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2014-02-18 Ultrasonic water metering chip consumes less power
The chip includes 4-wire temperature connection that processes heat meter functions
2015-12-04 Ultrasonic water flow metering chip works up to 20 years
The TDC-GP30-F01 from Ams is a complete hardware and firmware measurement solution for cold water metre that draws 8.5?A continuous current when capturing flow measurements at 8Hz.
2010-03-04 Wireless MCUs tailored for home automation, metering
Silicon Laboratories has released the ultralow-power Si10xx wireless microcontroller family that addresses the power and RF requirements of battery-operated home automation systems.
2008-05-16 Trimmable chip resistors available in 0402, 2512 sizes
Stackpole Electronics has expanded the FCR series of trimmable chip resistors with the addition of 0402 and 2512 case sizes
2014-02-14 Taking a look at the field-programmable RF chip
Developed in the US for UK's Lime Microsystems, the FPRF transmitter takes a digital data stream and converts it into wireless signals, while the receiver performs the inverse operation.
2005-06-22 ST simplifies energy metering apps with smart power tech
Electric utility firms around the world are looking to replace the traditional electromechanical meter, which has remained essentially unchanged for over a century, by electronic meters.
2005-07-01 ST chip with all core circuitry requirements of electricity meters
STMicroelectronics (ST) announced the availability of a new device that incorporates all of the core circuitry required to implement fully electronic electricity meters.
2006-07-28 Security solution checks chip design pilferage
Certicom released a security solution to help fabless chip designers protect proprietary IC designs and reduce the problem of illicit surplus chip manufacturing for the gray market
2007-07-12 Microfluidic chip detects diseases at less cost, time
An electrical engineer at Canada's University of Alberta has designed a microfluidic chip that detects diseases faster and at less cost
2010-10-27 Microcontrollers with on-chip flash target home appliances, metering
ST adds new low-cost microcontrollers with more flash
2007-05-10 Microcontrollers trim part count in automated metering apps
TI has announced the sampling of its 16MHz MSP430F47x4 ultralow-power microcontrollers (MCUs) for one- and multiphase metering applications
2006-11-14 Microchip offers PIC18 MCUs with on-chip ADC
Microchip Technology has announced the four-member PIC18F4523 family, the company's first high-end 8bit flash MCUs to include a high-speed 12bit ADC peripheral on-chip
2007-04-27 Metering IC features embedded flash memory
austriamicrosystems is getting ready to sample the AS8268, a single-phase SoC metering IC with embedded flash memory
2010-03-02 MCU packs up to 1Mbyte on-chip flash
STMicroelectronics has beefed up its STM32 microcontroller family with extra features and up to 1Mbyte of on-chip flash
2008-04-17 Maxim touts polyphase IC for electricity metering
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAXQ3180, a highly accurate and low-power polyphase IC for measuring electricity activity.
2010-01-28 Financial crisis drives innovation in chip market
Solomon Ng of STMicroelectronics takes stock of new applications enabled by semiconductor innovation. He says companies that drove innovation during the financial crisis will emerge winners.
2014-03-12 Examining field-programmable RF chip
Here's a look at a chip that comes from the wireless domain and is touted to bring exciting new possibilities
2002-11-11 Cypress Micro SoC supports Elektromed metering systems
Elektromed Ltd Corp. has selected Cypress MicroSystems' Programmable SoC technology to add advanced capabilities and lower development costs of its electronic metering systems
2006-11-16 Converter architecture for metering apps
The use of intelligent mixed-signal, multichannel SoC-based programmable devices has already spurred new levels of functionality, performance and cost reduction in metering applications
2005-01-19 Chip supports conventional 1-phase 2-wire, 1-phase anti-tamper energy metering
austriamicrosystems introduced the latest addition to its expanding energy meter IC product range.
2012-10-11 Atmel unveils Cortex-M4 based SoC for smart metering apps
Atmel's latest SoC solution aims to deliver a high level of system integration, low power and high performance.
2013-03-12 Atmel expands smart metering portfolio with IDT buyout
Atmel has finalized its acquisition of IDT's smart metering IC product lines and technologies
2002-09-19 ADI offers three-phase metering IC
The ADE7752 three-phase electrical energy metering IC features watt-hour output and is compatible with a wide range of three-phase grid configurations
2002-11-19 ADI metering IC provides W, VA, rms values
The ADE7754 metering IC from Analog Devices Inc. meets the growing demand to provide more information about three-phase connections
2002-04-12 ADI metering IC features on-chip oscillator
The ADE7757 electrical metering IC features a built crystal oscillator and direct stepper motor drive capability, eliminating the need for an external crystal or resonator, thus reducing the parts count and cost of building a watt-hour meter
2003-05-22 Toshiba single-chip RF/IF receivers eye wireless apps
Toshiba Corp. has broadened its wireless product lineup with the introduction of the TA31275FN and TA31273FN devices for short-range, low-power wireless applications.
2008-10-06 Freescale focuses on growth markets, exits mobile chip biz
Freescale Semiconductor, the global leader in embedded processing, announced plans to sharpen the company's focus on growth markets and its key leadership positions.
2005-10-17 Cirrus Logic metering ICs turn power measurement up a notch
The CS5461A and CS5463 high precision power meter ICs from Cirrus Logic are suited for next-generation applications.
2011-02-07 Overcome smart utility meter design challenges
Know the major issues of metering SoC design and the proposed solutions to achieve the intended goals
2013-05-20 User's manual for 71M6541 demo board REV 3.0
The 71M6541-DB REV 3.0 Demo Board is a demonstration board for evaluating the 71M6541 device for single-phase electronic energy metering applications in conjunction with the Remote Sensor Interface
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