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2013-05-06 Transparent thin film metrology system for 28nm node
The latest member of the S3000 family uses focused beam ellipsometry and newly-designed small site measurement optics to measure the thickness of single layer and multi-layer films on product wafers.
2005-10-17 Singapore tips sub-surface wafer metrology
Researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore are developing a metrology system that claims to detect
2002-09-16 Scatterometry-based critical dimension and profile metrology
This technical article discuss how as geometries are pushed below 0.15m, critical dimensions and feature profile metrology has become key to overall control of lithography
2013-07-26 Metrology system configured for advanced packaging
Rudolph Technologies' metrology suite includes specially-designed configurations for wafer level packaging, 2.5D (interposer) and 3D ICs using through-silicon via (TSV) as interconnects
2007-04-03 Mask metrology tool suits 45nm and beyond
Vistec Semiconductor Systems has introduced its next-generation mask metrology toolthe LMS IPRO4that's designed to support mask metrology for the 45nm technology node and beyond
2006-05-17 Magnetic metrology system accelerates storage devices development
KLA-Tencor unveiled the MRW3, its third-generation magnetic metrology system for the hard disk drive and semiconductor memory markets.
2006-02-17 KLA-Tencor unveils latest-gen optical CD metrology system
KLA-Tencor's latest-generation optical CD metrology system provides cost-effective inline CD and profile measurements of critical device structures that help enable early prediction of IC performance and yield at the 90nm and 65nm nodes.
2003-09-17 KLA-Tencor metrology tool provides in-line monitoring
KLA-Tencor has introduced what it claims is the industry's first in-line, non-contact metal films metrology system to provide independent measurements.
2002-06-26 KLA-Tencor metrology tool features wafer monitoring
KLA-Tencor Corp. has introduced the SpectraFx 100, its fifth-generation optical thin-film metrology system, which enables product wafer monitoring for 193nm DUV lithography and copper interconnect processes.
2002-12-05 KLA-Tencor metrology tool drives down 100nm costs
KLA-Tencor Corp.'s NanoPro NP1 metrology tool enables silicon wafer and SOI manufacturers to drive down 100nm and below device apps
2002-07-11 KLA-Tencor enhances metrology system
KLA-Tencor Corp. has introduced the Archer Analyzer software for its Archer 10 optical overlay metrology system.
2003-07-17 FEI metrology system speeds-up chip development
The CLM-3D is an in-fab fully automated DualBeam metrology system designed for rapid process development of new chip technologies below 130nm.
2015-02-10 Extending Moore's Law with 1.5nm metrology tool
Argonne National Laboratory teamed up with aBeam and LBNL to develop what they say is the finest metrology tool in the world, at 1.5nm to target advanced semiconductor nodes
2010-04-08 EUV metrology tool costs blow up
Sematech researcher Bryan Rice confessed that the industry still does not have the necessary inspection tools for EUVs, despite an R&D effort that has stretched over decades.
2003-12-22 Therma-Wave, Tokyo Electron partner on CD metrology developments
Therma-Wave Inc., a semiconductor metrology company, has received a multi-system, multi-million dollar order from Tokyo Electron (TEL). Under the terms of the order, Therma-Wave's advanced INTEGRA CD metrology products will be used with TEL's CLEAN TRACK ACT and CLEAN TRACK LITHIUS series of coater/developer products.
2003-02-03 Samsung purchases Inficon sensor integration system
Inficon Holding AG has received orders valued at $2.6 million from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd for its FabGuard Sensor Integration and Analysis System
2003-03-24 Samsung deploys KLA-Tencor system for sub-130nm processes
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has purchased a 300mm optical thin-film metrology tool from KLA-Tencor Corp
2016-04-15 Oven-like 3D scanning system boasts of one-button simplicity
Designed for use in general purpose metrology, the CyberGage360 has a range of potential industrial applications from automotive to aerospace to consumer electronics, where high accuracy and high speed throughput are important
2014-10-08 Nikon Metrology delivers software for advanced BGA analysis
The new BGA tool provides powerful image processing, fully automated analysis and detailed reporting to inspect complex packages such as Package on Package (PoP) or dual-layered boards.
2005-04-22 New mask metrology tool supports 65nm and beyond
Leica Microsystems has unveiled its new mask metrology tool Leica LMS IPRO3 that is designed to support mask metrology for the 65nm technology node and beyond
2005-09-13 Metrology tool offers atomic layer measurement accuracy
A manual, benchtop non-destructive R&D metrology tool that offers atomic layer measurement accuracy to 7 angstroms of oxide has been launched by Metryx
2006-01-12 Metrology tool handles high volume production of 300mm wafers
The new, non-destructive, nanotechnology weight metrology tool from Metryx is designed to handle high volume production of 300mm semiconductor wafers
2010-08-11 Low-cost film metrology tool rolls
KLA-Tencor Corp. makes available a low-cost version of its metrology solution for measuring thickness, refractive index and stress of non-critical films at the 32nm node and beyond
2006-07-06 Knowledge-based system provides real-time FDC
Straatum Processware said its new solution provides fabs and foundries with real-time fault detection and classification, improved system productivity and predictive maintenance
2004-09-03 KLA-Tencor, SIINT to bring surface metrology solution
KLA-Tencor Corp. and SII NanoTechnology (SIINT), a subsidiary of Seiko Instruments, have formed a partnership to distribute SIINT's Nanopics 2100 high-speed, high-resolution atomic force profilometer to markets outside of Japan.
2014-02-13 EVG outs high-volume-mfg photoresist processing system
The EVG150XT is optimized for ultra-high throughput and productivity and is aimed at logic and memory high-volume manufacturing.
2012-09-21 EMI partnership adds SK Hynix in metrology research
The EUVL Mask Infrastructure (EMI) partnership was launched by Sematech adds SK Hynix to to bolster its attempts in tackling infrastructure gaps for EUV lithography in mask metrology
2011-07-14 Bonding system targets 450mm SOI wafers
EV Group has released a bonding system for 450mm-diameter wafers manufactured from silicon-on-insulator substrates
2002-12-23 Shipley, Therma-Wave ink nano-metrology development deal
Shipley Co. has signed a joint development agreement with Therma-Wave Inc. in which the two companies will co-develop scatterometric methods to better measure 130nm photoresist features for polysilicon gate and shallow trench applications.
2003-12-05 Philips metrology technology selected by Ebara
Royal Philips Electronics announced that Ebara Corp.'s Precision Machinery Group has chosen Philips' SurfaceWave Technology for its primary metal thickness characterization metrology
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