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2002-01-09 WEDC MCP for embedded control apps packs RISC processor, SSRAMs
The WED3C741016M-400BX multichip package combines a PowerPC 7410 AltiVec RISC processor with 2MB SSRAM L2 cache, and is aimed at embedded control applications where density and performance are required.
2003-08-15 Transmeta launches Efficeon MCP family
Transmeta has unveiled Efficeon - the brand name and logo for its latest TM8000 microprocessor family.
2007-11-12 Test system targets multiple memory MCP devices
A high-speed, high-throughput memory test system for MCPs has been introduced by Advantest Corp.
2006-09-01 Solving the MCP memory test challenge
Multichip packages (MCPs) are the standard for cellphones, with nearly all modern cellphones having at least one MCP. Using MCPs allows manufacturers to offer the new multifunction devices while maintaining small form factors.
2005-02-24 Samsung commences production of MCP for mobile apps
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd revealed that it is mass producing what it claims to be the largest-capacity multi-chip package (MCP).
2006-11-03 Samsung announces 16-chip MCP technology
Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed the industry's 'first' process to enable the manufacture of a 16-chip multi-chip package of memory.
2005-01-18 Samsung announces 'first eight-die MCP technology'
Samsung has developed what it touts as the world's first eight-die MCP technology, designed for use in high capacity mobile devices.
2004-07-26 Renesas MCP incorporates CPU core, PCIC
Renesas developed a 32-bit microprocessor that incorporates the SH-4A and a PCI bus controller.
2003-08-11 PTSC obtains U.S. patent for MCP technology
Patriot Scientific Corp. (PTSC) has received an additional patent for fundamental microprocessor (MCP) technology.
2006-03-02 NAND flash MCP designed for multimedia cellphones
STMicroelectronics announced a new multi-chip package memory portfolio that aims to meet the needs of multimedia applications in 3G and CDMA cellphones.
2006-06-21 MCP memory has 2GB NAND, SD card controller
Toshiba's new MCP memory with 2Gbyte NAND flash memory and SD card interface targets mobile phones.
2009-11-10 MCP memory geared for smart phones, MIDs
Micron's multi-chip package (MCP) memory includes a 4Gbit NAND flash memory die and a 2Gbit low-power DDR die.
2008-11-24 MCP accords memory for OMAP35x processors
Micron has introduced its high-performance MCP solutions optimized to work seamlessly with Texas Instruments Inc.'s OMAP35x applications processors.
2002-10-17 ISSI MCP combines Flash, PSRAM
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has released two MCPs that combine a 64Mb NOR-type Flash memory with a 16Mb or 32Mb PSRAM.
2002-10-25 ICSI combines NOR Flash, SRAM in MCP
Integrated Circuit Solution's MCP is able to stacks a NOR Flash and SRAM and is targeted for portable devices apps.
2013-04-05 High demand for Samsung phones tighten eMCP/CI-MCP supplies
The large demand for the Korean giant's smartphones is expected to create a negative impact on various Chinese manufacturers' shipments as eMCP supplies become more constrained.
2002-11-13 Fujitsu stacked memory MCP targets new cellphone apps
The MB84VY6A4A1 MCP from Fujitsu Ltd stacks three Flash, one SRAM, and two FCRAM devices in a single 15-by-11-by-1.4mm case.
2003-06-10 Fujitsu MCP features burst-mode functionality
Fujitsu Ltd announced the development of the MB84SR6H5K5K1 MCP that combines Mobile FCRAM and burst-mode flash memory for next-gen mobile phones apps.
2002-05-20 Fujitsu develops eight-stacked MCP
Fujitsu Microelectronics has developed a high-density multichip package (MCP) that supports up to eight chips and has a profile of 2mm, making it suitable for use in high-capacity LSIs found in mobile phones, digital A/V products, HDDs, and IC cards.
2002-03-18 Fujitsu develops eight-stacked MCP
Fujitsu Ltd has developed an ultra-high density, multi-chip package (MCP) that can support up to eight chips mounted on a single MCP.
2004-08-25 Elpida puts two 256Mb RAM devices in one MCP
Elpida's new 512Mb Mobile RAM devices are designed to provide high-density and low-power consumption to cellular apps.
2007-05-02 16Mbit SDRAM design cuts SiP/MCP costs
Inapac Technology is sampling a 16Mbit SDRAM design that enables SiP and MCP producers to minimize cost of ownership while achieving production quality and reliability.
2002-01-18 UTAC teams up with M-Systems on MCPs
United Test and Assembly Center Ltd (UTAC) is collaborating with M-Systems to deliver MCP (Multi-Chip Package) leaded and array packages.
2004-01-28 Toshiba package achieve thinner chips
With a 1.4mm height, the Multi Chip Package (MCP) from Toshiba Corp. stacks a total of nine layers of components.
2002-05-02 Toshiba chip package is 30 percent smaller
Toshiba Corp. has announced that it has developed a stacked multi-chip package (MCP) that measures 7-by-10mm30 percent smaller than the company's current MCPs that measure 9-by-12mm.
2001-10-01 Thin-film process enables low-cost MCPs
This technical article describes a low-cost multi-chip packaging (MCP) technique with appropriate expansion that triples volume capacities.
2006-07-06 South Korea's IT exports exceeded $50B in H1 2006
South Korea's exports of information and technology products exceeded $50 billion in the first half of 2006, the largest January-June performance ever reported, the Ministry of Information and Communication reported.
2004-09-13 Samsung memory with 2Gbs of AND Flash, 512Mbs mobile DRAM
Samsung developed a 2.5Gb four-die multi-chip package designed for use in third-generation mobile phones.
2004-09-09 Samsung launches 2.5Gb memory for mobile phones
Samsung Electronics released a 2.5Gb multi-chip package memory for third-generation mobile phones.
2001-03-01 Samsung calls on NAND Flash for handsets
Samsung Electronics said it has started offering NAND Flash memory, used mostly as data storage memory in Flash cards, as an alternative to NOR Flash devices in multichip packages aimed at cellphone makers.
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