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2012-11-26 Boost measurement integrity in RF/microwave systems
Read these hints that address common problems that may exist along RF signal pathways.
2003-12-10 Belling IC targets two-wire distribution systems
Shanghai Belling Co. Ltd has released its BL0951 fault tolerant electrical energy measurement IC that is designed for use with two-wire distribution systems. The BL0951 incorporates a fault detection scheme that both warns of fault conditions and allows the product to continue accurate billing during a fault event.
2006-09-19 Azimuth Systems announces Vo-Wi-Fi handset test suite
Azimuth Systems has announced a VoWi-Fi test suite that enables service providers, handset providers and semiconductor vendors to streamline the testing of VoWi-Fi phones and converged wireless devices
2008-01-02 Automate EMC measurement
This article shortly describes how to establish an automation EMI test system, emphasize the problems during the test and the solution and how to configure the system and parameters correctly.
2006-10-23 Atmel's MCU-transmitter suits TPMS gauge systems
Atmel has released two highly-integrated, low-power MCU-transmitter ICs with sensor interface for tire pressure monitoring sensor (TPMS) gauge systems
2014-01-06 AMETEK expands test, measurement offering through Teseq buy
In a deal worth $92 million, AMETEK acquired Teseq, a maker of conducted and radiated EMC compliance testing systems and RF amplifiers aimed at aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, etc
2007-03-05 Agilent, Decomsys team on FlexRay measurement system
Agilent and Decomsys has introduced a measurement system that provides the highest-level FlexRay triggering and protocol decode measurements available in an oscilloscope
2004-04-16 Agilent crafts GUI for PCI Express test systems
Agilent Technologies now has a graphical user interface for its Model E2960A serial protocol tester.
2004-09-23 Aeroflex's test systems available with NI TestStand option
Aeroflex Inc. has integrated National Instruments (NI) TestStand development system into its high-performance synthetic microwave test systems
2007-07-26 ADC promises 'extremely' accurate data measurement
Cirrus Logic's CS556x/7x/8x ADCs combine the higher-bandwidth, low-distortion performance features of a SAR converter with high-resolution, low-noise performance of Delta sigma ADCs.
2002-09-24 Acqiris cards boost measurement throughput
Acqiris' digitizer cards now feature a Control I/O front-panel system that boosts measurement throughput and simplifies system integration
2008-05-01 Accurate power measurement in communications systems
This article presents a brief history of power measurements in communication systems, important considerations in making accurate power measurements for modern communication systems, and how the latest advancements in today s power meters help you achieve your power measurement tasks effectively.
2009-11-02 775 nanovolt noise measurement for a low noise voltage reference
Reference voltages have decreased with the continuing drop in system power supply voltages, making reference noise increasingly important.
2009-03-18 6 hints for enhancing measurement integrity in RF/microwave test systems
This application note suggests a framework for those tradeoffs and offers six sets of hints that address common problems that may exist along RF signal pathways.
2014-05-29 45W AC/DC power supplies support test systems
The TU425 and provide 300W of convection cooling or 425W with moving air. It boasts a robust protection including EMC/EMI compliance, and surge immunity.
2013-06-12 3D Hall sensor offers precision position measurement
A new generation of Hall sensors is making the process of measuring the position of machine parts and products even more precise and free of interference.
2015-04-15 16bit magnetic sensor enables complex 3D sensor systems
The 30mm MLX90393 programmable magnetic sensor provides a platform for testing human machine interfaces and enables complex 3D sensing systems in joysticks or rotary knobs
2012-12-14 16bit ADCs target precision measurement apps
Maxim's MAX11166 and MAX11167 claim to be the industry's smallest bipolar, beyond-the-rail ADCs that feature an internal reference and save designers at least 88 per cent PCB space.
2013-01-29 1/f noise measurement system supports 1Hz-10MHz
ProPlus Design Solutions' 9812D can measure low-frequency noise characteristics of on-wafer or packaged semiconductor devices such as MOSFETs, BJTs, JFETs, diodes and diffusion resistors.
2006-01-16 Virtual instrumentation for user-defined measurement
Virtual instrumentation expands into the control and design sectors, ensuring user-defined systems on an open framework
2004-07-20 Tektronix tool allows automated solution for HDMI systems
Tektronix's TDSHT3 is an oscilloscope software package that provides an automated compliance testing solution for High-Definition Multimedia Interface products.
2006-08-16 Semicon biosensor IC shrinks immunoassay test systems
The new semiconductor biosensor chip from Hitachi introduces electrical measurement into immunoassay, in place of light absorption measurement
2005-01-03 Reduce test times in next-gen cellular systems
Functional testing can increase test coverage without increasing overall test times. Find out how.
2010-06-21 Noise figure measurement accuracy: the Y-factor method
Noise figure is a key performance parameter in many RF systems. A low noise figure provides improved SNR for analog receivers, and reduces bit error rate in digital receivers
2005-11-16 Model feedback systems efficiently
2006-05-01 Measurement, location relating to EFT/ESD
The E1 disturbance immunity development system offers engineers a new and effective measurement method that can help them locate the sensitive spot in a circuit
2005-02-03 I/O box expands PC systems with plug-and-play USB
Measurement Computing Corp.'s new multi-I/O USB-1096HFS is a smashing example of the power of USB 2.0 on the bench and in the lab
2013-10-17 High accuracy analogue signal measurement with MCU
Know the various ways to optimise a high precision analogue design for low power consumption.
2008-12-09 Developments in battery stack voltage measurement
The battery stack problem has been around for a long time. Its deceptively simple appearance masks a stubbornly resistant problem. Various approaches have been tried, with varying degrees of success.
2004-11-01 Critical RF measurements in digital TV systems
Focus on factors that compromise the integrity of a transmission system to maintain reliable, high-quality service over DTV.
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