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2010-09-21 Zenith 3D AOI system offers measurement-based inspection
Koh Young Technologies has just introduced their revolutionary Zenith 3D AOI System. It measures the Z-axis profilometry of whole PCB assemblies, including components, leads, and solder joints, based on Moir technology.
2004-01-06 Zarlink diodes suit industrial measurement systems
Zarlink Semiconductor has unveiled the long-wavelength Fabry-Perot laser diodes that can be customized for surveillance systems.
2003-05-12 X3100 Voltage Measurement Accuracy
This test measures the accuracy of the cell voltage measurement circuits of the X3100.
2003-05-12 X3100 Current Measurement Accuracy
This test measures the accuracy of the current sense amplifier circuit of the X3100.
2002-05-02 What is your measurement accuracy?
This application note describes a Windows-based program that enables the VNA user to estimate the "uncertainty" for conditions associated with a specific measurement making users meet the analysis requirements of the ISO standards.
2005-10-03 Voice quality measurement: Understanding VoIP
Network engineers need to understand call-quality measurement techniques to successfully diagnose and manage VoIP problems
2006-12-18 VNAs address RF measurement challenges
2003-06-29 Vision-sound intercarrier measurement
This application note provides a method to measure vision-to-sound crosstalk using video signals with low-frequency sinewave signals.
2006-01-16 Virtual instrumentation for user-defined measurement
Virtual instrumentation expands into the control and design sectors, ensuring user-defined systems on an open framework.
2009-05-26 Using the PIC MCU CTMU for temperature measurement
The Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) uses a constant current source to calculate both capacitance changes and the time difference between events. This application note describes the basic concepts of temperature measurement using the CTMU.
2003-08-01 Using FPGAs for measurement, control
Find out the benefits and challenges of using FPGAs in systems that require measurement and control functionality.
2007-07-02 Use current monitors for accurate measurement
Many modern electronic systems now require some form of current measurement to improve power dissipation, efficiency and reliability. They range from LED driving to portable equipment to power supplies of all sizes.
2006-12-18 Use color sensors for precise measurement
This article will provide some insight into color perception, measurement and specification, and how the data produced by color sensors is applied.
2001-09-26 USB signal quality measurement
This application note presents a technique for measuring USB signal quality and shows the results from measurements performed on NetChip's USB chips.
2008-01-15 Upgraded VSA software boosts data measurement accuracy
The upgraded version of Agilent's 89600 Series VSA software can now interface with Acqiris 10bit and 12bit CompactPCI broadband digitizers, enabling significantly increased data-measurement accuracy.
2007-03-12 Two-tone vs. single-tone measurement of 2nd-order non-linearity and IP2 performance of direct conversion receivers
This application note describes how to find the Second Order Intercept Point (IP2) from 1-tone and 2-tone tests of Direct Conversion Receivers. It also presents measurement results for the GSM900 receive path, as used in the AMPS band, for Skyworks first-generation of DCRs.
2005-04-01 Turn your PDAs to customized measurement tools
The new CompactFlash DAQ device from National Instruments allows standard PDAs to be transformed into customized, portable measurement tools.
2004-01-09 Toshiba device reduces measurement errors
Toshiba Corp. has announced that it would market a focus measurement technology that improves the focal measurement performance of semiconductor systems.
2003-06-29 Time delay measurement in the digital studio
This application note provides steps on how to measure the delay equalization between the various video signals in digital studios.
2010-05-11 Tilt measurement using?a?low-g 3-axis accelerometer
This application note describes the methods and techniques for measuring tilt angles from a low-g 3-axis accelerometer.
2004-06-24 TI ADC eyes high-resolution measurement apps
Texas Instruments Inc. claims that it has developed the industry's smallest four-channel, 24-bit delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter.
2001-08-21 Thyristor/Diode measurement with a multimeter
This application note describes proper measurement of thyristor and diode parameters using a battery-operated multimeter.
2014-06-23 Thermal measurement methodology of RF power amps
Thermal measurement methodology has been developed and implemented by Freescale Semiconductor to accurately characterise high power RF power amplifiers.
2004-11-09 The subsidiary will operate as the China business hub engaging in development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of SII NanoTechnology's analysis and measurement instruments.
SII NanoTechnology Inc. has established SII NanoTechnology (Shanghai) Inc.
2002-02-19 The development of a full field 3D-microscale flow measurement technique for application to near contact line flows
This application note contains details of the development of a new 3D-velocity field measurement technique which can be used to provide more insight into the dynamics of thin evaporating liquid films.
2012-02-28 Test suite supports WLAN 802.11ac measurement
The PXI 3000 series test system from Aeroflex performs parametric measurements for manufacturing.
2008-05-20 Temperature measurement tool supports Ethernet
Data Translation has released an Ethernet version of its temperature measurement instrument, TEMPpoint.
2007-04-17 Temperature measurement theory and practical techniques
If one end of a PCB is at a higher temperature, energy is transferred down the PCB towards the colder end. The higher speed particles collide with the slower ones with a net transfer of energy to the slower ones.
2008-01-25 Temperature measurement device delivers RTD inputs
Data Translation has released an RTD version of the TEMPpoint temperature measurement instrument product line, in a compact, rugged 2U rack-mountable enclosure.
2002-02-01 Temia adds monitoring measurement unit for GPRS, UMTS
The TE980-HS NetProbe can accommodate four slots of STM-1 and 10/100Mbps/1Gbps Ethernet interface for performing UMTS and GPRS measurements, respectively.
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