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2006-12-01 Make autos smarter with sensor systems
The advent of various digital bus systems allows for centralized processing and simplified wiring. But such an architecture brings reliability concerns and the classic automotive gremlin of ever-lower cost requirements
2014-02-25 LED lighting systems: Potential security risks
While LED lighting systems are being installed for its energy and non-energy benefits, increased integration of sensor, image processing and monitoring functions might well be "terrifying
2013-09-06 Laser spectroscopy eases nanoscale measurement
A team of researchers from Drexel University revealed an approach that could allow cell phones, laptops and tablets to become increasingly thinner and more energy efficient.
2002-11-14 Korea's Willtech sets sight on world measurement market
Chang Boo-Kwan, South Korean local entrepreneur and CEO of Willtech, recounts how the company pioneered the country's test and measurement industry
2005-05-16 Jitter measurement box performs ITU-T O.172 Standard tests
Grappling with making accurate high-speed jitter compliance tests? Then check out test-and-measurement vendor Anritsu Company's new MP1797A jitter analyzer
2012-03-01 Isolate frequency measurement and sourcing frequency errors near reference frequency harmonics
Read about a methodology to separate the analyzing error from the sourcing error and know the error in counters with the implications to many typical measurements.
2005-05-16 Isabellenhuette unveils USB temperature measurement system
Isabellenhuette's ITS-TC is a temperature measurement system with a thermocouple working on an USB 2.0 bus
2011-09-19 Intepro Systems launches 2500W high power load family
Intepro Systems has announced the release of the 2500W high power load family, the HP Series, with 16bit programming and measurement accuracy.
2003-09-01 Inphi ICs suit broadband test systems
Inphi Corp. has released eight high-performance ICs that are targeted for use in broadband test and measurement applications
2007-11-16 Improve systems' real-time performance
To drive a new era of system performance that bridges both legacy requirements and emerging technologies, designers of industrial applications need a high degree of real-time performance and implementation flexibility from their embedded-processor choices.
2007-07-02 Implement large-scale IPTV systems
IPTV system deployments usually drive major upgrades to the network infrastructure and need new test and monitoring technologies to check and maintain that infrastructure.
2005-07-04 How to measure temperature in integrated systems
As thermal management becomes more significant, the techniques used become even more complex and conditional.
2015-04-22 Goepel electronics intros optical, X-ray systems
The PILOT Connect interface system has the capability to collect and manage the operating data of the connected systems, as well as merge all test data onto a repair and verification station
2003-12-18 ERNI connectors suit 10GBps systems
ERNI has announced the availability of its MicroSpeed connector system in SMT technology for high-speed applications.
2001-09-16 Enhancing computer-based I/O for test systems
This technical article describes a change in the test and measurement arena as computer-based I/O systems makes their debut.
2012-12-11 Energy Micro, LNI to offer MCU design for medical systems
Using a standard EFM32 starter-kit and HealthLink PC tools, the design includes a USB driver and communications protocol stack certified by Continua Health Alliance.
2004-07-09 Embedded systems, tools and engineers meet in Taiwan
Engineers that produce more than a quarter of worldwide chip designs will come to the Embedded Design Automation and Test Exhibit (EDA&T) and Embedded Systems Conference on July 28 and 29 in Hsinchu, Taiwan
2008-09-15 Dual-axis accelerometers improve ESC systems
The dual-axis inertial sensors from Freescale Semiconductor aimed at electronic stability control systems are claimed to deliver more intelligence to automotive safety systems
2009-07-06 DSA takes high-accuracy vibration measurement
National Instruments has unveiled a new portable bus-powered dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) module and a suite of vibration sensors designed for making high-accuracy vibration measurements.
2012-02-10 Developing automatic test systems for extended duty
Know the challenges that are faced by maintenance organizations and automatic test systems providers who sustain the weapons systems programs. Also, learn how to address such concerns
2013-04-02 Designing liquid-level measurement system
Learn about the DS1WM synthesisable 1-Wire bus master that can be implemented as a function block of an ASIC or FPGA.
2008-06-26 Crosstalk measurement, extraction and validation in 10Gbps serial systems
This paper provides a process to extract accurate connector crosstalk models. The Molex
2006-02-02 Controller card supports IEEE-488/GPIB in PXI systems
The new PXI-bus IEEE-488/GPIB controller card from Adlink Technology can act as a drop-in component for existing test-and-measurement applications
2008-06-02 Configure analyzers for proper measurement
Frequency-domain measurement of RF power is one of the basic measurements done by spectrum and vector signal analyzers. These systems must comply with standard limits on power transmission or spurious noise emissions, and appropriate measurement techniques must be configured to avoid errors.
2012-09-05 Clocking IC geared for wired comms systems
The LMK04906 from TI claims to reduce cost and enhance system performance with its low jitter and phase noise.
2011-02-08 CEA-Leti's anechoic chamber enables precise EMF measurement
The anechoic chamber allows telecoms researchers to simulate free-space propagation and avoid parasitic reflections, thereby achieving higher precision when measuring the electromagnetic spectrum below 1GHz.
2008-06-02 Cascade offers fully integrated flicker noise measurement system
Cascade Microtech introduces the EDGE Flicker Noise Measurement System that provides measurements from 1Hz to 30MHz
2006-06-26 Capacitive sensing tech eases load measurement
Loadstar's new capacitive sensing technology enables a large 0-5V measurable output without the need for external signal conditioning equipment.
2007-02-12 Calibrator boosts wafer-level RF measurement
Cascade Microtech's WinCal calibration software now includes key features that will provide faster and more accurate wafer-level RF measurement
2012-11-08 Boost next-gen positioning and navigation systems
Discover the next exciting stage in GPS evolution that solves the problems of non-availability of GPS location information.
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