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2003-06-20 X-Fab expands line with micromachining technology
X-Fab Semiconductor Foundries AG has expanded its MEMS product line to include surface micromachining technology for absolute pressure sensors.
2006-07-10 UV laser systems ease wafer dicing, micromachining
JPSA introduced its new IX200 series of laser systems that is available in UV diode-pumped solid-state and Excimer UV laser configurations.
2002-05-14 Silicon micromachining design and fabrication
This application note illustrates the features and capability of ICSensors silicon micromachining design and fabrication.
2004-08-03 Coherent UV laser enables rapid micromachining
Coherent disclosed that its new product - the AVIA Thor - enables more rapid micromachining than any previous laser or mechanical method.
2007-05-14 UV laser promises high reliability for 24/7 industrial apps
The new AVIA 266-3 from Coherent Inc. is a second-generation deep UV laser that combines high-power output with extended lifetime, output stability and industrial-grade reliability needed for 24/7 industrial applications.
2014-11-07 ST begins novel prod'n process for MEMS sensors
The company started production of MEMS sensors using its proprietary THELMA60 (60um thick epi-poly layer for micro-gyroscopes and accelerometers) surface-micromachining fabrication process.
2002-06-14 Rand Capital injects $750,000 in Kionix
Rand Capital SBIC has invested $750,000 worth of preferred stocks in Kionix Inc.
2007-11-08 Physical sensors drive MEMS consumerization wave (Part 2)
ST's Benedetto Vigna notes that we are now living in the era of MEMS consumerization where mic, motion and pressure sensors are the main actors and he believes this trend will continue for the next five years.
2007-10-18 Physical sensors drive MEMS consumerization wave (Part 1)
Benedetto Vigna notes that we are living today in the commercial era of MEMS Consumerization where microphones, motion and pressure sensors are the main actors. He believes this trend will continue for the next five years.
2007-08-16 MEMS pioneer draws up technology's course
MEMS pioneer Kurt Petersen of SiTime shares MEMS' development since the 1980s as well as his thoughts on where it is headed in the future.
2002-04-30 ISSYS receives incentive package under the MEGA program
Integrated Sensing Systems Inc. (ISSYS) has expanded its Michigan facility, thanks to an incentive package from the state of Michigan and Ypsilanti Township under the Michigan Growth Association (MEGA) program.
2013-03-19 IPG speeds up UV laser programme with Mobius purchase
IPG Photonics plans to accelerate its UV laser roadmap by acquiring Mobius Photonics, which holds a patent that claims pulsed fibre lasers with frequency conversion into UV light.
2002-05-09 A miniature Fabry-Perot interferometer with a corrugated silicon diaphragm support
2002-01-30 Sumitomo contact probe features <2mm length, 305m2 area
Using its proprietary x-ray lithographic micromachining technology, the company has developed a contact probe that occupies an area of 305m2 and is <2mm long.
2002-06-17 Statek oscillator tops high-shock test
Developed using quartz micromachining and hermetically sealed ceramic package technologies, Statek Corp.'s high-performance HGXO high-shock crystal oscillator has survived the U.S. Army's shock testing up to 100,000G.
2012-11-07 X-Fab increases holding in MFI, expands offering
In a move to focus more on MEMS manufacturing services and technologies, X-Fab has increased its holding in MEMS Foundry Itzehoe GmbH and renamed the company as X-Fab MEMS Foundry Itzehoe.
2003-05-09 Tronic's Microsystems launches new production facility
Tronic's Microsystems has established a new production facility in Crolles, France.
2007-04-02 TI Fellow details digital micromirror apps
Larry Hornbeck, Emmy winner for his invention of the digital micromirror device, told EE Times that TI has still more applications up its sleeve for the digital micromirror.
2011-09-02 Three-axis gyroscope boasts 10.5mm3 footprint
STMicroelectronic's L3G3250A three-axis analog gyroscope claims to be the first to meet the demand for smaller footprints in applications such as gaming and virtual reality input devices.
2002-11-27 Researchers foresee availability of low-cost Geiger counters
GaAs diodes are being used to build real-time nuclear-radiation detectors that their inventors promise will be as small and cheap as today's non-real-time "dosimeter" badges.
2014-01-23 Optimise CMOS for MEMS-based frequency control
CMEMS fabrication process can be used to fabricate both micro-electromechanical and CMOS electronic devices on a single die.
2011-09-09 Multisensor device packs precision, stability
Global semiconductor manufacturer STMicroelectronics has launched an advanced motion sensing device packing, the iNEMO 6DoF, in 20mm3v with a high-degree of sensing precision and stability.
2011-11-09 MEMS touts 2 embedded finite-state machines
ST's MEMS accelerometers feature embedded complex motion-recognition capabilities.
2005-05-17 MEMS specialist teams with Malaysian sensor maker
MTBSolutions Inc. will collaborate with Malaysian sensor manufacturer Mems Technology Berhad to provide North American customers with manufacturing services for microelectromechanical systems-based products, MTBSolutions said.
2011-05-13 MEMS sensor offers 10 degrees of freedom
STMicroelectronics unveils a hardware solution for advanced sensing applications with 10 degrees of freedom (DoF).
2002-03-14 MEMS project shrinks bio agent detector
MEMS technology is the key component in a bid by Sandia National Laboratories researchers to reduce a biological detector the size of a lab bench to desktop dimensions.
2011-04-27 MEMS module offers advanced navigation, LBS
STMicroelectronics introduces the LSM303DLM geo-magnetic modules that address advanced navigation and location-based services in portable consumer applications.
2011-08-03 MEMS module detects up to 16g acceleration
STMicroelectronics's multi-sensor module offers six degrees of freedom and targets advanced motion-sensing applications.
2009-06-09 MEMS gyros promise stability in wide temp range
STMicroelectronics has launched a new family of single- and multi-axis MEMS gyroscopes deliver superior performance and reliability for angular-motion detection.
2008-03-17 MEMS face quartz-crystal giants
MEMS represent the final frontier in microminiaturization-downsizing this necessary mechanical reference signal from the millimeter scale of quartz-crystals to the nanoscale of ICs.
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