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2010-02-22 MCUs boast <190?s 256-point 16bit FFT execution time
NXP Semiconductors has released the LPC1769 and LPC1759 microcontrollers that operate at 120MHz, touted to be the fastest ARM Cortex-M3 MCUs in the industry
2005-09-14 Mattson wins follow-on strip, RTP orders from Promos
Mattson Technology Inc., a supplier of advanced process equipment used to manufacture semiconductors, has received follow-on orders for its Aspen III ICPHT and Helios RTP systems from Promos Technologies
2011-03-04 JSR, IBM launch self-assembly litho structure
Targeted at the sub-20nm half-pitch node, the new DSA technology enables phase separation, resulting in good profiles and more flexible use in both logic and memory applications
2007-10-11 Japan chip industry up for painful restructuring
Amid a sluggish cycle in semiconductors, Japan's IC industry is moving towards a new round of restructuring if not a shakeout among the weaker players there
2008-12-03 iSuppli notes revenue slump for top chipmakers
Six of the top 10 chip companies are expected to suffer revenue declines in 2008, with the broader industry hamstrung by a "disastrous" year for the memory chip segment, according to iSuppli
2007-06-25 iSuppli crops chip revenue outlook
iSuppli has lowered its semiconductors revenue growth outlook this year to 6 percent, from last April's 8 percent
2010-02-16 Infineon turns focus on power ICs, China market
Infineon Technologies AG will zero in on power semiconductors and the Chinese market, according to the text of speech given to shareholders by CEO Peter Bauer
2010-02-25 Infineon sues Elpida for patent infringement
Infineon Technologies filed a complaint with the U.S. ITC against Elpida Memory for certain DRAM and products that infringe four of Infineon's patents covering key inventions in semiconductor processing
2008-03-20 Indonesia's ID cards to carry NXP contactless chips
NXP Semiconductors will be supplying SmartMX chips to Pura Smart Technology, the smartcard manufacturing division of Indonesia's PT. Pura Barutama
2011-10-14 IBM, 3M partnering for 3D ICs
IBM Corp. and 3M Corp. are collaborating on developing the first adhesives that can be used to package semiconductors into densely stacked silicon "towers
2007-10-19 HDTV transcoder handles multiple standards
Horizon Semiconductors intends to bridge the gap between the number of different HDTV protocols and standards with its Hz4010 multistandard transcoder chip
2008-07-07 HDMI switches include auto-adaptive equalizers
NXP Semiconductors launched HDMI1.3a smart switches, which boast built-in auto-adaptive equalizers for intelligently maintaining consistently high audio-visual quality over longer HDMI cables
2012-06-20 Handling behemoth designs
Learn about some strategies and tool requirements for physical implementation of large and complex semiconductors
2015-04-15 Graphene offers Moore's Law indefinite extension
Apart from being dubbed as a wonder material for semiconductors and flaunting about 100 times the strength of steel by weight, graphene is considered ideal for nanoscale spintronic devices
2015-12-14 Global chip market to fall by 0.6% next year
TrendForce forecasted that the dropping memory average selling prices will drag down the total chip market next year and cause it to fall by 0.6 per cent to $329 billion
2013-07-09 Getting started with NTAG for RFID in electronics
Learn how to get started with RFID in Electronics using the NTAG203F, an NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant IC with 144B user memory and field detection feature
2007-06-12 Gartner: OEMs eyeing direct-to-foundry route
Gartner said slowing growth in semiconductors is driving some systems makers to experiment with direct links to foundries, cutting traditional chipmakers out of the picture
2008-05-05 Fujitsu reports advance in 'soft error' estimation
Researchers at Fujitsu Laboratories in Japan are claiming a major advance on improving the reliability of semiconductors with a technique for quick and accurate measurement of the 'soft errors' that could be caused to a chip by the effect of neutrons from some cosmic rays
2004-06-01 For metrology, nano changes everything
International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors said that the transistor gate length of microprocessors at the 45nm node will be <20nm in 2010
2007-04-05 February chip sales saw 4.2% increase y-o-y
SIA reported that the three-month average of worldwide sales of semiconductors was $20.09 billion in February, 6.5 percent lower than the three-month average in January when sales were $21.48 billion
2014-05-05 Exploring Samsung 2x nm LPDDR3 DRAM
Know some of the challenges faced by memory makers as they strive for sub-20 nm devices
2004-04-06 Elpida to acquire NEC fab
NEC Corp. group is reorganizing its semiconductor-related units, transferring its Hiroshima fab to Elpida Memory Inc
2009-02-06 Elpida seeks gov't bailout, mergers
Elpida Memory Inc., the remaining Japanese DRAM manufacturer, is exploring a government bailout, but public funds alone probably wouldn't do the trick
2006-08-10 Dual-CPU network processors deliver 800MIPS
The Gemini family of dual-CPU network processors from StorLink Semiconductors Inc. delivers up to 800MIPS
2002-12-03 Dongjin provides semiconductor resists to TI
Texas Instruments Inc. has selected Korea-based Dongjin Semichem Co Ltd to provide them with ArF resists for their next-generation semiconductors
2011-03-07 Directed self-assembly gains steam
Despite its inherent defects, DSA could have applications in areas such as flash memory production where the regular structure of circuits and cost sensitivity of the market may make it attractive
2012-04-12 Counterfeit parts: A billion-dollar risk
The five most prevalent types of semiconductors reported as counterfeits represent $169 billion in potential risk per year for the global electronics supply chain
2008-10-07 Compact ARM9 MCUs integrate high speed USB OTG
NXP Semiconductors has announced that its latest offerings, LPC3130 and LPC3131, are the industry's most affordable ARM9 MCUs with high speed (480Mbit/s) USB 2.0 OTG
2008-02-07 Chips of the future will mimic human learning
Tomorrow's semiconductors will mimic the human brain to solve problems in novel ways, according to Jeff Hawkins, whose startup Numenta is shipping tools to create smart algorithms that learn the same way as the human neocortex
2003-08-06 Chip sales total $12.5B in June '03
According to the Semiconductor Industry Association, worldwide sales of semiconductors reached $12.54B in June 2003, up slightly from the $12.49B in revenue reported in May of 2003
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