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2003-02-06 Sigma 6 acquires membrane switch manufacturer
Sigma 6 Inc. has acquired Silver Graphics.
2006-05-23 Membrane switches from EAO are customizable
EAO offers custom membrane switches with illuminated controls and excellent tactile response based on its PCB-mounted Series 70 switches
2003-02-12 Membrane Circuit targets high-end products
Hong Kong Membrane Circuit Technology Co. Ltd has announced its plans to go high-end by combining its membrane switches with flexible PCBs
2002-04-03 Jinghang membrane switch functions up to 50Vdc
The company's membrane switches offer a flexible winding that allows easy installation when integrated with a vacuum tactile pushbutton switch and LED.
2005-01-12 Industry's toughest membrane switches resist solvents, temperature extremes, dust and dirt
Bergquist's membrane switches can be used in harsh environments that previously required more costly, rugged types of switches
2003-08-21 German switch maker licenses Duraswitch technologies
Rafi GmbH & Co. KG, a manufacturer of switches, rugged keyboards and control panel systems, has executed a non-exclusive license agreement with Duraswitch.
2002-10-09 EELY-ECW membrane switches withstand 250V
Shanghai EELY-ECW Co. Ltd's membranes switches exhibit 100 megohms insulation resistance and offer a dielectric withstand of 250V.
2002-01-15 Duraswitch licenses switch technology to GGI
Duraswitch Ind. Inc. has executed a license agreement with Graham Group Int. (GGI), a manufacturer of membrane switches and graphic overlays
2006-06-05 Fiber-optic backlights suit custom-shaped membrane switches
With a brightness as high as 75 Ft-L, Lumitex's UniGlo fiber-optic panels can provide a clearly readable display in dimly lit areas.
2006-08-08 Dome switch touts higher tactile ratio
Meeting industry demand for smaller tactile dome switches, Snaptron claims to offer the smallest 3-leg dome switch with the 4mm WT04170 series
2003-09-03 Rafi licenses Duraswitch technologies
Rafi GmbH & Co. KG, one of the largest switch manufacturers in Germany, has signed a non-exclusive license agreement with Duraswitch
2002-03-12 Poly-Optical fiber-optic panel backlights keyboard using one LED
The company's UniGlo fiber-optic panel backlights full-travel computer keyboards and flat panel membrane switch keyboard overlays with a single LED as light source.
2004-03-29 Global Creatronics switches have EL backlighting
Global Creatronics has expanded its product range with the release of a membrane switch that features an EL backlighting.
2003-02-28 Duraswitch, Siemens forge license pact
Siemens AG and Duraswitch Ind. Inc. have entered a non-exclusive, royalty-bearing license agreement.
2003-05-15 Duraswitch named technology manufacturer for Printec
Duraswitch has executed a non-exclusive license agreement with Printec Electronics.
2003-08-06 Backlighting panels designed with conductive pads
Lumitex's fiber-optic backlighting panels feature conductive pads designed into the panel that integrate switch and fiber-optic backlight technology
2006-10-16 Optical fiber provides versatility
Fiber-optic technology's versatility extends to illumination applications beyond LCD and membrane switch backlighting.
2002-11-05 Thinner, brighter LEDs shine for PDAs
Two LED lines from Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas tout advances in package sizes, luminosity, and color reproducibility.
2012-07-20 Molex custom LED circuit assemblies well-suited for high volume production
Custom LED solutions on PCBs offer a wide range of high volume production design options.
2005-10-24 Lumitex's white LED FO backlights shine brighter at no extra cost
Lumitex's new white LEDs that are said to provide a true white backlight that is 2-1/2 times brighter than previous generations of RGB UniGlo panels, with no increase in price.
2009-05-07 Lumitex builds Asian manufacturing site in Taiwan
Lumitex Inc. has established the West Coast R&D Center in Irvine, California, and Asian manufacturing center in Taipei, Taiwan to help develop, apply and produce illumination solutions using patented LED and fiber optic technologies for electronics applications on the West Coast and in Asia.
2012-01-03 Top smartphone trends of 2011
As we begin the new year, it is worth recording some of the more significant episodes that left their mark on the mobile market in 2011.
2006-02-02 Receiver IC allows use of standard headphone jacks
Maxim Integrated Products Inc. introduced the MAX11041 wired, remote-controller receiver IC for portable media players.
2007-11-08 Physical sensors drive MEMS consumerization wave (Part 2)
ST's Benedetto Vigna notes that we are now living in the era of MEMS consumerization where mic, motion and pressure sensors are the main actors and he believes this trend will continue for the next five years.
2007-10-18 Physical sensors drive MEMS consumerization wave (Part 1)
Benedetto Vigna notes that we are living today in the commercial era of MEMS Consumerization where microphones, motion and pressure sensors are the main actors. He believes this trend will continue for the next five years.
2005-08-16 Molecular gates spin photons from chemicals
A Northern Ireland and Japan team develops a tiny molecular transistor that emits photons when supplied with the right chemicals.
2009-02-13 Implantable SoC improves drug therapy
Engineers at National Taiwan University have developed an implantable SoC capable of drug delivery within a living person that has shown potential for improving the effectiveness of drug therapy through precision control, according to a paper presented on Feb. 10 at the IEEE's International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).
2012-11-06 Imec, Nantero to develop carbon nanotube NVM
Imec backs Nantero in research project aimed at producing carbon nanotube non-volatile memories smaller than 20nm as possible DRAM replacement.
2008-04-01 ICs ready for medical practice
Recent semiconductor advances in the medical field give credence to a rising belief that biology will be one of the next big application areas in electronics.
2010-03-10 Battle over e-book display alternatives heats up
E Ink used to worry about the many e-paper competitors until Apple launched iPad, which uses standard LCD that sacrifices e-paper's readability and zero-power modes but offers higher refresh rates and full color.
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