydrogenics Corp. to integrate its ultracapacitors into Hydrogenics' fuel cell power systems to optimize system performance, cost, and longevity.
2007-11-23 Maxwell, China battery maker develop 'hybrid' energy storage
Maxwell and Lishen, a China maker of rechargeable Li-ion batteries, have announced an alliance through which they plan to manufacture and market novel "hybrid" energy storage
2004-04-05 Maxwell ultracapacitors use D cell battery dimensions
Using industry-standard D cell battery dimensions, the BCAP0350 ultracapacitor from Maxwell Technologies can easily be designed into a system
2004-05-25 Maxwell ultracapacitors to power Tantalus TUNe line
Tantalus Systems Corp., a designer and manufacturer of data communication networks for utilities, has selected Maxwell Technologies Inc.'s BoostCap ultracapacitors to power wireless transmitters in its Tantalus Utility Network (TUNe) family of products.
2002-05-14 Maxwell ultracapacitor targets transportation, industrial markets
Maxwell Technologies Inc. has announced the availability of the 2.7kF TC2700 ultracapacitor for use as an energy storage device in transportation and industrial power systems.
2003-09-11 Maxwell ultra-caps qualified for space apps
Maxwell Technologies has announced that its BOOSTCAP ultra-capacitors showed no significant effects from either gamma or proton irradiation in tests conducted by NASA.
2006-03-24 Maxwell to supply ultracap material to YEC
Maxwell Technologies has agreed to supply its carbon powder-based ultracapacitor electrode material to Yeong-Long Technologies.
2002-10-01 Maxwell ships space-qualified DAC
Maxwell Technologies' space-qualified, quad multiplying DAC is a monolithic device based on Analog Devices' 8408 product.
2003-05-12 Maxwell SDRAM is space-qualified
Maxwell Technologies' 256Mb SDRAM is touted as the first space-qualified, die-based SDRAM module.
2003-09-03 Maxwell rolls hermetic die-based stack-packaging
Maxwell Technologies has introduced Rad-Stak, a radiation shielding technology that utilizes stacked packaging to create fully space-qualified components.
2011-07-04 Maxwell receives funding for energy storage R&D
Maxwell's collaborative research and development in energy storage technology is going to receive $500,000 funding from the U.S. government
2004-07-22 Maxwell microelectronics unit earns QML-V nod
Maxwell Technologies Inc.'s non-volatile memory components manufactured by its Microelectronics unit have qualified for the U.S. Defense Supply Center, Class "V" certification in the center's Qualified Manufacturers Listing (QML).
2006-04-26 Maxwell licenses ultracapacitor tech to SEUP
Maxwell Technologies has signed a contract licensing Shanghai Urban Electric Power Investment Development to manufacture and market ultracapacitor products.
2002-04-29 Maxwell IC packaging protects against nuclear radiation
Maxwell Technologies Inc. has announced the availability of the Xray-Pak packaging solution that is intended to shield ICs that process and store data in military satellites from the radiation effects of nuclear blasts.
2006-04-19 Maxwell forms alliance with Chinese company on ultracapacitors
Maxwell Technologies has formed a toll manufacturing alliance with Belton Technology Group to produce its Boostcap ultracapacitors and multi-cell modules.
2004-12-10 Maxwell expands ultracap line with standard packs, modules
Maxwell Technologies introduced a new family of fully-integrated 15V BOOSTCAP packs and modules.
2002-07-10 Maxwell completes acquisition of Swiss capacitor maker
Maxwell Technologies Inc. has completed its acquisition of Montena Components Ltd.
2006-06-14 Maxwell broadens ultracapacitor distribution network
Maxwell Technologies announced that it has signed supply agreements with seven new distribution partners, strengthening and expanding its growing international channel network.
2011-01-10 DARPA taps Maxwell to develop lighter energy source for radios
The Defense Advance Research Projects Agency is collaborating with Maxwell Technologies Inc. on the development of lighter, longer-lasting energy storage devices for radios and other portable electronic equipment carried by military personnel.
2005-06-20 Ultracapacitor technology breakthrough powers higher-performance products
Maxwell's new large cell BOOSTCAP ultracapacitor cells and multi-cell modules are based on a technology that enables them to store more energy and deliver more power per unit volume
2002-01-28 I-Bus/Phoenix launches application-ready platform
Fuzion offers scalable, high-availability, open-standards-based and application-specific solutions designed for the telecommunications, network, broadcast, CTI and medical/industrial sectors.
2003-08-12 Ansoft releases Simplorer component models
The company's model database for Simplorer includes more than 4,000 predefined models of commercially available components from International Rectifier, Maxwell Technologies, On Semiconductor, Analog Devices, Infineon, and others.
2014-06-13 2.85V ultracapacitor features upped vibration resistance
The K2 ultracapacitor cell from Maxwell incorporates the DuraBlue shock and vibration technology, increasing vibration resistance and shock immunity for transportation applications
2014-11-04 Interconnected MIPS, GPUs on Imagination's horizon
Imagination Technologies is looking to develop technology that would combine its latest multi-core MIPS processors with large arrays of its PowerVR graphics processors (GPUs
2006-07-21 ESC-Taiwan to host summit on mobile TV
The Designing TV-on-the-Go Summit of ESC-Taiwan will discuss the challenges faced by engineers designing products and equipment for the mobile TV market.
2003-03-17 A look at RF identification technology
Radio frequency identification is an application of radio technologies in automatic identification area
2009-10-29 Ultracapacitor promises 10-year SSD data protection
TPC-10 provides up to 10 years or more of reliable data protection for high-performance solid-state drives.
2009-05-22 Software cuts engineering time, prototype iterations
Ansys Inc. has released the Simplorer 8.0, part of the Ansoft family of EDA products, targeted for the design of mechatronic and other multi-domain systems in the automotive, aerospace/defense and industrial automation industries.
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