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2004-03-11 Micron gets microcircuit certification for wafer fabrication
Micron Technology Inc. has received a custom microcircuit certification for wafer fabrication from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).
2002-11-12 Tlphone carte SPM detector
This article describes how two FX631 low-voltage (Subscriber Pulse Metering) SPM detector microcircuits can be used, with additional external filter components, to detect both the 12kHz SPM and the 18kHz security tones employed in the French payphone/cardphone system.
2002-03-01 One micron defect detection
This application note presents a breakthrough in defect-/hot-spot-location, achieved by a new equipment from Temptronic Corp.
2003-02-26 Lockheed forms tech licensing deal with S. Korean makers
Lockheed Martin has entered into a commercial licensing agreement and technology transfer agreement worth $4.5 million with Growell Electronics and Growell Telecom.
2012-04-30 Research reveals self-assembling super-nano plastic fibers
Researchers from CNRS and the Universit de Strasbourg have developed a highly-conductive plastic nanofiber that self-assembles when triggered by a flash of light.
2005-07-12 New BI Tech line card protection modules protect up to 12 lines
TT Electronics BI Technologies developed new telecom line protection modules designed for T1/E1 line card circuits in central office and customer premises equipment apps that protect up to 12 signal lines in a space-saving package.
2002-02-15 JMAR receives letter of intent for point source system
JMAR Technologies Inc.'s JMAR Research Inc. division has received a letter of intent from the Department of the Army to execute a formal contract to be funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency worth $34.5-million.
2002-08-13 JMAR contracts MIT for its lithography program
JMAR Technologies Inc. has initiated a contractual collaboration with MIT Prof. Henry I. Smith as part of its advanced semiconductor lithography program.
2004-01-07 IR voltage regulators have 0.6V dropout voltage
International Rectifier has introduced a series of high current, ultra-low dropout (ULDO) linear voltage regulators in high density, hermetic packages.
2002-08-29 GlobalTRONICS 2002 to highlight Asian electronics future
GlobalTRONICS 2002 will be held on September 3 - 6, 2002, at the Singapore Expo Hall.
2015-02-13 BeBop weaves sensors into fabrics
Rather than measure speed or heartbeat, BeBop's layered sensors can measure bend, location, motion, rotation, angle and torque with applications from athletic clothing to smart insoles.
2006-09-28 Baseband signaling ICs target global marine AIS market
CML has introduced two new baseband signaling processors designed for the global marine automatic identification system (AIS) transponder market.
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