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2008-06-19 Example of memory-to-memory transfer by the DMAC (LRAM to DDR SDRAM)
This application note from Renesas Technology gives an example of how to set products of the SH7780 Group for inter-memory (LRAM to DDR SDRAM) data transfer and describes a sample application for this purpose
2011-02-24 Using DMAC II in single transfer mode
Learn about the method for performing single transfer by activating DMAC II in the R32C/100 Series
2014-07-17 Utilising ARM Cortex-M based SoCs (Part 1)
Learn how internal SoC peripherals, such as an op-amp, ADC, PWM, and most importantly a processor core, are used to develop a system with the least number of components on the PCB.
2013-08-08 Peripheral hub as backbone of efficient SoC design
Know the ways to integrate digital, analogue, routing, and interconnect sub-systems into an ARM-based SoC embedded system.
2008-08-20 PCIe switches 'first' to integrate DMA engine
PLX Technology Inc. announced three powerful new PCIe switch devices with innovative architecture that features an integrated direct memory access engine.
2007-09-14 Digital STB-on-a-chip delivers 65nm advantages
Broadcom says it has developed the industry's most advanced 65nm SoC solution designed for use in next-generation cable, satellite and IP STBs.
2006-12-19 ARM9-based MCU from Atmel delivers 200MIPS
Atmel's AT91SAM9263 embeds a 200MIPS ARM926EJ-S-based MCU that overcomes bottlenecks occurring with conventional ARM9-based MCUs in graphically-interfaced, data-intensive applications.
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