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What is a memory interface?
An external memory interface is a bus protocol for communication from an IC, such as a microprocessor, to an external memory device located on a circuit board. Internal memory interfaces apply to communication with on-chip memory. The asynchronous External Memory Interface (EMIF) is a Texas Instruments IC bus used in their DSPs and digital media SoCs.
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2004-12-10 FPGA interface to the TMSC6000 DSP platform using EMIF
This app note presents the connection of Xilinx FPGAs to a Texas Instruments TMSC6000 DSP platform using the available external memory interface (EMIF).
2007-05-09 Flash interface boosts I/O bandwidth by tenfold
Mosaid Technologies Inc. is unveiling a new memory interface that it claims will increase I/O bandwidth in flash by more than ten times today's conventional devices.
2013-01-28 Fit in large-capacity memory in advanced-node SoCs
Using large-capacity SRAMs can dramatically reduce leakage and deliver higher system performance while keeping mask costs in check.
2009-06-30 Exec: Memory biz needs more consolidation
The memory industry's business model sector is broken, prompting the need for more rational behavior and consolidation in the industry, according to an executive at the Memcon technology event
2007-03-05 Dual DIMM DDR2 SDRAM memory interface design guidelines
As applications become more demanding, deeper memory is required leading to the need for more than one DIMM memory configuration. This application note focuses on the system implementation of a dual unbuffered DIMM DDR2 SDRAM memory interface, operating at 267MHz/533Mbps.
2005-06-14 DSP vendors kick up memory, speed for VoIP
Freescale's MSC711x DSP family offers the price/performance, high integration and connectivity required by VoIP system manufacturers.
2001-04-11 DS80C320 memory interface timing
This application note identifies the critical timing paths associated with the DS80C320 memory interface and identifies memory speeds required for various CPU crystal frequencies.
2007-02-26 DIMM sockets offer more memory at higher speeds
Molex has released a fully buffered DIMM socket that provides more memory capacity at higher speeds
2007-03-05 Design guidelines for implementing external memory interfaces in Stratix II and Stratix II GX devices
Stratix II offers support for double data rate (DDR) memories, such as DDR2/DDR SDRAM, QDRII+/QDRII SRAM, and RLDRAM II interfaces. Applications with these memory interfaces include PCs, embedded processing, image processing, storage, communications, and networking
2005-09-29 Denali, LSI Logic ink agreement on memory interface IP
Denali Software Inc. and LSI Logic Corp. have entered into a strategic agreement on memory interface intellectual property (IP), the companies said.
2008-05-01 Defining the memory's role in a secured environment
Today's mobile phones are used for a myriad of new applications that involve storing sensitive data and providing such secure services as mobile payments. With phones storing more critical information than ever before, it is increasingly important to keep them safe from rogue software.
2009-02-11 DDR3 SDRAM memory interface termination and layout guidelines
DDR3 SDRAM offers features designed to improve signal integrity of increased bus speed.
2009-01-15 DDR3 interface solution enables 1.6bit/s data rates
Panasonic Corp. has licensed Rambus Inc.'s DDR3 memory controller interface solution for system LSI implementation in consumer electronics products.
2008-08-08 DDR regulator fits low-power memory termination
TI has launched a sink/source DDR termination regulator that is suited for all power management requirements for DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 low-power memory termination
2014-09-05 DDR memory IP boasts innovative adaptive tech
Uniquify's DDR memory subsystem IP targets broadband, cellular communications, DSL, HDTV, image processing, networking, test and measurement, video equipment markets
2016-05-02 Data inspection techniques for massive memory designs
Learn about efficient data inspection techniques that will help you reduce the verification stint in a large storage high bandwidth DDR-based memory design
2004-12-10 Creating high-speed memory interfaces with Virtex-II and Virtex-II Pro FPGAs
This app note discusses the challenges with various techniques to overcome key concepts in implementing any memory interface.
2010-12-06 Create wider memory interface with MCB
Learn how to merge the operation of two or more memory controller blocks to implement effective 32-bit or wider memory interfaces
2009-05-20 Consortium pushes for next-gen memory interface spec
Hynix Semiconductor, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics and Silicon Image have formed an industry consortium that promotes Serial Port Memory Technology (SPMT) for broad market adoption as an industry standard
2008-06-26 Common flash memory interface specification
This specification release (as application note by Spansion) defines the basic Query interface for CFI-compliant devices
2003-07-15 Collaboration releases fastest memory available
Rambus Inc., Toshiba, and Elpida have released the XDR DRAM, which the companies claim as the fastest memory available in the market
2014-11-17 Characterisation of DDR memory system margins
Memories are vital to system operation and performance. Designers need a better way to look inside the memory sub-system to ensure the system is optimised for production
2006-07-27 ARM releases next-gen DDR memory solutions
The new ARM Velocity DDR products are compliant with JEDEC standards for DDR, DDR2, Mobile DDR and GDDR3 SDRAM and support standard CMOS processes on 130-, 110-, 90- and 65nm nodes for leading foundries.
2007-01-10 ARM DDR1/2 memory interface supports TSMC 90nm process
ARM has announced the availability of the ARM Velocity DDR1/2 memory interface in its Artisan physical IP family to support TSMC's 90nm general-purpose process.
2000-09-08 Adding external data memory to the Z893X1 DSP chip
This application note addresses the data memory insufficiency of Zilog's Z893X1 DSP by adding a simple external data interface, and presents some possible design variations.
2009-02-04 'Promising' memory interface gears for mobiles
Rambus Inc. will demonstrate new memory interface geared for mobile devices that delivers 16 times the bandwidth of today's technologies at a fraction of the power they would consume. Analysts said the technology is unique and promising, but faces several hurdles on the road to adoption.
2005-04-25 ZiLOG unveils 8KB Flash memory
ZiLOG expanded its Z8 Encore! XP MCU line up with the release of the F08xA, an 8KB flash memory. This addition extends the flash memory range of the Z8 Encore! XP family to include 1-, 2-, 4- and 8KB varieties
2004-06-25 Xilinx launches 200MHz QDR II SRAM memory tool kit
Xilinx developed a programmable 200MHz QDR II SRAM Memory Tool Kit that provides a comprehensive resource for system designers interfacing to QDR II SRAM devices
2002-02-08 Xicor's real-time clock chips support two-wire interface
Two real-time clock (RTC) chips from Xicor Inc. contain 32K-by-8 bits of EEPROM that can be used for byte-addressable, nonvolatile storage.
2014-11-14 Worst practices for DDR memory testing
There are some things to watch out for when testing DDR memory deviceswe call them worst practices. These can adversely influence measurement accuracy or even wreck your probing setup
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