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2012-09-18 Eval board for TPS92551 450mA 60V LED driver micro-module
Learn about the TPS92551, a constant current buck LED driver micro-module that drives maximum 450mA LED current up to 16 LEDs in a single string
2012-09-19 Eval board for TPS92550 450mA 36V LED driver micro-module
Here's a discussion on TPS92550 constant current buck LED driver micro-module that drives maximum 450mA LED current up to 10 LEDs in a single string
2002-08-08 AXSUN to manufacture CyOptics electro-absorption laser
AXSUN Technologies Inc. has entered into a commercial agreement with CyOptics Inc. to manufacture the Telcordia GR468 Hybrid EML.
2015-10-12 What you need to know about sensor fusion
Here is a look at the general concept of sensor fusion, the historical perspective, and two detailed casesinertial sensor fusion and image fusion.
2008-06-03 Toshiba develops cost-competitive MEMS
Toshiba Corp. has announced two optimized packaging technologies for MEMS semiconductor packages that achieve significant cost reductions.
2010-11-29 STMicroelectronics ships one billionth MEMS device
STMicroelectronics announced that it has shipped its one billionth MEMS sensor.
2011-02-16 ST, bTendo partner on smartphone pico projector
STMicroelectronics and bTendo Ltd have inked a development and license agreement for what is billed as the "the world's smallest pico projector" for smartphones and other portable consumer-electronics devices.
2016-02-01 Preventing common MEMS failure mechanisms
The first step in ensuring MEMS reliability is to avoid common pitfalls during the design and process development phase to assure a stronger and more reliable part-upon-marketplace introduction.
2015-09-02 Impact of cable runs on MEMS microphone tests
The explosion of smart devices has brought with it an explosion of small, low-powered audio components that come with their own special measurement and connectivity challenges.
2003-10-02 Fujitsu optical switch based on MEMS mirrors
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd and Fujitsu Ltd have announced the development of an 80-channel optical communications switch that adopts MEMS mirrors.
2002-10-31 Corning signs Technovena as sales partner fro China
Corning IntelliSense Corp. and Technovena Pte. Ltd have expanded their partnership, which is expected to dramatically increase the availability of advanced MEMS design software to Chinese developers.
2005-05-06 Amplifier drives MEMS devices
The advent of MEMS has given rise to specialized instrumentation for these devices. In response to the proliferation of MEMS, instrumentation house Tegam is now offering a four-channel MEMS engine driver amplifier priced at about $6,500.
2004-02-10 ADI MEMs accelerators target consumer apps
Analog Devices Inc. has released iMEMS (integrated micro electro mechanical system) accelerometers in thin 4-by-4-by-1.45mm plastic Lead Frame Chip Scale Packages (LFCSP).
2010-11-15 Accelerometers for automotive airbags
STMicroelectronics introduced a new family of high-g acceleration sensors for advanced airbag systems. These micro devices pick up rapid deceleration of the vehicle during a collision and relay instantaneous information to the airbag control unit
2006-02-16 Optical modulator leaps size, power bars
Electrical engineers at the University of Texas have demonstrated what they claim is the world's smallest silicon modulator.
2005-03-16 International team boosts thin films
The United States, Italy and China are cooperating to develop superior thin-film technologies that could endow future devices with properties not possible in today's processing.
2005-08-11 ESD protection diode answers prayer for board space savings
ON Semi developed dual series of high performance, micro-packaged ESD protection diodes that are is designed to protect voltage sensitive components for two lines in applications that demand minimal board space and low profiles
2011-11-07 Detect stepper motor stall with back EMF technique (Part 1)
Learn about this method that takes advantage of constant motor parameters and overcomes limitations of traditional stall detection of current and duty-cycle sensing.
2011-11-21 Detect stepper motor stall with back EMF technique (Part 2)
The second part of this series tackles torque effects and detection circuitry.
2014-01-21 RF MEMS switches mask undesired frequency bands in smartphones
Researchers at UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering made use of radio frequency micro-electro-mechanical systems to improve smartphone performance in the near future by way of higher antenna efficiency.
2014-05-20 Reed relays vs other relay technologies
In this article, we provide a comparison between various relay technologies such as reed relays, electro mechanical relays, solid state relays and MEMS switches
2008-01-07 MEMS made this pico-projector palm-sized
At this week's Consumer Electronics Show, Microvision Inc. will showcase a prototype of its pico-projector, which uses micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) to downsize a digital projector to a palm-sized battery-powered unit.
2003-12-29 SEM capacitor measures 0.4-by-0.2mm
Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd has released what it claims is the world's smallest multilayer ceramic capacitors
2002-02-15 Samsung Techwin wire features 80ms bonding speed
The SWB-800 gold wire bonder features a bonding speed of 80ms per 2mm, with 50µm fine-pad pitch, and an accuracy of 3.5?m, making it suitable for IC and PCB assembly
2008-01-31 Israeli startup gets multimillion investment from Samsung
South Korea's Samsung Ventures Investment has made a multimillion dollar investment in Micro Components, its first in an Israeli technology company
2010-07-16 Total MEMS market back on uptrend
iSuppli predicts that the MEMS market will recover in 2010 from its two-year decline with an 11 percent growth driven by strong demand in consumer, automotive electronics.
2004-10-19 Teradyne tool verifies SensorDynamics microsensors
Teradyne Inc.'s automatic semiconductor test equipment has been selected by SensorDynamics AG, an emerging company based in Graz-Lebring, Austria, for the industrialization of its advanced automotive microsensor systems.
2013-04-29 Supertex's MEMS driver tooled for high voltage drive apps
Running a base of 4 amplifiers, the HV264 will find use in a variety of MEMS and other High Voltage Drive applications, such as driving optical MEMS and piezoelectric transducers.
2006-05-11 ST sensors power Nintendo's Wii home console
STMicroelectronics announced that its three-axis acceleration sensors will be used to provide a motion-activated user interface for Nintendo's new home console.
2012-10-31 ST readies MEMS for incoming Win8 Tablets
STMicroelectronics has collaborated with Microsoft to develop a motion and orientation Human Interface Device sensor solution for the Windows 8 operating system.
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