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2013-12-16 Wireless devices to boost medical electronics market
IC Insights forecasted that medical electronics sales will grow eight percent to about $50.9 billion in 2014 after rising just three percent in 2013 to an estimated $47.3 billion
2013-10-08 Uses of copper barrier capacitors in medical field
Read about the growing demand for capacitors for use in a various medical devices
2003-01-13 TI ADC fits portable instrumentation, medical apps
The ADS1244 24-bit delta-sigma ADC draws 90?A and is available in an MSOP-10 casing, making it suitable for use in high-resolution measurements.
2008-12-18 Surge protectors safeguard medical equipment
Raycap Inc. has developed a surge protection device (SPD) that provides continuous protection from lightning strikes, temporary overvoltage events and transient voltage activity for medical facilities and the vital equipment inside.
2008-06-27 Study: RFID devices interfere with medical apps
The use of RFID in hospitals can interfere with critical care medical equipment according to a study conducted by University of Amsterdam researchers published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
2008-11-13 RF platforms to upgrade medical electronics systems
With a goal to put ICs at the heart of medical electronics, Texas Instruments came to Electronica with three new offerings
2013-08-14 Power supplies in medical space to grow by $100 million
A recent report from IMS research observed that the the power supplies business used in medical applications remained resilient, growing by 4.0 per cent
2010-02-08 Over-moulded connectors tailored for lab equipment
Binder is offering an over-moulded version of its well-proven 720 series of snap-in, low cost, waterproof circular connectors, supplied as standard with a single ended-moulded-on cable.
2012-02-10 Optical connectors geared for medical systems
The MediSpec hybrid circular MT cable and receptacle system comes in a lightweight metal housing and offers EMI shielding.
2009-11-11 Op amps enable accurate medical devices
The devices are suited for portable medical applications which need high accuracy and low quiescent current
2005-04-19 NEC TFT LCDs eye medical apps
NEC LCD Technologies announced sample shipments of two kinds of its new 21.3-inch (54cm diagonal), UXGA, amorphous silicon TFT LCDs that are particularly suited for use in the medical field
2012-05-23 Microminiature connectors target medical, automotive, consumer apps
Molex's new 0.12mm flat flex cable can be terminated to Zero Insertion Force (ZIF), non-ZIF or Low Insertion Force FFC connectors and are suited for complex board-to-board interconnections in confined spaces.
2007-10-25 Medical LCD modules deliver 950cd/m? luminance
NEC LCD Technologies has introduced two new 54cm-diagonal amorphous-silicon TFT LCD modules for medical applications that achieves brightness of up to 950cd/m?
2007-04-09 Medical field may push India's IC industry, says TI CEO
The medical field could turn out to be one of the next big growth areas for India's semiconductor industry in the coming decade or so, said TI CEO Rich Templeton
2008-01-25 LED assembly cuts power draw in medical equipment
DDP has developed a low-profile LED light source that provides task lighting in a surgical fluid and blanket warmer designed to keep these materials at a consistent temperature.
2010-05-26 Introduction to electronic calibration, methods for correcting manufacturing tolerances in medical equipment designs
This tutorial discusses how the proper design of trim, adjustment and calibration circuits can correct system tolerances, making medical equipment safer, more accurate, and more affordable.
2012-08-03 How to avoid hacking in medical systems
Learn about microcontroller features and modern design techniques that address these hacking concerns.
2012-03-28 How FRAM RFID eases medical sterilization
Understand how the combination of ferroelectric RAM and RFID technologies helps ensure the safety of medical equipment.
2007-03-23 Fast-recovery diodes suit 500/600V medical apps
Microsemi launched a line of FREDFETs fast-recovery diodes designed for a range of 500V and 600V applications including medical equipment.
2013-02-07 Employ SoCs for portable medical equipment
Using SoCs in portable medical electronics applications simplifies design, protects IP and enables product-differentiating functionalities
2016-03-08 Elsoft jumps LED test equipment production
Elsoft increases production of LED test equipment to address growing safety concerns and stringent government regulations. The company expects the demand to continue over the next seven years
2009-06-11 Detect switches tailored for portable medical apps
C&K Components has developed a broad line of detect switches for Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture and Advanced Mezzanine Card use in portable medical equipment.
2007-09-17 Connectors cope with medical apps' requirements
Despite the lack of standardized testing today for electronic components used in medical products, manufacturers are delivering connectors that meet the most demanding requirements of the medical industry
2007-08-30 Connectors boost medical systems
As medical OEMs increasingly rely on electronics to deliver higher functionality, they also expect the connectors and cable assemblies to meet the harsher operating conditions and higher reliability requirements demanded in medical applications
2006-11-03 Compact power supply suits medical apps
XP Power has announced a medically approved, compact 120W power supply for medical and other portable applications requiring high isolation and low leakage current specifications
2008-07-02 Compact power supplies meet medical demands
Protek has launched the PM300 Series of 300W AC/DC switching power supplies, which offer a compact, performance-packed design with full compliance to worldwide EN60101-1 medical safety standards
2015-04-07 Choosing the right battery for medical devices
Here are our top five tips for getting the right battery for your medical device. We also explain how to ensure it works when it is needed the most
2013-04-09 Choosing medical device interconnects
Biocompatibilty, durability and reliability are key attributes to consider when selecting the right interconnects for remotely connecting healthcare professionals and patients.
2002-03-14 CGB drives SLA batteries to medical apps
For this year, sealed lead-acid battery maker Wuhan Changguang Battery Co. Ltd (CGB) will be focusing on R&D, with new SLA models being developed for medical equipment.
2015-03-20 Boost medical apps efficiency through wireless links
Using FPRF devices, manufacturers can incorporate a cost-effective enhancement to their equipment that will differentiate them from their competitors and improve medical care.
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