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1999-10-28 SanDisk CompactFlash & Motorola 8bit microcontroller interface design reference example
The choices and modes for accessing and configuring the SanDisk CompactFlash cards are described in this note.
2001-08-28 PCI?8051-microcontroller interface
This application note explains the interface between the PCI bus and the 8051 microcontroller using the QuickLogic QL5130 ESP.
2003-05-12 Interfacing the 400kHz X24129 Serial EEPROM to the Motorola 68HC11 Microcontroller
This application note demonstrates how the X24129 serial EEPROM can be interfaced to the 68HC11 microcontroller family
2003-12-20 Interfacing 3-wire Real Time Clocks with a Microcontroller
This application note is intended to help users understand the basis of the 3-wire interface
2003-08-29 C-BUS Microcontroller Interface
This application note discusses the general introductory information of the C-BUS Interface
2001-09-05 C-BUS microcontroller interface
This application note is intended to serve as a definition and introduction to the C-BUS interface. It discusses the timing parameters of the C-BUS interface with wide applicability to MX-COM products
2002-11-12 C-BUS microcontroller interface
This article serves as a definition and introduction to the C-BUS interface
1999-11-15 AVR 300: Software I?C Master Interface
The need for a simple and cost effective inter-IC bus for use in consumer, telecommunications, and industrial electronics led to the development of the I?C bus. Today, this bus is implemented in a large number of peripherals and microcontrollers. This note deals with the AVR 300 and its applications to the I?C bus as a master interface
2003-03-11 A Suggested Interface Between the Parallel Interface Unit (PIU) of the StarPro 2000 DSP and the Local Bus of a Motorola MPC8260 PowerQUICC II Microcontroller.
This application note describes the electrical connections between devices and provides the timing diagrams of the interface between PIU and the Motorola MPC8260 PowerQUIC II Microcontroller
2009-11-20 16bit MCUs pack dual interface, Mifare Plus S
Renesas has developed a series of dual interface MCUs built around the RS-4 16bit CPU core for contact and contactless communication
2002-02-08 Xicor's real-time clock chips support two-wire interface
Two real-time clock (RTC) chips from Xicor Inc. contain 32K-by-8 bits of EEPROM that can be used for byte-addressable, nonvolatile storage.
2001-06-08 Using the Xicor X5165/X5325/X5645 CPU supervisors with the 8051 microcontroller
This application note describes how to interface the Xicor X5165/X5325/X5645 CPU supervisors to the 8051 microcontroller.
2013-10-16 Using the TDA8024 smart card interface
Here's an application note that deals with the smart card interface integrated circuit TDA8024
2008-08-21 Using the MIPS32 M4K processor core SRAM interface in microcontroller applications
There are several features of the MIPS32 M4K core that make it well suited for use in the MCU application space. This paper will address one of those features: the SRAM interface, which is a standard feature of the MIPS32 M4K core
2007-04-23 Using the MAX6951/MAX6950 LED display drivers with SPI interface to communicate with the MAXQ2000 MCU
This application note gives a sample code in the MAXQ assembly language that demonstrates how to use the MAXQ2000 SPI module to experiment with MAX6951/MAX6950 functions.
2013-06-05 Using TDA8034HN smart card reader interface
Know how to use the TDA8034HN in an application. The general characteristics are presented and different application examples are described.
2000-06-08 Using Microchip 93 Series Serial EEPROMs with Microcontroller SPI Ports
This application note demonstrates how to use Microchip Technology's 93 Series Serial EEPROMs with the PIC16C64/74 microcontroller SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) ports.
2009-09-11 Using C18/HI-TECH C compiler to interface serial SRAM devices to PIC16F/PIC18F microcontrollers
This application note offers designers a set of firmware routines to access SPI serial SRAM.
2008-12-16 Using C to interface Texas Instruments' MSP430XXXX MCUs with SPI serial EEPROMs
This application note offers designers a set of examples for the read and write functions for the Microchip SPI Serial EEPROM using GPIO pins to simulate the SPI bus.
2009-02-11 USB human interface device class on an embedded host
With the introduction of Microchip's microcontrollers with the USB on-the-go peripheral, microcontroller applications can easily support USB embedded host functionality
2009-08-03 Touch-interface systems pack haptic controller
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX11810 and MAX11811, the first touch-interface systems with integrated 4-wire touchscreen controllers, haptic controller drivers, and IR-based proximity sensing
2002-07-29 TI microcontroller draws 0.75A
The MSP430C1101 MCU from Texas Instruments Inc. is claimed by the company to be the world's lowest power MCU, drawing 1.35A during operation and 0.75A during standby mode.
2001-05-02 The TMS320C54x DSP HPI and PC parallel port interface
This application note describes the hardware interface design between the host (PC parallel port in the bi-directional mode) and the HPI (host port interface) using TI's TMS320C54x DSP
2008-03-11 The DS8007 and smart card interface fundamentals
This application note describes some of the fundamentals of smart cards and how to communicate with them.
2003-11-14 TDK interface chips suit identification environments
TDK Semiconductor Corp. has released three low-cost smart card interface ICs that are designed for use in payment and identification environments
2006-06-28 SMBus battery charger needs no microcontroller
Linear Tech introduced the LTC4101, a fast, precision smart battery charger controller that operates with or without a host microcontroller
2009-05-14 Smartcard interface with the STM8S microcontroller
This document describes a firmware and hardware smart card interface solution based on the STM8 UART1 peripheral. The main purpose of this firmware and hardware package is to provide resources that facilitate the development of an application using the UART1 peripheral in smart card mode
2009-04-14 Smart card interface claims 'lowest power stop mode
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the DS8023, a low-power, low-cost, single smart-card interface. A complete interface for smart-card communication, this device performs level translation between a host microcontroller and a 5V, 3V or 1.8V smart card.
2004-09-28 Silicon Lab USB upgrades Bird's cell phone interface cable
The CP2101 USB microcontroller from Silicon Laboratories Inc. has been adopted by Chongqing Bird Technology Co. Ltd for its new cellular phone interface cable.
2010-04-07 Sensor interface IC suits battery management apps
From austriamicrosystems comes a high-precision DAQ front-end IC for automotive battery current, voltage, temperature sense applications and in general for sensor interface applications
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