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What is flash memory?
A form of non-volatile computer memory that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed. Flash is a technology that is primarily used in memory cards. Unlike EEPROM, it is erased and programmed in blocks consisting of multiple locations.
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2005-04-25 ZiLOG unveils 8KB Flash memory
ZiLOG expanded its Z8 Encore! XP MCU line up with the release of the F08xA, an 8KB flash memory. This addition extends the flash memory range of the Z8 Encore! XP family to include 1-, 2-, 4- and 8KB varieties.
2008-05-16 What's the best flash memory flavor for your design?
The embedded systems industry has been waiting for "universal memory" to come along. This article discusses the various flavors of NAND and NOR flash memory that may be the suitable to your design needs.
2007-08-23 TSMC begins 0.13? embedded flash production
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd (TSMC) has qualified its 0.13? embedded flash process and has entered production
2006-07-14 Toshiba, SanDisk name flash-memory JV
Moving to expand its ties, Toshiba and SanDisk blessed and gave a new name its previously-announced NAND flash-memory fab venture.
2002-02-07 Toshiba, Samsung show 1Gb Flash designs
Serial Flash reached the gigabit density at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference, where Toshiba Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd each described 1Gb NAND Flash designs on Monday (Feb. 4
2002-04-18 Toshiba Flash memories have 60ns access time
Toshiba has announced the availability of its 0.165m page-mode 64Mb and 128Mb NOR Flash memories that feature a random access time of 60ns and page access time of 20ns
2005-10-10 Toshiba boosts capex amid flash demand
Toshiba Corp. on Thursday (October 6) said that it plans to boost its semiconductor capital spending due to strong demand for flash memory and other products, according to a report from Reuters.
2002-02-22 STMicroelectronics Flash memory eliminates external RAM
Designed for digital consumer products such as STBs, PDAs, camcorders, and printers, the M58LW032A 32Mb Flash memory chip stores data, but allows direct execution of stored codes and eliminates the need for a separate RAM.
2001-10-03 ST9 Flash programming
This application note gives guidelines to program the ST9 Flash devices depending on these programming situations: in the manufacturing line (ISP); in the development laboratory (with the EPB); and in the field (ISP
2005-02-03 SST, Nanotech ink flash memory agreement
Silicon Storage Technology Inc. (SST) and China-based semiconductor foundry Nanotech Corp. have entered into a multi-faceted investment, technology licensing and foundry relationship.
2003-06-20 SST's MTP Products: A Superior Alternative to EPROM and Low Functionality Flash
This application note describes the feature and benefits of Silicon Storage Technology's MTP products and how they can be used in existing UV-EPROM, OTP and Flash designs
2008-08-21 Software advances flash memories' capacity
Samsung has released software that helps in improving the ability of its proprietary embedded flash memories such as OneNAND, Flex-OneNAND and moviNAND in smart phones
2012-12-27 Significance of flash memory to the smart home
Understand why flash memory is becoming more critical to the connected home and smart energy sectors.
2007-03-16 Secure portable CEs with OTP memory
Content protection and post-process analog cost cutting are increasingly important in CE devices. Chip developers who want to handle these requirements cost-effectively must rethink the types of memory IP they use and consider using OTP memory
2015-01-27 Rising flash array uptake hits $11.3B in 2014
IDC credits the growth to a wider variety of offerings from vendors that handle different, increasingly complex workloads.
2000-08-28 Programming Atmel's family of Flash memories
This application note describes the design benefits of Atmel's Flash architecture as well as how the device ID feature is used to adjust for varying densities and supply voltages
2007-02-01 Next-gen memory market up for grabs
The frantic search for a next-generation memory technology took center stage at the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting in December, amid growing concerns that DRAM and flash parts will no longer scale in the near future.
2009-02-18 MLC NOR flash in 45nm now sampling
Numonyx BV is now sampling its multilevel cell (MLC) NOR flash memory products made using a 45nm process technology. The company claimed its 45nm products are the "most advanced" NOR flash memories in the market.
1999-10-01 Migration from 16Mb to 64Mb Flash memory devices
This document deals in creating a seamless migration path from AMD 16Mb or 32Mb low voltage (LV) Flash and simultaneous Read/Write (DL) devices to higher densities
2004-12-23 Micron ships 2Gb 90nm NAND flash memory products
Micron Technology Inc. has shipped its first production 2Gb NAND flash memory products, hitting the target of its entry strategy into the NAND market.
2010-07-21 MCU family handles memory-heavy apps
Energy Micro unleashes the Giant Gecko family of microcontrollers targeting memory-heavy applications
2006-12-01 Intel StrataFlash embedded memory to Freescale ColdFire MCF5272 design guide
This application note describes the interface between the following Intel StrataFlash embedded memory device and Freescale Coldfire MPC5272 processor and discusses general concepts involved when interfacing the features and control signals of the P30 flash memory device.
2006-12-01 Intel StrataFlash cellular memory to ARM PrimeCell design guide
This application note describes interfacing Intel StrataFlash Cellular Memory to ARM PrimeCell synchronous static memory controller (SSMC) and multi-port memory controller (MPMC) as well as integrated features and control signals for interfacing the M18 flash memory and LPSDRAM to the SSMC and MPMC, respectively.
2002-04-18 Intel cuts flash memory I/O to 1.8V
Intel Corp.'s Flash memory group has unveiled a two-pronged strategy to reduce the operating voltages of its non-volatile devices to 1.8V and churn out more advanced packages.
1999-10-01 Improving memory access timing in Z182 applications
This application note demonstrates the calculations of both ROM and RAM access timing, and provide examples of a conventional processor/memory interface design for V.FAST modem with processing speeds approaching 33MHz
2006-10-31 IDC sees bleak outlook for NAND flash
The outlook for NAND flash memory is bleak for 2006 and 2007, forecasts research firm IDC.
2006-12-13 IBM, Macronix, Qimoda claim fast phase-change memory
Macronix and Qimonda claimed that they have developed a phase-change memory prototype that boasts switching speeds at more than 500 times faster than traditional flash-memory technologies.
2008-04-15 IBM fields 'racetrack memory' for handhelds
IBM researchers are working on a technology dubbed as 'racetrack memory,' which uses tiny magnetic boundaries to store data for handheld gadgets storing hours of film footage
2010-03-02 How to migrate from the M58BW016DT/B to the M58BW016FT/B flash memories
This application note describes how to use the M58BW016FT/B in applications based on the M58BW016DT/B flash memories
2002-04-16 Hitachi Flash memories sense defective sectors
Designed for mobile phones and PDAs, Hitachi Ltd's superAND type of Flash memories incorporate a defective sector control function to detect and automatically replace defective sectors with reserved sectors
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