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2010-01-05 South Korea drops NAND antitrust case
South Korea's Fair Trade Commission has closed a three-year investigation of NAND flash memory chipmakers, saying it found no evidence that they were engaged in international price fixing
2007-09-19 Samsung to cooperate in U.S. NAND antitrust probe
In a statement, Samsung Electronics said it will fully cooperate with the ongoing U.S. government probe into possible anticompetitive practices in the NAND flash memory chip market
2007-10-22 Intel gets antitrust clearance to set up Numonyx
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has granted Intel Corp. antitrust clearance to form its flash joint venture with STMicroelectronics, according to an Associated Press report
2008-09-19 Which memory rival should buy SanDisk
SanDisk Corp. will most likely be acquired by a rival but the question is which of its NAND memory competitors or partners will buy the company
2008-03-28 Rambus is victorious in trial vs. memory makers
Rambus has scored a legal victory against memory makers Hynix Semiconductor, Micron Technologies and Nanya Technology in relation to its participation in the early 1990s in the standards body Jedec
2012-09-13 Micron-Elpida merger passes U.S. antitrust review
Micron's proposed takeover of struggling DRAM firm Elpida has been granted a go ahead by U.S. regulators.
2004-07-23 Infineon sees sales gains wiped out by antitrust charges
Munich-based semiconductor supplier Infineon Technologies AG reported revenue of $2.3 billion in its third 2004 fiscal quarter ended June, up from $2.06 billion the second fiscal quarter and $1.8 billion in the year-ago third fiscal quarter.
2002-05-16 FTC stops short of confirming Rambus antitrust suit
A government antitrust investigation of Rambus Inc.'s involvement in a memory standards group is continuing, a Federal Trade Commission spokesman said May 14.
2008-11-27 FTC asks Supreme Court to review Rambus antitrust case
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a lower court decision and restore the FTC's original finding of anticompetitive behavior against memory technology vendor Rambus Inc
2006-02-03 Elpida pleads guilty in DRAM antitrust case
Elpida Memory announced that it has reached an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice to plead guilty to certain violations of U.S. antitrust laws in connection with certain DRAM sales.
2007-08-29 EC charges Rambus of antitrust violations
The EC has issued a Statement of Objections against Rambus on alleged violations of the European Union antitrust law
2009-06-17 Rambus, EC to settle patent spat
Rambus Inc. has agreed to cut its royalties on some parts to settle a long-running and high-profile dispute with European antitrust regulators and will thus avoid paying a fine
2007-09-20 Microsoft's EU loss may have ripple effect on Apple, Intel
The European Court's decision to uphold the 2004 ruling of the European Commission on Microsoft's antitrust case could influence the very nature of competition among the dominant players in the technology industry like Intel and Apple
2008-03-31 Micron, Hynix, Nanya react to Rambus acquittal
Memory makers Micron, Hynix and Nanya released separate statements expressing their disappointment over the federal court jury decision favoring Rambus in their long-running legal battle in which they accused the latter of antitrust practices.
2006-06-05 Micron, Hynix e-mails indicate price fixing scheme
Online reports said Micron and Hynix exchanged e-mails that suggest the companies colluded to fix memory chip prices in an effort to hurt Rambus
2004-09-20 Infineon agrees to pay $160M fine in U.S. DRAM price-fixing probe
Infineon Technologies AG has agreed to pay a $160 million fine as part of a federal DRAM price-fixing probe, the Justice Department said.
2009-01-09 EC raids Infineon, ST, NXP for price fixing
The European Union antitrust authorities are conducting investigations against a number of semiconductor companies active in the smart card chip business for alleged illegal price fixing and customer allocation
2006-02-27 Court denies Rambus' bid to prove chip makers colluded
A San Francisco court decision last week refused Rambus Inc.'s motion to release possible evidence that a number of chip makers conspired against the company by fixing prices and engaging in other anti-competitive practices.
2006-10-18 Mitsubishi hit by SRAM probe
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. received a subpoena from the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division, seeking information about the sales of its SRAM parts in the United States
2002-05-20 Infineon adds Starr power to Rambus appeal
Rambus Inc. and Infineon Technologies AG will return to the courtroom on June 3 when a federal appeals panel hears their arguments in a long-running patent disclosure case.
2007-09-18 NAND makers face class action suit over price fixing
SanDisk and 23 other companies are facing a class action suit over alleged price fixing for NAND flash memory devices in the market
2015-11-20 China's chip acquisitions send ripples across industry
The technologies and IP targeted by China include disk drives, CMOS image sensors, servers, memory chips and advanced semiconductor packaging and test services
2010-08-06 Will Intel buy Infineon wireless?
Intel is the most likely buyer for Infineon's wireless business now up for sale, though Broadcom is a better fit and Samsung is clearly interested, says Forward Concepts.
2007-06-18 Standards process faces IP debate
If the process by which technology standards are forged and implemented isn't broken, it is surely straining under the relentless technological change, patent-infringement suits and the increasingly noisy standards battles among competing industry consortia.
2007-02-08 Samsung to pay $90M settlement for DRAM price fixing
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has agreed to pay $90 million to settle litigation brought by 41 U.S. states pertaining to the company's alleged participation in a global DRAM price-fixing conspiracy.
2005-01-04 Samsung sets aside $100 million for DRAM probe
South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd said that it has set aside a $100 million provision against a DRAM price fixing scheme that has rocked the industry, according to published reports.
2006-03-24 Samsung execs face jail in connection with DRAM probe
Three Samsung Electronics executives have agreed to plead guilty and to serve jail time in the United States in conjunction with an alleged global conspiracy to fix DRAM prices.
2003-01-13 Nifty gadgets brighten hope for an upturn
It rained in the desert resort town of Las Vegas as the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) prepared to open its doors.
2003-09-16 MIPI a Symbian replay on handset hardware
The creation of the MIPI alliance is bound to change the dynamics of the mobile industry as it pushes for applications-rich mobile devices.
2012-07-04 Micron purchasing Elpida, Rexchip stocks also included
Micron Technology is set to acquire Elpida while also acquiring 89 percent ownership of Rexchip.
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