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2012-08-21 Utilize wafer-scale CMOS X-ray imaging for medical apps
This imaging technology can bring key advantages in terms of performance such as high resolution, high dynamic range and low noise capabilities
2011-01-25 Ultrasound driver chipset aims at medical imaging apps
Supertex Inc. unveils MD1715 and TC8020, an ultrasound driver chipset that generates a five level waveform for high resolution imaging in medical ultrasound applications.
2011-10-27 Toolkit enhances medical imaging devices
TI's medical imaging software toolkit offers image processing kernels for applications such as diagnostic ultrasound and OCT.
2008-04-07 TI, India medical school team on health care monitoring
Texas Instruments Inc. has entered a collaborative agreement with Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, to develop semiconductor technologies that will help improve the quality, comfort and accessibility of health care.
2007-09-25 TI's million-dollar Rx for medical tech research
Universities worldwide stand to gain from $15 million worth of medical technology research funds to be granted by Texas Instruments Inc
2014-04-23 The key to improving wearable medical electronics
An essential component of wearable technologies is the power source which usually comes in the form of a battery.
2011-09-01 Speeding up medical imaging process using FPGA
Read about the use of FPGA platform and a synthesis tool called Impulse C to speed up a statistical line of reaction estimation for a high-resolution PET scanner.
2003-06-13 Richardson LCD solution eyes medical imaging market
The ViewMedX RTP4000 from Richardson Electronics Ltd is an integrated 40-inch diagonal LCD display solution that suits medical imaging apps.
2008-11-13 RF platforms to upgrade medical electronics systems
With a goal to put ICs at the heart of medical electronics, Texas Instruments came to Electronica with three new offerings
2009-02-11 RF chips find big market in medical apps
Radio frequency CMOS is being applied to a growing but fragmented set of medical applications ranging from imaging and DNA testing to networking in and around the body.
2006-04-18 Pulser chip improves board spacing in medical imaging apps
The new pulser chip from Supertex combines control logic circuitry, level translators, MOSFET gate drive buffers, clamp circuits, and high current, high voltage MOSFETS in one small package.
2013-08-14 Power supplies in medical space to grow by $100 million
A recent report from IMS research observed that the the power supplies business used in medical applications remained resilient, growing by 4.0 per cent
2003-11-06 Philips, Epic partner on healthcare imaging solutions
Royal Philips Electronics and Epic Systems Corp. have signed an agreement to provide enterprise software, medical imaging and monitoring IT solutions that will integrate patient information enterprise-wide.
2005-07-01 Philips demonstrates imaging based on magnetic traces
Scientists at Philips Research have demonstrated the feasibility of an imaging technique called magnetic particle imaging (MPI), a potentially valuable new imaging technique for medical and materials analysis.
2008-09-16 Perk up medical imaging with improved connectors
Connectors used in today's medical applications must function at higher speeds, provide higher density, require smaller footprints and lower profiles, and comply with ever-stricter industry standards
2011-09-01 Overcome clock distribution issues in medical imaging
Learn about clock distribution systems on large scale imaging devices, and the challenges that come with these
2012-11-08 Matrox Imaging unveils dev't solutions app
The Matrox Imaging Library boasts real-time H.264 encoding for HD video while the MIL10 claims to update platform support and simplify and accelerate application development
2008-11-26 Low-power image sensor works in medical devices
OmniVision Technologies Inc. has developed the low power OV6930, a 400 x 400 pixel square graphics array, or SquareGA, CMOS image sensor.
2010-07-29 ISOs grow share of US diagnostic imaging market
The US diagnostic imaging equipment servicing market is continuously evolving, according to Millennium Research Group, and independent service organizations are playng a more active part in it
2010-03-24 Industrial/medical electronics to reach $850B in 2015
Semicast's latest analysis of the world industrial/medical electronics market found that revenues are set to grow to $560 billion in 2010 and $850 billion in 2015
2011-11-29 How FPGAs boost medical imaging
Learn how field-programmable gate arrays and other computing elements can enhance imaging techniques such as optical coherence tomography
2005-08-22 FPGAs to dominate medical semi market, says report
Field programmable gate arrays are likely to be the fastest-growing segment over other technologies in the growing market for semiconductors in medical imaging, according to a study by Frost & Sullivan (New York).
2007-11-30 Flat-panel monitor displays detailed medical images
With a 2560 x 2048 native resolution, NEC's 5Mpixel display includes IPS LCD module technology, offering powerful details of medical images and 3,061 possible shades of gray
2008-07-28 Dual-core single board computer targets imaging apps
Ampro Computers Inc. has released the ReadyBoard 830 single board computer based on Intel's dual core processors and GME945 chipset.
2009-06-02 Connectors suit medical imaging apps
From C&K Components comes a family of high reliability connectors for medical applications designed for medical applications ranging from cryogenic processes to imaging equipment.
2012-12-19 Camera phones get a leg up thanks to embedded imaging
IC Insights revealed that in 2012, camera phones with 3MP or greater image sensors were outselling stand-alone digital still cameras by a 6:1 ratio.
2011-02-11 Barco picks AMD graphics tech for medical imaging
Imaging company Barco has chosen AMD's ATI FirePro 3D professional graphics technology for its MXRT series of display controllers used in medical imaging applications.
2008-03-26 Analog front ends debut for medical imaging
TI has introduced a family of fully integrated analog front ends (AFEs) for portable to high-end ultrasound diagnostic equipment.
2006-03-15 'Cost-effective' video amps for HDTV, medical imaging apps
ST's new 300MHz amps are designed to drive very high-definition signals on 75-ohm video lines in high-end industrial and medical imaging systems, and in HDTV-enabled STBs and DVD players.
2013-12-16 Wireless devices to boost medical electronics market
IC Insights forecasted that medical electronics sales will grow eight percent to about $50.9 billion in 2014 after rising just three percent in 2013 to an estimated $47.3 billion
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