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2013-10-18 Ultra-high-res display makers switch to metal-oxide TFTs
The expensive low-temperature polysilicon process has prompted the ultra-high-res display industry to move to metal oxide TFTs.
2003-05-26 Soldering Recommendations for Surface Mount and Multilayer Metal Oxide Varistors
This application note discusses the recommended procedure for Soldering of surface mount and multilayer metal oxide varistors.
2012-01-06 Metal oxide varistors tout 25ns max response time
The MOVs offer a choice of varistor voltages from 18V to 1.82kV and Vrms voltages from 11V to 1.1kV.
2007-05-18 Metal oxide resistors suit industrial power apps
TT electronics IRC Wire and Film Technologies Division has introduced the new CMO Series of commercial-grade metal oxide resistors that are designed to withstand high temperatures and electrical overloads.
2013-07-29 LCD driver adds support for metal oxide panel technology
The SSD2080M liquid crystal display driver features "Frame Skipping" technology, reducing power consumption of metal oxide panels without sacrificing the display quality.
2005-01-31 Vishay rolls out competitively priced resistors high-volume apps
Vishay released three new series of axial-leaded wirewound/metal oxide resistors that are competitively priced for high-volume apps.
2008-07-04 USDC, Applied team on TFTs for next-gen displays
The U.S. Display Consortium (USDC) and has awarded Applied Materials Inc. a cost-shared contract to develop metal-oxide films for next-generation TFTs.
2003-05-26 Transient Suppression Devices and Principles
This application note discusses the basic principles and functions of transient suppression devices.
2003-05-26 The ABCs of MOVs
This application note discusses the application, basics, and common concerns when dealing with Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs)
2005-11-24 TAEC power amp boosts WLAN, PHS and Bluetooth signals
Toshiba America Electronic Components released a new medium power Silicon Germanium BiCMOS power amplifier that is suitable for use in 1.9GHz to 2.5GHz band wireless apps.
2003-05-26 Surge Suppression Technologies for AC Mains Compared (MOVs, SADs, Gas Tubes, Filters, and Transformers)
This application note discusses and compares the various types of surge suppression technologies available for protecting ac mains.
1999-12-16 Static handling and testing techniques for MOS devices
Caution must be used when handling and testing MOS devices. Standard procedures should include the ones listed here in order to avoid possible static damage.
2000-12-11 Solid state overvoltage protector for ac line
This application note shows how thyristors can substitute the function of the metal oxide varistors (MOVs) for protecting equipment against transient voltage conditions.
2006-01-27 Snowbush rolls out new ADC IP core
Snowbush Microelectronics announced the availability of a 10bit, 140MSps ADC IP core in a foundry standard 0.18m CMOS.
2000-12-20 SIOV-CN multilayer varistors: Keeping ESD at bay
This application note discusses Siemens Matsushita Components' SIOV-CN series of metal oxide varistors, which satisfies all ESD protection requirements in various sensitive electronic circuits.
2003-05-29 Selecting an ESD Suppressor
This application note provides guidelines for choosing the appropriate ESD suppressor for a given application.
2002-10-03 RF Micro, Jazz partner for silicon production
Jazz Semiconductor and RF Micro Devices Inc. have entered into an arrangement in which the latter will obtain a guaranteed, lower cost source of supply for wafers fabricated utilizing Jazz's manufacturing processes.
2004-06-14 RF LDMOS transistor family just right for 2.5G, 3G wireless infrastructure
Freescale Semiconductor added sixth-generation RF products to its line of LDMOS power transistors for 2.5G and 3G wireless infrastructure apps.
2012-04-11 Resistive RAM based on silicon dioxide
Researchers have developed a resistive-switching memory device based on silicon dioxide that shows a simpler material structure compared to those using metal-oxide films.
2012-10-25 Renesas shows next-gen MCU, MPU roadmap
The company announced plans to use the company's 40nm metal oxide nitride oxide silicon embedded flash technology with its RX family of high-performance, general-purpose 32bit MCUs.
2003-05-29 Recommendations for Soldering Terminal Leads to MOV Varistor Discs
This application note discusses the proper procedures and materials required when soldering terminal leads to MOV varistor discs
2003-07-15 Raychem rolls fault protection devices
Raychem Circuit Protection has released its ROV series of Metal Oxide Varistors for overvoltage fault protection in high-voltage apps.
2000-12-20 Preventing problems in parallel
This application note discusses the versatility and high reliability of parallel SIOV metal oxide varistors in diverting high-voltage spikes and current surges.
2005-04-07 Philips, Penn State refine surface potential transistor model
Scientists from Philips Research and the Pennsylvania State University have developed a model of MOSFET behavior based on the extensive use of the surface potential measurements.
2006-06-14 Philips unveils next-gen LDMOS WiMAX solutions
Philips announced its next-generation LDMOS WiMAX line-up for base station solutions, which promises to deliver up to 3.8GHz over the 802.16e mobile WiMAX platform.
2002-08-14 ON Semiconductor to establish 6-inch wafer fab in Sichuan
ON Semiconductor is set to sign an agreement with Leshan Radio Co. to establish a 6-inch wafer manufacturing fab in Sichuan for 0.55m analog semiconductors.
2006-06-15 Next-gen LDMOS supports WIMAX, 802.16 bands
Infineon's new LDMOS tech will yield transistors that operate up to 3.8GHz, which is within the WiMAX and IEEE 802.16 wireless access frequency bands.
2003-05-26 Littelfuse Varistors - Basic Properties, Terminology and Theory
This application note discusses the basic properties, functions, and applications of Littelfuse Varistors.
2004-07-09 Infineon RF transistors deliver reduced memory effect
Infineon announced the next generation of its GOLDMOS LDMOS die technology for high-performance, high-power RF transistors.
2005-11-02 Infineon MOSFETs offer 'exceptionally' low on-state resistance
Infineon Technologies AG unveiled its CoolMOS CP series of MOSFETs designed for high-efficiency power supplies.
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