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2004-12-03 Mentor division rolls out USB OTG support for Nucleus RTOS
Accelerated Tech announced USB On-The-Go support for the Nucleus Real-Time Operating System.
2003-05-22 Mentor design flow expands FPGA tools
Mentor Graphics Corp. has released an FPGA design flow that expands traditional FPGA tools with new technologies to address emerging challenges of complex FPGA designs.
2007-09-26 Mentor delivers FPGA/PCB design tool for PADS
Mentor Graphics has unveiled the PADS I/O Designer product specifically targeted at its PADS product user community.
2003-08-05 Mentor debt sale may fuel acquisitions
A move by Mentor Graphics Corp. to sell $100M in debentures may be a precursor to one or more coming acquisitions.
2005-04-04 Mentor CES in PCB design flows
Mentor disclosed that it has released its next-generation constraint editor system into its Expedition Series and Board Station RE PCB design flows
2009-09-17 Mentor CEO: IC industry is recovering
Mentor Graphics Mentor CEO Walden Rhines said optimism in the IC industry is spreading to the EDA sector, though most design companies are still limiting new spending.
2010-03-05 Mentor CEO warns of soaring IC design costs
Chip design costs are expected to shoot up, but softwarenot hardwareis playing a much greater role in the problematic equations, warned Mentor chairman and CEO Walden Rhines
2004-06-16 Mentor CEO confirms DFM as best bet for EDA boost
Finding sustainable growth in the EDA industry is not an easy thing, according to Wally Rhines, Mentor Graphics CEO and chairman of the EDA Consortium.
2001-05-01 Mentor CEO argues FPGAs will drive platforms
This article describes how FPGA platforms will innovate designs and how engineers can make the most out of it.
2014-07-24 Mentor centralises environments in PCB development with xDM
xDM, a data management suite for Xpedition, provides a flow-wide information hub that manages design projects of any size, and facilitates exchange of data among internal, external, and global teams.
2005-06-13 Mentor Catapult C supports Panasonic network equipment apps
Mentor Graphics Corp. announced that Panasonic Communications Co. Ltd has selected the Mentor Graphics Catapult C Synthesis tool after evaluating other high-level synthesis tools.
2003-07-08 Mentor buys Ethernet core business from Alcatel
Mentor Graphics Corp. has beefed up its Inventra core library with the purchase of the Ethernet cores group and IP from Alcatel Inc.
2002-01-16 Mentor bolsters PCB design family
Mentor Graphics Corp. has upgraded its Board Station family of PCB design products, adding productivity and usability improvements across the flow, including enhanced support for concurrent design, additional OS support, and improved system integration and performance, the company said.
2003-07-17 Mentor beefs up shrink-wrap PCB tools
Attempting to woo customers and market share from rivals in the shrink-wrap segment of the PCB tool market, Mentor Graphics has released new configurations of PADS Suites.
2004-10-08 Mentor automates test tools, adds guru to staff
Mentor Graphics Corp. has added new automated functionality to its FastScan automatic test pattern generation tool (ATPG) and its TestKompress embedded deterministic test tool.
2004-11-24 Mentor appoints CADinformatique as distributor in France
Mentor Graphics Corp. has selected CADinformatique as the French distributor for its HDL simulation and synthesis solutions, including the ModelSim and FPGA Advantage design tools.
2006-11-28 Mentor announces synthesis support for Stratix III
Mentor Graphics has announced that its suite of advanced synthesis products supports the newly introduced Stratix III FPGAs from Altera Corp.
2004-07-12 Mentor announces support for SMIC mixed-signal process
Mentor announced it has been supplying a technology design kit for the 0.18?m mixed signal manufacturing process technology offered by SMIC
2006-05-11 Mentor announces Questa partnership
Mentor Graphics announced a partnership with industry-leading companies to enhance the verification options for Questa users and build a strong and comprehensive SystemVerilog ecosystem.
2002-08-22 Mentor adds XML link to parts data
Mentor Graphics Corp. has released an upgrade to its design data management infrastructure solution.
2004-12-27 Mentor adds tools for flex PCBs
Mentor Graphics incorporated flex and rigid-flex PCB design capabilities into its Expedition and Board Station layout tools.
2008-04-04 Mentor adds synthesis support to Xilinx FPGAs
Mentor Graphics reports that its suite of advanced synthesis products now supports Virtex-5 FXT FPGAs from Xilinx Inc.
2004-12-15 Mentor adds more functions to Calibre platform
Mentor announced additional functionality for its Calibre design-to-silicon platform in the form of Calibre Transition, Measure and Analyze
2004-11-22 Mentor adds more emulation products supporting USB, PCI Express
Mentor announced the release of two new iSolve speed adapters from its family of emulation products supporting the USB and PCI Express industry standard protocols
2007-06-13 Mentor acquires Sierra Design for $90M
Mentor Graphics has acquired Sierra Design Automation, a provider of high-performance place and route solutions, for $90 million.
2002-03-12 Mentor acquires RTOS vendor Accelerated Technology
Moving to bolster its RTOS and embedded tool chest, Mentor Graphics Corp. has acquired Accelerated Technology Inc.
2006-10-26 Mentor acquires ESL design company
Eyeing to secure a position in the growing ESL design tool market, Mentor Graphics Corp. has acquired Summit Design for an undisclosed sum.
2010-12-07 Mentor acquires CodeSourcery's open-source assets
Mentor Graphics has acquired CodeSourcery, which will enable it strengthen its position in the open-source segment of embedded development market.
2009-10-15 Mentor acquires CAD software provider
Mentor Graphics Corp. and Valor Computerized Systems Ltd reported that Mentor Graphics will acquire Valor.
2005-05-31 Mentor acquires automotive network design tool provider
Mentor Graphics Corp. has acquired Swedish automotive networking and data communication solutions provider Volcano Communications Technologies, Mentor said.
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