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2010-12-16 Squid ink inspires metamaterial development
Light bending metamaterials based on the chameleon-like photosensitive skin of the squid may hold the key to future military camouflage.
2008-09-09 Software simplifies metamaterial-based RF designs
A British government-backed project has led to the release of RF design tools for antennas and phase shifters that use metamaterials.
2014-12-10 Metamaterial manipulates polarised light in broadband
KAIST researchers created a technology that can manipulate a polarised light in broadband operation, which can be used in broadband communication and displays.
2006-11-01 Turning science-fiction idea into fact
David Schurig sat down with EE Times to describe how the cloaking device works and what electronic engineers can do to turn the science fiction idea into fact.
2012-10-12 Photonic gels boast numerous applications
The thin colour-changing films may serve as part of inexpensive sensors for food spoilage or security, multi-band optical elements in laser-driven systems and in high-contrast displays.
2012-04-04 Novel method controls heat in electronics
French researchers have devised a 'thermal cloak' that taps into some of the same principles as optical cloaking geared for heat protection.
2006-01-16 Nanorods show negative refraction in near-IR
Findings demonstrate the feasibility of metamaterial with a negative refractive index in the near-IR portion of the spectrum.
2010-03-05 MTM antenna handles multiple bands for handsets
From Rayspan Corp. comes a single-antenna solution for mobile devices said to tune-in multiple frequency bands without requiring multiple elements, costly switches and bulky matching networks.
2016-01-19 Intel/NTU's sub-millimetre EMI shunt beats shields
The Intel/NTU's breakthrough is a single sub-millimetre sized component that replaces bulky traditional shielding by suppressing noise at each source by 20dB.
2013-11-06 Chinese researchers develop novel acoustic diode
A team from Nanjing University described a device that achieves a one-way transmission of sound waves the same way as an electrical diode controls the one-way transmission of electrical impulses.
2002-08-28 Unnatural optics create precise photonic lens
Optical experiments using arrays of nanowires are demonstrating that the concept of a negative refractive index could be realized in practical systems.
2009-05-26 Transformation optics improve invisibility cloak area
The pursuit of so-called invisibility cloaks has brought forth a new field called transformation optics that seeks to harness exotic metamaterials, nanophotonics and plasmonics to build super lenses for powerful microscopes.
2014-05-13 TiN-based metamaterials exhibit high photonic densities
The metamaterials comprise superlattices using TiN and a dielectric carrying the same properties as the metal. The layers are grown inside a vacuum chamber using magnetron sputtering.
2014-04-02 Research: Waveguide tapers boost thin-film solar cells
A team of scientists at the University at Buffalo created a multilayered waveguide taper array that claims to enhance the thin-film solar cells' ability to trap and absorb light.
2014-12-29 Novel technique opens path to low-cost 3D nanomanufacturing
Laser shock imprinting creates large-area patterns of 3D nanoshapes from metal sheets that will inexpensively mass produce innovations such as "plasmonic metamaterials" for advanced technologies.
2007-10-25 Mathematician tips blueprint for invisibility tunnels
A mathematician has offered a blueprint for casting metamaterials into hollow fibers to create cloaked tunnels, each of which masks the light ascending from a planar pixel array to illuminate a 3D display.
2015-09-28 Light detector on a chip shines path leading to new apps
Vanderbilt University engineers developed what they claim as the first integrated circularly polarised light (CPL) detector that may allow the development of small, portable sensors.
2012-05-31 Custom-made magnets to pave way for next-gen magnetic devices
This approach to designing artificial materials could enable magnetic devices with a wider range of properties than those now available.
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