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2005-06-08 JDS Uniphase acquires power-over-fiber company
Optical components and systems supplier JDS Uniphase Corp. has acquired privately held Photonic Power Systems Inc., a provider of photonic power for the delivery of power over fiber, for an undisclosed amount
2011-06-22 Iwatsu to produce curve tracers for Cascade Microtech
Iwatsu Test Instruments Corp. will manufacture CT-3100/3200 Curve Tracers exclusively for Cascade Microtech to provide versatile wafer-level measurement for the growing power device market
2002-03-14 InHand Elctronics handheld reference platform adds Bluetooth, GPS
InHand Electronics has announced at the Embedded Systems Conference the immediate availability of its Elf2 reference platform for handheld device developers
2000-12-01 Infiniband requires design trade-offs
Primary players in the computer industry are developing the Infiniband architecture as the next generation of server I/O, with the intent of eventually replacing PCI.
2013-09-12 Importance of SoCs in DAQ development
Learn about the role SoCs can play in the development of data acquisition systems
2002-01-25 Image-capture hardware carries PCI graphics card
The IC-2050 InspectaGauge PC/measurement package from Sonora Mfg enables image capture, annotation, measurement and archiving of the video output for many manufacturers' inspection systems.
2003-02-14 Honeywell acquires sensors manufacturer
Honeywell Int. has announced that its Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) unit has signed an agreement to acquire the assets of privately held Sensotec Inc.
2005-02-17 High-speed relay modules are USB plug-and-play peripherals
Measurement Computing's USB-ERB modules rely on the Microsoft-defined HID class drivers that are part of Windows
2012-05-10 Guide to 78M6618 PDU1 hardware design
Here are some examples and relevant tips for different implementations of a PDU design.
2012-10-04 Globalfoundries partners up with timing product specialist
Sand 9's micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) timing devices provide an alternative with performance and quality improvements over legacy quartz crystal solutions
2007-09-26 Freescale intros 12 ColdFire microprocessors for Linux
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a ColdFire microprocessor family designed to enable low-power, high-performance embedded systems running the Linux OS
2013-02-08 Fluid-level sensors boast multiple output interfaces
Molex's customized sensor solution guarantees precise fluid-level measurements with lower set-up costs.
2011-06-08 Epson rolls high-end, low-cost IMU-G1
Epson's IMU-G1 combines the ultra-small size of MEMS with the ultra-low power of piezoelectrics and can be compared to the expensive IMUs.
2013-05-10 Employ color sensors to diagnose skin diseases
Learn how a non-contact measuring system can be used to assess skin diseases.
2015-07-15 E-band cost, reliability concerns in MMIC packaging
Traditional semiconductor packaging approaches either cost too much or suffer from signal integrity issues. However, new techniques are becoming available that can address these problems.
2013-07-30 Digital gaging probe system boasts high accuracy
The high-precision digital gaging probe system from Measurement measures manufactured parts during production for automated inspection screening and statistical process control (SPC) data collection
2009-03-12 Digging up a mechanical, electronic beauty
Here is a teardown of a Sperry Flight Systems Vertical Gyro, a surplus from a Boeing 747 aircraft and a strikingly beautiful piece of mechanical and electronic craftsmanship
2013-03-11 Developing a fertility monitor
Here's a look at the design of a fertility monitor, a small portable device used to monitor a woman's fertility levels by checking the hormone levels in her body.
2013-09-26 Design Linux-based femtocell base-station (Part 2)
Here's the second of a two-part series on building a wireless femtocell with a base station SoC powered by a Linux-based fast-path software architecture.
2007-01-23 Dawning of the micromachine revolution
Silicon has dominated the microelectronics era. Now it is becoming the basic building block of a new technological revolution: the micromachine revolution.
2005-11-25 DAQ card packs its own clock
Interactive Circuits and Systems rolled out its ICS-645D 32-channel 5-Msample/s data acquisition card (8-channel and 16 channel versions are also available
2005-09-30 Cimmetry's beefs up visualization solution
Cimmetry Systems recently announced the immediate availability of AutoVue version 19
2004-08-19 Cimmetry unveils AutoVue 18
Cimmetry Systems, a provider of visualization and collaboration solutions for the A/E/C, engineering, manufacturing and electronics markets, announced that its AutoVue 18 has been released
2007-01-15 Choose the right OS for your consumer devices
The explosive growth of the CE market has led to a proliferation of hardware platforms, operating systems and development tools. In response, the consumer products industry is embracing the concept of DSO which involves optimization of technologies and processes on an enterprise basis rather than project by project
2014-03-18 Characterise vector response of broadband instruments
Know the ways to achieve high accuracy and measurements at acceptable cost.
2014-12-15 Cadence platform boasts notable increase in SoC verification
The Perspec System Verifier platform automates system-level coverage-driven test development using constraint-solving technology, increasing productivity in SoC verification.
2003-01-29 BVS ships handheld Bluetooth receiver
Berkeley Varitronics Systems Inc.'s Mantis handheld wireless receiver is designed for identifying, installing, and calibrating Bluetooth wireless devices
2012-07-11 Bridge software and hardware to speed up SoC validation
Understand how the integration of hardware and software debug views can lead to faster and more efficient debug of the entire system.
2013-01-09 Bosch enters consumer electronics MEMS space
Bosch's BMA355 three-axis accelerometer is said to provide ultra-low-power performance while an integrated interrupt engine on the tiny device permits 12bit resolution in small devices.
2015-07-27 Boost cell monitoring accuracy in energy storage BMS
New and more sophisticated strategies and critical support components are needed to address the many challenges when implementing battery management systems for energy storage
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