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2006-09-01 Demand for features boggles portable memory
Handset models are changing yearly as designers strive to balance what end users want and what can actually be designed. Many trade-offs must be considered, including performance and features vs. price, size and battery life.
2002-11-20 CviLux PC card connectors mate with SD memory cards
The CSD series of PC Card Type I connectors from CviLux Corp. is able to mate with SD memory cards and is suitable for use in portable device apps.
2002-08-30 Corex memory-card connector suits MP3 players
The 2505 series of SD memory-card connectors from Corex Intervest Inc. is rated at 125V and 100A, withstands up to 500V, and is designed for use in portable MP3 players.
2003-12-04 Corex memory card connector rated at 0.5A
Corex Intervest Inc. has announced the availability of its 2475 series of XD picture memory-card connector that comes with 22 pins.
2008-09-12 CF card boasts increased capacity, improved transfer rate
Lexar Media has developed the Lexar Professional UDMA 300x 16Gbyte CompactFlash (CF) card that provides a combination of increased capacity, professional-level performance and reliability
2004-04-30 Card reader allows flash memory to PC data transfer
Iomega's new CD-RW/DVD-ROM Plus 7-in-1 Card Reader can transfer photos, music and data from flash memory media to the computer and burn them on to a CD.
2003-09-19 Card connector has complete PCMCIA-ATA functionality
The 3.1 series of memory card connectors from Almita Co. Ltd is a normal or reverse type memory stick card connector that comes with complete PCMCIA-ATA functionality.
2002-06-25 California Card Systems to manage Atmel smart card line in India
India-based California Card Systems Pvt Ltd will be handling Atmel Corp.'s smart card product line in India
2012-11-15 Automotive-grade memory cards showcased by Micron
Micron's automotive eMMC 4.41-compatible devices have ramped up the volume production for automotive OEMs and leading car makers.
2002-10-22 Astron SMC memory card connector rated to 250V
The 54-26 series of SMC memory card connector from Astron Technology Corp. is rated at 250V, 0.5A.
2003-03-27 Astron PC Card connector operates to 60C
The 54-26 series of PC Card connectors from Astron Technology Corp. is rated at 250V, 0.5A and is designed for operation up to 60C
2004-08-17 Astron card connectors rated at 0.5A
Astron released SD card connectors that feature a current rating of 0.5A (max.) and insulation resistance of 1 gigaohm (min
2004-08-30 Astron card connectors feature 1.5mm pitch
Astron disclosed the availability of its latest MS Memory Card connectors that have a pitch of 1.5mm and rated current of 0.5A.
2002-07-23 APT memory-card connector has 40-milliohm contact resistance
The 601 series of CompactFlash memory card connectors from A Point Technology Co. Ltd offers a contact resistance of 40 milliohms and an insulation resistance of 1 gigaohms.
2003-01-09 Amkor memory card packaging cuts cost in half
Amkor Technology Inc. has developed what it claims to be the industry's first leadframe-based memory for use in portable, handheld apps
2005-10-05 Alps rolls new SD card connector
The SCDA5 series of SD memory card connectors from Alps Electric adopts a high-reliability contact structure that ensures a decreased width of 27mm.
2002-12-09 Alps releases smallest memory stick duo connector
The SCEM series of Memory Stick Duo connectors from Alps Electric Co. Ltd measures 23-by-26.9-by-2.3mm - the industry's smallest
2002-02-13 Adtron SCSI storage system fits into 3U card
The SC3 SCSI storage system offers up to 4GB of Flash memory or up to 40GB of hard-disk space on a single-slot 3U card, making it suitable for use in network routers, military computer systems, aviation and vehicle-based computers.
2003-06-03 A-Yikuo CF card connector operates to 60C
The YK-4 reverse-type, CompactFlash memory card connector of A-Yikuo Technology Co. Ltd is rated at 100Vac, 0.5A.
2007-05-21 8Gbyte microSD card rolls for handset designs
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed an 8Gbyte microSD flash memory card designed for use in today's multimedia cellphones.
2013-02-15 Xilinx Virtex-7 based FPGA card tooled for OpenVPX
Alpha Data's ADM-VPX3-7V2 is designed to support the FPGA (V2000T), PCIe Gen3, VITA57 FMC I/O and full industrial ruggedisation.
2005-02-04 x16 PCI Express quad-display graphics card lays claim to industry-first status
Matrox Graphics' QID LP PCIe board is billed as the industry's first x16 PCI Express graphics card that can drive up to four displays at a time
2011-09-12 Wireless memory supports NFC-enabled smartphones
The dual-interface EEPROM will give mobile devices the capability to speed up wireless transfer and data storage.
2007-11-05 Wi-Fi card for digicams eases photo sharing
Eye-Fi Card fits into an SD slot and automatically sends pictures from the digicam to a local PC or Mac or to an online site based on preset user preferences
2012-09-21 Why GigaDevice gambles on NOR flash memory
China fabless firm GigaDevice is staying put in the NOR flash market even if the industry proves challenging for sales growth and expansion.
2008-09-19 Which memory rival should buy SanDisk
SanDisk Corp. will most likely be acquired by a rival but the question is which of its NAND memory competitors or partners will buy the company
2008-03-17 Waveform digitizer PCIe card records up to 2Gsamples
Strategic Test's two-channel 10MSps 12bit waveform digitizer PCIe card can record signals to the card memory of up to 2Gsamples or streamed at full rate to the host PC.
2006-12-20 Tyco offers connectors for Memory Stick devices
Tyco Electronics offers digital storage connectors in a variety of configurations for Memory Stick media products
2006-03-08 Translators target cellphone memory cards
STMicroelectronics announced two 6bit level translators intended for interfacing the 1.8V or 2.5V signals of cellphones and other products with the nominal 3.3V levels used by plug-in memory cards
2003-07-21 Toshiba launches SD card-based DRM system
Toshiba has announced that they have developed a DRM system that supports safe, secure distribution of digital book content.
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